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Poem Details | by Charlie Knowlton |
Categories: animal, best friend, dog, funny, humor, pets, silly,

Top 10 things my dogs have never said to me

Top 10 things my dogs have never said to me.   Ever!

Number 10…"Can we get a cat?"

Number 9…"No,…As a matter of fact I`m not happy to see you."

Number 8…"That`s ok, you eat the rest of that rib eye."

Number 7…"Sorry about your friends leg, and of course i`ll pay for the pillow."

Number 6…"Do I need a mint?"

Number 5…"And where have you been?"

Number 4…"Is there a 12 step group for butt sniffing?"

Number 3…"Please!…Do not rub my belly or scratch my ears. "

Number 2…" You threw it…You go get it."

And the number 1 answer is!

"That`s your third beer ya know."

Poem Details | by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: humor, humorous,

My Bucket 'The Short List'

The day I turned the big 5 0
My friends all said to me
You got to make a Bucket List 
Of things to do and see

So, I sat there on my cozy couch
With pen and pad in hand
And wrote a hundred things I'm sure
No one would understand

The first thing on the list I wrote
Was simply getting High
I'd score some Marijuana
and give that weed a try

Now It's been ten years later
You would think I had some fun
And probably went through half my list
But, I'm stuck on number One 

So it's clear---this is a work of fiction---lol

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: family, fate, funny,

I Know Nothing

The dog's at the door
Leash, collar, mask, rubber paw pads
The cat's doing three to five for
Shredding the toilet paper
The FBI fingerprint lab
Has ceased operation
Arrests are down
Everyone's wearing rubber gloves
And a mask
The Care Bears......DON'T
Virtual kisses smudge the screen
Virtual bar rooms
Together....but drinking alone
I caught the children watching
The Great Escape
My grandson now sleeps
With his baseball glove
My granddaughter stole
A spoon at supper

So how's your sanity holding up??

Poem Details | by Jillian Sabecky |
Categories: caregiving, family, food, for him, funny love, giggle, passion,

Banana Bread

Today my husband said ' I can really go for some banana bread' 
But this is what I made instead.

A gallon of Sweet Tea.
A bowl of Green Pea's.
Turkey Club on whole wheat followed by Smoked Meat.
Corn on the Cob along with Broccoli Raab.
Chicken Wings. Shoe Strings.
Pineapple upside down cake. A chocolate Shake. 
Baked Potato served with a Stuffed Tomato

Now my husband has a belly ache. 
I don't think he likes it, when I bake.

Poem Details | by Kieran Pavlick |
Categories: allusion, humorous, wisdom,

Best for Last

Best for last

Lizard lips
Blizzard tips
Cow pies
Cannon fodder
Tobacco breath
Primitive Quest
Papilloma’s daughter
Whale droppings
Frantic knocking
Eutectic solder
**** eyes
Flabby thighs
Don’t bother

Petal pink
Purple ink
Sugar water
Melon slice
Sticky rice
Bubbly juice
Fruit tree
Pretty feet
Bustin loose
Air guitar
Morning star
Spruce goose
Genius type
No hype
Sweet night

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: funny

Jobs Wanted


won hm

Poem Details | by HOLLY MOORE |
Categories: funny,

My Garage

As I walk around,

I find:

2 windows flawless with absolutely no bugs, spiders, creatures of any kind

2 hanging blinds perfectly dusted and cleaned

1 red toolbox entirely organized by wrenches, hammers, and screwdrivers

1 blue toolbox with little sliding doors utterly sorted by nuts, bolts, and nails

2 shelves with gardening tools separated by size 

3 boxes individually labeled “Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas”

and the reason for all this:

I am bored.

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

Poem Details | by Tamara Reyna |
Categories: funny,

My Janky Car

My Janky Car
crowed parking lot,
cars going every which way,
a honk,
the window roll down,
screaming woman,
You need to get a....,
life, I thought she'd say, 
but, new car I heard her scream,
laughed oh so hard did I,
screaming woman now transformed,
confused and irritated woman,
laughing still I drive away,
If only that woman knew,
3 x's a day I'd say,
I need to get  a new car,
though meaning to offend,
we strongly agreed,
not the reaction she wanted from me,
I won,
Ha ha He he.

