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Poem Details | by Dan Kearley |
Categories: funny, inspirational, love,

A Gentle Kiss

A gentle kiss, that I really must send To another true, and very dear friend Pucker up babe, it's coming your way And riding a storm, so it should be there today I licked my lips before I blew, so I know it's going to stick But with all the lightning, it might have a little kick So when it hits your lips, it might give off a little spark Now what started off as a gentle kiss, might be leaving you in the dark
*For my sweety* *Elizabeth Wesley* Love,Dannyboy 8-24-12

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: emotions, humorous, kiss,

- Belissima : Amore -

I like a good conversation ~ about love and life
An objective opinion or a subjective opinion

Belissima ~ Amore
Age does not protect against love
Your sweet smile makes me melt

Yes, I'm incurably romantic
Sweet strawberries with cream vannlije

Belissima ~ Amore
In your eyes rushes my inner thoughts ~ intoxicating
Life is a dream ~ Your smile is like the stars in the sky

It is fate that decides
The important thing is not to find one ~ but finding the right one

Belissima ~ Amore
Your kiss is like drowning in soft chocolate
May I kiss you again

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Dan Kearley |
Categories: food, funny, kiss,

Blowing a Kiss To You

I just blew a kiss on a cool summer breeze Comming from Wisconsin, it's going to taste like cheese It's for a dear friend who lives quite far away So I'm hoping she will recieve it, within the next day I also hope she doesn't mind the flavor of this kiss But if she loves cheese like me, the taste will be bliss Floating through the air past all the factories of cheese The dreamy taste of this kiss, will be sure to please Though I must warn her not to eat with that blissful kiss on her lips For all food will taste delightful, which may add a little weight to her hips
8-8-12 To:Vie

Poem Details | by Milton Toran |
Categories: humor, humorous, silly, , fate,

Kiss of Fate

While sitting on a hollow log
I was kissed by an ugly frog
It turned into an ugly queen
My oh my, what a hideous scene
I'd rather pull ticks from a dog!

Poem Details | by Darlene Gifford |
Categories: fish, funny love, kiss,

Kissing Rocks

(Seen at the aquarium)

Eye to eye

in a stony embrace,

two rockfish kissing,

face to face.


Poem Details | by Fisayo Aderounmu |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion, romance,


Kiss saves and kills
Drop by drop KISS increases 
To form an ocean of EMOTION 
EMOTION in love billows
Around many pillows 
You lose control over your EMOTION 
Your EMOTION now sets you in MOTION
To the journey of no return. 
You may ask, What is bad in it? 
The bad IN it is at the END of it!

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: celebration, destiny, humor, inspiration, kiss, philosophy, rainforest,



The bird in the cage sits,
and sometimes sings. 
On Sunday he gets let out. 
That is the best day. 
The cat is at church.

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: fruit, funny, humorous, kiss, lust, sleep, woman,

Snow White

Snow White took an unladylike bite
of a big red apple polished bright
	she snoozed quite a while
	he kissed her with guile
and they shared an afternoon delight

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: anger, care, celebration, drug, humor, relationship,

I love and kiss the CVS people

I’ll get to the pills with a twist
The scripts filled by my pharmacist
If there’s a hiccup
Delaying the pick-up
Watch out as I might just get pissed

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: cute love, fun, giggle, romance,

- and Kiss Me -

A kiss lights a spark of passionate fire, a flirt with warm lips

If the snow is white ... the rainbow brightness of the smiling sun in the rain

Soft as dew, three words so easily :  "I love you" ... I believe ...

15 - 18 - 15

Sun :) A-L Andresen :)

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: addiction, april, best friend, computer, confusion, courage, culture, cute love, earth, emotions, encouraging, environment, fantasy, farm, feelings, funny love, garden, happiness, happy, i love you, i miss you, inspirational, internet, irony, july, june, kiss, loneliness, love, magic, me, metaphor, nature, parody, repetition, satire, science, social, technology, tree, women, world, youth,


follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, cute love, dedication, desire, destiny, devotion, emotions, encouraging, funny love, girlfriend, grief, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, how i feel, i love you, i miss you, innocence, kiss, love, love hurts, math, meaningful, miss you, missing, missing you, nice, passion, recovery from, romance, romantic, sad love, senses, sensual, symbolism, together, true love, voyage, wisdom, woman, word play,

4 Love

Love is a four letter word
she whispered into his ear,

So is four, as is word
he whispered back into her fear,

Such is "you and I"
cried his heart - she could hear,

Their cheeks hugged, eyes kissed
each shedding a single tear.

