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Poem Details | by Jaden Peckover |
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Naan Bread : a Naat Poem

In the oven's warm embrace, you rise,
A doughy delight, a savory surprise.
Naan bread, you're a gift from above,
A culinary creation we truly love.

Your surface adorned with charred grace,
Tandoori-kissed, in every case.
From India's heart to lands afar,
You're the superstar of the culinary car.

With ghee or garlic, you're often paired,
A taste so exquisite, none can compare.
Soft and fluffy, or crispy and thin,
In the world of bread, you always win.

From the tandoor's heat to our plate,
You're the reason we celebrate.
Naan bread, a poem we gladly sing,
A culinary masterpiece, fit for a king!