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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: humorous, insect,

Mosquito Mayhem

Today I met a mosquito It wasn’t very fun She bit me here, she nipped me there (she even bit my bum) But I had the last laugh... I squashed her with my thumb! 1st November 2015

Poem Details | by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: humor, insect,

Veto the Mosquito Wbm

When God made the beasts, in days of old
It seems He lacked quality control
That surely would veto 
The cursed mosquito
And preclude all that itching untold

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: funny, nature, seasons

Mosquito Pete, the Rip Off

Mosquito with a bloody mission

Taking what's mine without permission 

      Loss of blood and a bump
      Itchy scratch with a lump

  Donation of blood, no commission

Poem Details | by Misheel Chuluun |
Categories: funny

Like the Haphazard Mosquito...

Like the haphazard mosquito that
flew right into your mouth, the
news i got today
said you died

Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: animals, fantasy, funny

Hello, Humans. I Am a Mosquito.

What I work for is here in my sack.
Feed my young so we all can buzz back.
You're just the right type.
Let's hook up my pipe.
We'll have a nice meal. OH NO! SMACK!

Poem Details | by Glenn Sentes |
Categories: funny

Mosquito Bite

I took an oath from thy God’s face
That life dwelling on earth I raise
Cuddle what breathes in this thick case
But you that slurp my red
Deserve no love nor an embrace
Slap! You die yet I bled.

© Glenn L. Sentes
July 4, 2011

Poem Details | by Poet. Undertaker |
Categories: humor, humorous,

Dirty Mosquito

Form:Balassi Stanza.

On a trek to deep jungle,
tired I, fell by hay bundle.
a giant wild female mosquito,
humming my favorite song,
crossing all bounds to bang,
licked me whole; dirty wild mosquito!
kissed my eyes, nose, cheek.
not my blood. bloody ,my love it seeks!
pheromone pulls this mosquito!
my sweat has this filthy stuff extra!
my sweat has this filthy stuff extra!
Pheromone pulls this mosquito!

Written for the contest “The Balassi Stanza Contest” by Dr.Ram Mehta.

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: food, humor, night, red, summer,

Mosquito Attack

This morning I awoke
I am red from head~toe
I look silly
Last night I was dinner
they feasted on me
I filled them up
Tonight comes a trap
a net around my bed
bug candles aglow
Date Written: 8/22/2021

Poem Details | by David Sollis |
Categories: animal, fun, funny, humor, humorous,


Announcing your arrival
in a high-pitch buzzing-tone.
As a tactic for survival,
you're seldom on your own.
Red lumps display where you have been.
Often felt, though rarely seen.
But if I catch a glimpse of you,
my little vampire chum,
I'll make sure you get what you're due,
and squash you with my thumb!

Inspired by my packing to go on vacation, I posted this poem on my blog about a month ago, along with one of my illustrations. you can see it by here -

Poem Details | by Deborah Burch |
Categories: funny, nature, satire,

Mosquito Sneeze

Mosquito Sneeze

I was just about to sneeze,
When I felt a mosquito
Squat firmly upon my nose
And watched it "bite me"!

"Ah-Choo!" And up it arose
In search of another drink,
Gliding gently where he thinks--
On ^Rick's head--drilling!

~deborah burch

Poem Details | by Anil Deo |
Categories: analogy, fear, humor, insect, world, world war i, world war ii,

Reporting From the Mosquito Front

A man with towel and cellphone
Returned with news, The enemy's gone!
Locking the bedroom door
He'd piled bodies on the floor
But Zweeee! He forgot one last one

Poem Details | by Anil Deo |
Categories: anger, bullying, feelings, funny, humor, insect,

Mosquito Wars Update

One night during the Great Mosquito Wars
After a three-hour struggle
Using subterfuge, with candles, lights, "gas" -
There was not a single sighting

About the third hour, into the wee-est hours
I felt a movement (by the enemy)
Quick as a flash, my hands slapped my knee:
Not a Mighty Mosquito, not even a fly, just a flea

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: death, humorous, insect,

Mosquito Massacre - Shocking Report

  Well, fellow stinging malarial insects
  They really chloroformed us this time
  You got the latest stats, Buzzer?

  Check, Bleeder: Read 'em and weep
  3,400,000 dead; 1 wounded

  Just a minute, there, Buzzer. One wounded?
  That's right, Bleeder. Critical condition too

  What's this weirdo's diagnosis, if I may ask?
  Check, Bleeder. Doc says he was OTAA on-arrival

  And just what is OTAA?
  Over-the-anthill-anyway, sir.

  Check, Buzzer... He gone!