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Poem Details | by Ana Espinola Collins |
Categories: children, kids, fun, funny, humorous, kid, kindergarten, world,

Our Not-So Perfect World

In a perfect world...

Things won't break,
Our clothes don't shrink,
Bugs won't bite,
And skunks don't stink.

People never snore,
They don't even sneeze;
Ice cream never melts,
And puddles don't freeze.

There are no creepy crawlers,
No slimy pets,
No spooky sounds,
No noisy jets.

We never get dirty,
We never get told,
It's never too hot,
It's never too cold.

No one is shorter,
No one is taller,
Nothing is bigger,
Nothing is smaller.

In a perfect world...
There's no fun at all.
But in our not-so-perfect world,
We always have a ball! 

by Ana Espinola Collins

Poem Details | by Debra L Brown |
Categories: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, bird, children, giggle, kindergarten,

The Owl and Raccoon

There once was a silly raccoon
 He slept in a tree until noon
 He came down to play
 He decided to stay
 He danced a jig to a tune

 Val the Cross-eyed Owl
 She saw his jig and said-"WOW"!
 The Owl and Raccoon
 Then danced to the tune
 She stepped on his tail then he "HOWLED"

 The raccoons name is Harry
 Miss Val lets you and I get married
 The Owl and Raccoon
 Were married in June
 They lived in a tree near the prairie


Poem Details | by Brandy Wassam |
Categories: childhood, food, children, funny, horror, kindergarten, nonsense,

The Bear

there once was a bear
who lived in belair 
he owned a red hen
who made eggs for his kin
then one time like most bears do
the bear got hungery 
and ate the red hen 
and her last eggs of ten
with a gulp and a swallow 
down went the hen 
but wait..
now there was no hen to lay eggs for his kin.

Poem Details | by May Fenn |
Categories: anniversary, children, humorous, kindergarten, mystery, preschool,

Mystery Solved

I saw a little button,
 It was lying on the floor,
 I wondered who had lost it
 And looked around for more.
 It hadn’t come from Donna
 Or from Stuart’s nice new shirt,
 And it wasn’t Kelly’s button
 That was lying in the dirt.
 I couldn’t find who lost it
 I had a worried frown.
 But now I know the answer,
 My trousers just fell down.

Poem Details | by Amber Melhuish |
Categories: animal, funny, kid, kindergarten, parents,

Kids Like Funny Presents

Hey Mummy, hey daddy
Guess what I got today.
A headful of headaches
Are coming your way

My best friend at kindy
She gave me a gift
Lots of them, actually
They move and they shift

They are really athletic
They jump really high
They come and they stay
No need to say bye

They make me dance
My best friend is so nice
I couldn't wait to tell you
That she gave me lice!

Poem Details | by Rizwana Bhurani |
Categories: children, funny, insect, kindergarten,

Bum Burns

Bum Burns In the nearby park Uncle Johnny With a big full round tummy Touched group of red ants They ran up in his pants Badly bit poor Johnny's bummy. Contest:Limerick II Sponsor:Jan Allison 21.02 15

Poem Details | by Plant A Tree Poetry |
Categories: child, childhood, funny, imagination, kid, kindergarten,

Ketchup Up

Driving over a bridge

Is a scary affair

Suspended we drive
Way up in the air!

If water is liquid

How does it hold us up?

My soup can't even hold 

Just a little ketchup up!

The physics of it all 

Baffles me

But then again

 I'm only three!

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: funny, how i feel, humorous, satire, smart, teacher, teachers day,

Goody Kindergarten Field Trip

Mary, did you get the memo about the meeting?
What meeting?
When is it?

No, I didn’t get it.
Come on.
I don’t think so.
I hate meetings.

Okay. But while I am here, I have to ask.
Do you want to go on a field trip with the kindergarteners?
Teacher looks surprised.
Kindergarten is hard. I’d rather jump off a cliff into a vat of wild boars
Who have not been fed in a week than go on any field trip with Kindergarteners.

Kindergarten teacher laughs,
Thinking Mary is kidding.
Mary is not.

Poem Details | by Ahmed Sheik Koya |
Categories: child, childhood, children, computer, humor, kindergarten,

Current Nursery Rhyme

A Current Nursery Rhyme

Hey google google
The cat and the poodle
The cow jumped over the moon
To be seen on Google sky soon

Poem Details | by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: child, humor, kindergarten, school,

Don'T Tell My Dad

There once was a young tot named Fazool
Who attends a posh nursery school
Got himself in a pickle
For charging a mere nickel
Each time he let a girl see his tool.

Fazool was an enterprising lad
He didn't think it was awfully bad
To expose his small private
He would surely survive it
As long as nobody told his dad!

Written February 26, 2021
For Limericks Contest
Sponsored by Tania Kitchin
Syllable count 99779 checked with PS
Syllable count 99779 checked with How Many Syllable
The two checkers do not agree, so required a minor change.

Poem Details | by Charlie Knowlton |
Categories: child, food, fruit, funny, humor, kindergarten,

Childrens Book Writers Block

Foods that begin with the letter "P"
                         make me poop!…Peaches,…pears,…plums,
                         ………….pineapples …………………….Pananas?

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: anger, animal, cat, funny, humorous, kindergarten,


There was a cat 
who liked to pout
I said "Come out!"
 it only spat.

Poem Details | by Brigitte Pace |
Categories: books, child, funny, giggle, hilarious, humor, kindergarten,

Words So Funny - Better Than Honey

If you have never read funny Stories, you are in for a treat
Read one at home or on a Giraffe in the Street
Reading funny stories are good for your Head and your Heart
You'll Laugh and Cry
Feel all your problems leave your body, Fly!
Your brain is a sponge, It soaks up words that you read
Like oxygen that makes you breathe 
Really funny words in stories jump into your head
You'll remember them when you're in or out of bed
You'll giggle cause funny words stick in your mind
Fantastic for your teeth not to grind
Words so funny
Better than Honey!


Poem Details | by Joe Dimino |
Categories: cute, cute love, forgiveness, humorous, kindergarten, wisdom, words,


I guess, next to actual
transfiguration, writing
is closest I will ever come
to sainthood.  Not that 
everything about me
needs correcting, the 
old nun would scold me
with a suspicious smile – 
for more than once I saw 
her sneak a candy from her
top desk-draw, just before 
lunch, and the Sacrament
of Grace...

I forgave her
with a smile....

Poem Details | by Kim Stone |
Categories: brother, child, funny, kindergarten, little sister, silly, success,


     Stretched out,
     On a daycare cot.
     Told to take a nap,
     Didn't want to!
     A lot!
     I might miss something,
     So didn't make a peep.
     Closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.
     Waited until they were gone,
     Snuck out across the lawn.
     Knew where my brother had gone.
     Up the stairs,
     Into his room,
     The teacher was talking about the moon.
     Slid underneath his desk,
     His legs hid me from the rest!
     Stayed there until I had to pee,
     Thats what gave me away.
     But I didn't take a nap today!