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Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: humorous, metaphor, mothers day, success, water,

I am a Genius

I am who I was born to be

Another voice of sanity
Maybe crazy, but do you know?

Art nouveau, in words I paint

Greatness of the pen, this is me
Eternal thoughts into ink I write
Nothing escapes this brilliant mind
I compose for those who see, and those whom are blind
Universal wisdom's, happiness in verse
Salvation or wine, the poison is free

Poem Details | by Cassie Smith |
Categories: family, friendship, funny, happiness, hope, life, love, mother, nature, passion, seasons,

Mothers Day

Mothers are the best 
They are like a test
They are very loving 
They like a flower budding
The treat us like a fest.

Poem Details | by John Hardison |
Categories: birth, humorous, mothers day, tribute,

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day.

Soon after being born, as mother lay there, 
she held me above her head. Opening my eyes, I 
looked down and thought, well what is this?

Mother knew.

It’s Mother’s Day.

(To all so afflicted). 

Poem Details | by William J. Jr. Atfield |
Categories: humorous, mother, day, day,

Mothers Day



A day once created.
A day I will never know. 
A day I would love to try.
Planting seeds in a barren land
will not a mother make.
Oh but the joys of trying.

Bill .

B. J. “A” 2
May 12th, 2007

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: culture, funny love, hilarious, humorous, marriage, mothers day, political,

Mothers' Day at the Oval Orifice

Donald Trump never had any doubt
He could hear Melania shout:
"Oh for goodness' sake
How long does it take
For a couch potato to sprout?"

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: family, humor,


Mothers Day

As we gather to honor our mothers
grandchildren, sisters, and brothers
we share a last name
so it seems a shame
that none of us looks like the others

John G. Lawless

Poem Details | by Karen Dean |
Categories: cute, humor, mother, mothers day,

Just for You, With Love

If I was just a little older I might just understand,
You have to go to work today. Your doing just the best you can.
If I was just a little taller then maybe I can could drive.
Just stay beside me like you always do and pray to God we stay alive!
If I was just a little sneakier then maybe you wouldn't known, 
I used your toothbrush on the cat...Opps I forgot you didn't know!
But for now lets all be thankful that I am still very young.
Are you have fun raising me? Because you know I'm having a ball!!  
Dedicated to all moms

Poem Details | by Joanna Feltham |
Categories: beauty, children, flower, giggle, love, mothers day,


Scabby bruised knees, mount walls
Ogling, well-tendered gardens
Jasmine scents, floral spices
Entice looting hands, enormous eyes
Daffodil bunches, swiftly, swiped
Windows screech, voices holler

Stale shoes house, crumpled feet
Scampering, down swanky streets
Jubilant kids, race home, grasping
Short crooked, kinked stems
Broken flower heads, litter 

Crippled gate, awaits dense lawn
Forgotten toys, lay buried, broken
Smouldering pit, bonfire ash 
Cheerful, unwashed faces, deliver
Hand picked bouquet, on Mother's Day

Milk bottle vase, takes prideful place
Reflecting sunbeams, on poverties face