Poem Details | by Donna Jones |
Categories: humorous, summer,

Human Bacon

I go out seeking the sun's rays


I lay there torturing myself


I return inside


©Donna Jones

Poem Details | by Sidney Beck |
Categories: funny,



New toilet seat in pink and purple flowers.
Jockeyshorts with slogans which puzzle for hours.
Teeshirt printed with “McCartney Farewell Tour 2038”,
Because for me it may well be too late.
Title deeds to twin plots in a prestigious cemetery,
With 15% off on marble headstones when they bury.
Large framed picture of mother-in-law  herself,
Designed to fit perfectly over the den bar shelf.

Poem Details | by Gail DeBole |
Categories: adventure, animal, courage, funny, humor, humorous, nature,

Stan the Snail's Bucket List - First Item

Stan even has his own coloring book on at!
Poem written by Gail DeBole on 10, 2015 and updated on 6/18/2018

Stan the Snail wished for a ride
On a turtle before Stan died
With his antenna intact
And the wind at his shell's back
He'd relax while enjoying the stride.

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Poem Details | by Nick Bagnall |
Categories: funny, old, garden, old,

My Shed

A ball of twine, a washing line
A bag of peat, an old dust sheet
A rope
Some wire
An old flat tyre
A roller-skate, a garden gate

Some dry grass seed, a millipede
A sack of sand, one glove, left hand
A torch 
A mallet
A painters pallet
A cracked fish tank, a broken plank

A headless gnome, some dried out loam
An old bike bell,  a snail shell
A spade
A fork
A champagne cork
The dogs toy bone, a traffic cone

It's cleared away, it took all day
I find it is, quite safe to say
It used to fit, But who knows how
My garden shed is empty now

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

President Obama's Bucket List

President Obama, when asked if he had a bucket list Replied, well kinda, only my bucket starts with an “f”... list When he finally retires To comedy he can aspire Seems like a career he really might have missed © Jack Ellison 2015
*True story

Poem Details | by Elton Camp |
Categories: humor,

Getting on Santa's Naughty List

Getting On Santa’s Naughty List

By Elton Camp

He makes a list and checks it twice
To find out who’s naughty or nice

“Tut, tut,” the old elf will chide
On finding something to deride

At the North Pole, he has Internet
Which gives a clearer picture yet

On the naughty list, Miley Cyrus to enroll
So she gets nothing but a stocking of coal

He sees you if you’re sleeping or awake
A peek at your Facebook page he may take

If bad he happens to see or to hear
You, too, on the naughty list appear

So be careful what you post on the Internet
Or a bad surprise at Christmas you may get

Poem Details | by karen croft |
Categories: funny,

at the pawn shop

There's someones trash,
Others rare treasure,
A lost estate,
Someones eviction furniture,
Electronic doo-dads,
Scratched cd's
Colored glass,
X-box games,
Something for everyone
Sometimes a cafe next door 
for those who spend the whole day!

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: funny,

Thoughts to Ponder

Satan's Puppet.......

Satan's dessert......
-----death by chocolate

Satan's drink
-----a hurricane?

Satan's perfume....

Satan's meal....
----a shepherds pie

Satan seeks to steal, kill and destroy....

Poem Details | by Post Skriqt |
Categories: cute love, funny love, heartbroken, lost love, poetry,


She was the fiery love

She was the lonely love

She was the unforgettable love

She was the protected love

She was the jealous love

There are different ways to love but there is only one true love

Were you running away from love or running away from yourself

Afraid that you’re not ready, afraid to be wrong

Every time I think we're moving forward you pull away like the tide 

Only getting close enough to see a glimpse of love but too scared to stay and see the whole thing

Returning to your deep depths where you don't have to worry about your true feelings

p.s. you can always run but never fully hide…

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: humor, political,

2016 in review

2016 in review

January – 835 sparrows “OCCUPIED” my garden.

