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Poem Details | by Dale Gregory Cozart |
Categories: humor, light, poetry,

The Poet's Philosophy

i write metric verse therefore iamb.

Poem Details | by Bartholomew Williams |
Categories: fun, humor, journey, light, poetry, poets,

Elusive Poet

No rhyme
	This time.

	Still naught.

Read books
	Got looks.

Brain nap
	A sap?

More rest
	Flunked test.

	Not fine.

Didn’t learn
	Still yearn.

Free verse
	Got worse.


Tried hard
	No bard!


Poem Details | by Michael Wise |
Categories: humorous, light, poetry, writing,

The Power Is Out

The power is out
but rather than pout
I'll sit down and write a few rhymes

It makes me so happy
to write something snappy
when life throws me lemons or limes

My eccentricity
denied electricity
comes out in the open to play

Without hesitation
my imagination
shall leave quite a mark on this day

When out of the norm
one still must perform
to keep the mind sharpened and clear

For when you stay focused
you'll keep back the locust
from turning your peace into fear

The lights are back on
and the silence is gone
the hum of my fridge is so nice

Out of rhymes I have run
so my poem is done
and it came at a cheap enough price

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, childhood, death, dedication, food, funny, history, imagination, inspirational, life, mystery, passion, people, social, thank you, uplifting, warhalloween,

Stick It To Him { Footle } Light Poetry



                                                         Out there

                                                                       Used stake 
                                                                                He's baked

Tribute To Halloween   

Also Entry For 
Donna Golden's   Footle Fright