Poem Details | by Raffy Relator |
Categories: dedication, dog, feelings, funny love, kiss, memory, smile,

A Puppy Love

I met you in the city
I introduced myself as Raffy
How glad I met you
Since I don't know what to do..

Each day had passes
And I thought that was the last
I tried to search you again
But the city is vain

Hoping you will see
I search you with glee
At last, I saw you
Kissing to others as much you do

Seeing you in that way
Feels me hard even though your a DOG anyway
But now I don't know what to do
Coz your OWNER is much beautiful than you.....

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: feelings, humor, kiss,

- Not a Deadly Weapon -

Armed with stolen kiss

                                      A breathless moment 

                                     Echo with star sprinkle

                           Without gunpowder by a higher power

                                        The simple beauty

                                            Juicy fruity

                                       A signature of love

                                     As conquered the world

                                     ~ Thugs all together ~

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Denise Morgan |
Categories: april, devotion, february, first love, fun, funny love, kiss, love,

Springtime Lovers

Tulips in springtime
Expressed, two lovers kissing
Air aromatic

Poem Details | by Anna-Marie Docherty |
Categories: anniversary, caregiving, christmas, devotion, family, freedom, girlfriend, growing up, holiday, home, hope, humorous, imagination, journey, life, love, marriage, people, relationship, romantic, satire, song, song-thanksgiving, uplifting,

12 Days of Kiss-Mas

On the 12th day of kiss-mass my true love sent to me
12 dirty undies
11 socks a stinking
10 shoes a humming
9 shirts for pressing
8 trousers 
7 days of take-out boxes
6 flagons of beer
5 D V D's
4 mischievous children
3 dozen wine bottles
2 ex partners
and an engagement ring under the tree

Poem Details | by Yort Watson |
Categories: feelings, for her, funny, kiss, lust, work,

Office Romance

I can tell you want to talk, but don’t know what to say
I better think of something quick, before you go away
I wonder if you think about me, when I’m out of sight
I think about you all the time and can’t get sleep at night
I want to kiss you as you stand there looking at the floor
I want to draw my office shades and have you ask for more
I could be wrong that you like me, a fate much worse than death
So I’ll just talk about the weather, until I’m out of breath

Poem Details | by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: eve, fun, funny, funny love, good night, joy, kiss, leadership,

Cinnamon, Lavender and Stormy

Cindy Cinnamon was a working gal
Lavender Lucy her very best pal
one night they tag teamed Mr. Ed
smoked a pound of panama red
Stormy Daniels did shots from a pail 


Poem Details | by Edward Mccormick |
Categories: animal, boyfriend, funny, girlfriend, spring, summer,

A Kiss of Sunshine

a kiss of sunshine pouty crimson horizon ****-a-doodle-doo

Poem Details | by Toni Orban |
Categories: funny love, kiss, parody,

Man Eater

There was young “lady" of Chester
Who not only dated a jester
But also and baker n' smith
whom she all liked to kiss 
she's known as the great man-molester

Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: humor, imagery, inspiration, ireland, march, poetry,

Kiss Me, I'M Irish -Reversed Katauta-

"Kiss me, I'm Irish," he says leprechaun, thinks he's all that then, wiggles his tongue. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Mar.17/2007

Poem Details | by Jerica Sanchez |
Categories: boyfriend, care, dedication, devotion, faith, first love, for her, for him, gender, girlfriend, happiness, happy, heart, heaven, home, house, how i feel, humor, husband, i love you, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, kiss, longing, love, marriage, miss you, missing, poems, poetry, romance, romantic, together, words,


When I hear your name
My heart beats faster than usual
It's not that I am ashame
But It's just your name is too special..

Can't control the feelings
When I am with you
Can't stop smiling
When you hold me like you do

When you hug me then
I feel like I'm in heaven
You are a blessing from above
And you are the reason why I loved

I'll promise to love you FOREVERMORE..
And I will cherish you until the end of my borrowed life
And I will keep our precious memories as long as
we see each other in our next life..

Poem Details | by Derrick Shane |
Categories: care, cute love, funny love, kiss, love, lust, woman,

Hey Cutie

Your sheer arrogance makes me giggle
Your butt does the cutest wiggle
I really hope you like me
I want to call you baby
Or maybe my little piggle.


Poem Details | by Pat Adams |
Categories: funny love, games, kiss,

The Australian Kiss

Have you heard of a brand new bliss
An Australian Kiss is the wonder
It's just exactly like a French kiss
Except for the fact it's "down under"

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

A Wet Fish Kiss

Well oh well, can you imagine this This old duffer is a master of the kiss Many years experience Made me quite fastidious World renowned for my wet fish kiss