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Poem Details | by Rachel Fawcett |
Categories: crazy, feelings, fun, giggle, how i feel, jobs, work,


My manager’s voice is booming 
telling me my deadlines looming
overwhelmed I begin to drown
Whoop,whoop,whoop, red alert – MELTDOWN!

eyes in the office are staring
wet excuses I'm declaring
I'm paralysed by my boss’ frown
Whoop,whoop,whoop, red alert – MELTDOWN!

laughter floating like bonfire smoke
there's no deadline that was a joke
my boss is now the office clown
Whoop,whoop,whoop, red alert – MELTDOWN!

relieved I find myself smiling
work for me no longer piling
lets all leave early, go down town
Whoop,whoop,whoop, red alert – MELTDOWN!

Poem Details | by Vivien Wade |
Categories: humor,



Laughter is like an infection,
Spreading joy wherever it goes.
Requires no painful injection,
Laughter is like an infection.

Laughter will not hurt your eyesight,
To look on the bright side of life.
You will find humour a delight,
Laughter is like an infection.

Laughter's good medicine indeed,
Endorphins released to the brain.
By planting some happiness seed,
Laughter is like an infection.

It helps to bring cheer to the soul,
A merry heart makes others glad
Laughter is so good for us all,
Laughter is like an infection.

Copyright © Vivien Wade  August 2015

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny, nostalgia,

Carolina Pines

Turned it loose and got drunk
As a smelly old skunk
On disgusting cheap wine
In the Carolina pines

Shot guns at thin air
(Who the heck gonna' care?)
Weren't it fun, weren't it fine
In the Carolina pines?

Then we REALLY got clobbered
We staggered and slobbered
We wallowed like swine
In the Carolina pines

(In the morning we grieved
We hocked and we heaved
We whimpered and whined
In the Carolina pines)

By: tryerson
Motif: Nature

Poem Details | by Bette Bavington |
Categories: adventure, conflict, education, emotions, humorous, meaningful, visionary,

Clean Your Room

It was fun 
When I was young.
As I grew older it became more of a chore
That adults will not ignore.
Most of my stuff is attached to my heart strings
I can't keep my eyes from watering.
I simply can't bring myself to put anything on
The outside of my bedroom door
Here's a flash!
My stuff's not trash. It's my stash.
Who knows, if I keep it long enough it could end
Up on some museum floor
Greatly adored for evermore.

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: funny

Kyrielle-Lord Have Mercy

It's raining see
Lord have mercy!

It's really a damp cold, see
Lord have mercy!

The heat is drying me
Lord have mercy!

Parched and cracked skin, oh me!
Lord have mercy!