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Poem Details | by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: confusion, emotions, engagement, funny, lost, love, trust,

No House For the Louse

My love said to meet him at three
where steaks were the best that could be, 
the chophouse.

I waited a long time and then
checked his firm before searching in
the courthouse.

Maybe drinks with clients for biz?
I checked a fave place for this, his
posh clubhouse.

Nothing, was he up to no good
somewhere no man does as he should -
the dollhouse?

There, I saw my beau kiss Miss Snow
so now he is found in Fido's
cold doghouse.

... CayCay
May 14, 2020

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: humorous,

Packing For a Louse of a Spouse

First he gets three shoes; none of them mates.
And my yesterday's steak on a blue dinner plate.
I will throw in a wet towel to make sure his clothes mold.
Am I being diabolical? No. Just a tiny bit cold.

He is going on vacation to sit in the sun.
I want to make sure to spoil most of his fun.
Why he cannot pack himself one way or another
I truly blame on his overbearing indulgent sweet mother.

In goes an onion, to play havoc with his underwear.
I have dyed them pink too, to show that I care.,
In goes a tiny mouse I found, and a cracker so pure.
I know he'll have a great time now, oh yes, for sure!