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Poem Details | by Monique John |
Categories: appreciation, child, children, fun, joy, little sister, youth,

All the Funny Kids

All The Funny Kids
                                           By: Monique John 

Full of joy
Unbelievably excited
Never-ending happiness
Nature’s lovers

Kind hearts
Ideal company
Dare devils
Snuggle Monsters

Poem Details | by Kim Stone |
Categories: brother, child, funny, kindergarten, little sister, silly, success,


     Stretched out,
     On a daycare cot.
     Told to take a nap,
     Didn't want to!
     A lot!
     I might miss something,
     So didn't make a peep.
     Closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.
     Waited until they were gone,
     Snuck out across the lawn.
     Knew where my brother had gone.
     Up the stairs,
     Into his room,
     The teacher was talking about the moon.
     Slid underneath his desk,
     His legs hid me from the rest!
     Stayed there until I had to pee,
     Thats what gave me away.
     But I didn't take a nap today!