February – I looked out my window

March – They were still there

April – They moved to Bernie’s ‘Garden’

May – Bernie spoke to them

June – The garden fell silent

July - Hillary spoke to Bill

August – Bernie fell silent

September – Hillary didn’t speak to the sparrows

October – Bill spoke to the Attorney General

November – Hillary e-mails

December – Trump tweets

John g. Lawless

Poem Details | by Diona Finley |
Categories: black african american, childhood, funny, life, mother, teen,

Black Mama

Child if you don't get yo nappy head;
Imma give you something to cry about.
Get yo butt over here.
Say one mo thang.
Ima beat the black off of ya.
Wait til i'm finish. 
I bet not hear another word. 
It'll hurt me more than It'll hurt you.
You act up here, I'ma act with you.
Im aint chasing after you.
I put you in this world I sho nuff can take you out.
That's a black mama.

Poem Details | by Virginia Mitchell |
Categories: funny


Stone Age Marble stone Stone mason One stone left unturned Stone cold Tombstone Stoned

Poem Details | by Dylan Wong |
Categories: humorous,

This Stew Tastes Funny

The prompt was "Write a poem which is really a recipe".

This Stew Tastes Funny

I personally like to use the more established dramatic processes, but feel free to use your own version of comedy!

Dramedy (serves the whole family!)

Take the character, drive them headfirst
into a community of oppositions
that inexplicably attract,
cue a flurry of activity, sprinkled lightly.
Leave no weaknesses un-attacked.
When the conflict begins to rise,
place them in roles reversed,
have them recognise
that conflict yields no prize.
Leave the melting pot to cool
until each moralistic monologue ends with cheap slapstick verse.

Credit to Adam Sandler.

Poem Details | by Gregory Stomboly |
Categories: funny,

Shopping List

Bananas and green beans,
a lot of other healthy things.
I’ll probably get some soda pop
and I think we need a new wet mop.
If the cart has room for a new TV
I’ll splurge and get one just for me!
Frozen pizza is on my list
and 3 2-liters of Sierra Mist.
I can’t forget shampoo and soap,
That’s all my shopping for today…

Poem Details | by Doris Culverhouse |
Categories: funny

Six Flags Over GA

Handicapped access and Six Flags is an oximoron

Overheard in the exit line of the mine train ride:
Four year old girl states "That ride made my tummy very angry!!"

Poem Details | by Gina Young |
Categories: funny,

Heavy Baggage

I carry this 30 pound bag wherever I go,
Some call this item a purse,
I say burden!
pink wallet with metallic stars
  (not alot within except an unused gift card and an ID)
12 hair ties, all black
2 bottles nail polish
  (1 is Lagoon blue, 1 is something called Rant)
6 dollars in change
2 books
lint roller
make-up bag
2 kinds of perfume
  (a girl needs to smell pretty)
cell phone
2 lighters
5 pens, 2 pencils
notebook for poems
Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish
hand lotion
2 magazines
mp3 player
eye glasses with case
name tag for work
antibiotics and pain relievers
and a random cat toy, a blue mouse.

What a mess!

Poem Details | by Christina Hons |
Categories: fun, hope, humor, light, river, water, weather,

What I Accomplished Today

What I had planned for the day is no longer an option for me.
20 minutes on a full body vibration machine
30 minutes in a sauna. Same for the oxygen bar.
A free lunch with my friend, but I cannot get to my car.
It has been pouring down rain for a few days. Everything is starting to flood.
Today I will be unable to meet my friend with a microscope who's fascinated by blood.
Turned on the television. Someone discussing Greek and Roman Parthenons.
Oh goody! What joy! It's an Ancient Aliens marathon.
Flipped open my journal looking for something to do.
Guess I'll enter a poetry contest or two.

May 15, 2015