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Poem Details | by Pat Adams |
Categories: character, crazy, depression, humor,

The Suicidal Moth

Once there was a moth that flew up to Doctor John
He said I'm depressed, I'm a suicidal one"
 Doc John said, "I'm no shrink," 
"Why stop here do you think?"
He said, "Well, I had to, because the light was on!"

Poem Details | by Tammy Armstrong |
Categories: animals, confusion, funny,

See the Light, Moth.

Thuck.. Thuck.. Thuck…
Why don’t you just stop
You can’t penetrate the glass
You’re just a little moth.

Thuck.. Thuck.. Thuck..
Come now, little bug
It can’t be that bad
Would you fly into the sun?

Thuck.. Thuck.. Thuck..
So fragile you are
Cupping you in my hands
Leaving glitter-dust behind.

What are you doing in there
Little moth?
Open my hand and let you go.

Thuck.. Thuck.. Thuck..
Stupid Moth.

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: hilarious, humorous, , cute,

Trump With a Moth

Trump With A Moth

I really wonder how Trump would feel
If someone said he had no eye appeal
Are no cute realtors on his quasi-staff
If they were would roll over and laugh.

On his beauty wants no one to tread
So does like to lay under a sun bed
To add more color to his white skin
My hopes to him I will never pin.

Trump again is not going to rehearsal
Own ideas does prefers their dispersal
He flew off handle eating some broth
When his mouth met up with a moth

James Slip of the Tongue Thesarious Horn
Retired Veteran and Preferred Poet

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: humor, writing,



silly little things,
with nighttime wings,
wool clothes.
audacity to land
on my screen door.
but this poet
finds one,
passed out
on the floor.
wants to examine
its wings.
where she would
have thrown, this
miniscule plane out,
a second thought.
it into pages,
two flighty wings.
antennas that feel,
a great deal, of
silly little things.


Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humor,

An Ancient Moth

Psychiatrists searched for years and still at a loss Looking into this guy's brain, nothing but moss Sometimes detect A strange wee spec Turns out 'twas just dust or an ancient wee moth