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Poem Details | by White Wolf |
Categories: fun, funny, humor, humorous,

A Big Night Out:

I'm out to impress It's a tutu, not a dress Big night, I confess

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: humor,

Robin and his merry men's night out

Robin treated his men down at the inn
To sexy wenches, food, mead and some gin
All got drunk on the mead
Then got high on the weed
Friar Tuck said “it’s not right it’s a sin.”

Robin’s outlaws were enjoying the night
And with the sheriffs men started a fight
The men ran for their lives
There was lots of high fives
The peasants cheered at this comical sight.

Written 31st January 2019
For limerick 3 contest
Sponsored by Joseph May.

Poem Details | by niketa mckenzie |
Categories: funny, lost love, love,

One Night Stand

Their once was a girl in love
She knew he was sent from above
They danced, they sing they did everthing
But then he deflated in the tub

Poem Details | by Tomas Vazquez |
Categories: adventure, easter, fear, funny, nonsense, religion,

Twas the Night Before Easter

He knows if you are sleeping,
He knows when you're awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good.
Zombie Jesus must be staked!

So eat your crackers and wine,
And think that you'll be saved,
But that's not why he's here because
Your brains are what he craves!

He'll never stop his rampage.
Not until he's fully fed,
But nothing satisfies his hunger
Like what rattles in your head.

He's coming down the chimney.
He's underneath your bed.
You think you can outrun him,
But soon you will be dead.

So you better not whisper,
You better not cry
Cuz even a shot between his eyes
Won't stop Zombie Jesus, tonight..

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, courage, cute love, dark, deep, depression, desire, destiny, devotion, dream, first love, funny love, grief, happiness, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, how i feel, i am, i love you, i miss you, innocence, irony, jealousy, lonely, longing, loss, lost, love, love hurts, miss you, missing, missing you, night, passion, psychological, romance, romantic, sad, sad love, silence, sky, sleep, solitude, sunset, true love,

Red Light

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
lonely as ever
visible at night, useless by day?

in sync with its partner next door
for a quick kiss over a few flashes only 
then arguing again and again 
night in, night out.

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
not signaling a warning to keep away
but sending a call for compassion?

using the dark pauses in between 
to yell the same name 
over and over and over
into the emptiness of each night.

have you ever felt like
the flashing red light on the roof,
being your silent cry
only heard by your eternal love?

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: humorous,


I love my diaphanous nightie It’s sexy and sheer- its quite flighty But it’s a shocking disgrace Scant material and lace Cost hubby ninety-nine pounds ninety! 15th February 2015

Poem Details | by Mary Chapman |
Categories: humorous, poetry,

Last Night I Dreamt

Last night I had a dream
I’d met the king and queen.
I was among the guest,   
waiting to be seen.

They sat in separate rooms
and interviewed each guest,
When it was my turn,
I curtsied and begun

I spoke to only Charles
and even danced with him
Diana was there too,
she spoke to but a few.

I wondered if he knew,
If the rumors were all true.
That she was not to be
with him eternally. 

Then one day she was gone
She left her loving sons
her dreams to carry on
The work she had begun

Humorous Rhyme - 8/2/2013

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: funny

Good night

“It is pointless me using this,” he said
As he held it laying in bed
He tried it again 
Which made him feel great pain
So he slept with his night cap off of his head

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: humorous, night,

- I Won't Sleep -

             ~ It's summer time - the night is short ... the battery is full ~

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved
14 syllables

Poem Details | by Ray Gridley |
Categories: easter, funny, humor, humorous,

Inspired by Jan's Bunny Can Bang All Night Limerick

I'll give you my best diagnosis
Your bunny has caught a psychosis.
His drum bangs so loud
It disperses the crowd
But at least it's not myxomatosis*.

See Jan Allison's hilarious original Limerick Bunny Can Bang All Night.

* Myxomatosis:  A viral infection of rabbits.

Poem Details | by Laurie Ginn |
Categories: funny, holiday

Silent Night, Weary Night

Silent night, weary night
Worked all day, worked all night
Worked at baking and wrapping of gifts
Hoping the family wont get in a rift

Ohhh and where is the fruit cake
 and  by gosh now who spiked the nog

Silent night, weary night
House to clean, the cake has a lean
All of the stockings now hung in a row
I think the cat just swallowed a bow

Oh  I forgot batteries
Thank God 7-11 won’t close

Silent night, weary night
Family is gathered
The paper is scattered
I still have three more gifts now to build
No understanding the instructions will yield

Oh but these are the good times
I keep repeating this in my mind

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: fun, funny, giggle, happiness, humorous, self, silly,

A Saturday Night Out

I want to wear
a bishop's hat
nothin' else
just that.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: funny, grandparents, longing, lust, night, nostalgia, silly,


On her nightdress candlelight flickers
While underneath she wears blue knickers
Grandpa recalls Kentucky
The last time he got lucky
Grandma just rolls her eyes and snickers

May 19, 2019
for Tania Kitchin's Bawdy Limericks Contest

Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: environment, fun, funny, good night,

It's been a blast

Agedly sagedly
David F Attenborough
said we were doomed with a 
very sad face.

We dragged our knuckles round
wrapped him in plastic and
launched him to space.

18 Feb 2020

Double dactyl rules!
Double dactylic rhythm
8 lines; syllable count 6664 6664
Line 1 has two slightly nonsensical rhyming words
Line 2 is a name
Line 6 consists of a single word
Lines 4 and 8 rhyme
It’s weird but it works! :-)

Poem Details | by Emilia James |
Categories: dance, drink, fun, humorous,

Night Out Pass Out

Night Out Pass Out

Half hour

Teeth clean
No green

Paint nails
Smudge fail

Broke nail
More fail

Cold air
Leg wear

Jeans tight
Won fight

Done in 
Drink gin

Room spin
Less gin

Rave shout
Turn out

Dance moves
Bad grooves

Dance bump
With Trump

Not him 
Was Jim

More drink
Cant think

I cry 
Oh why?

Booze talk 
Can't walk

Night gone
All worn

Go home
With gnome

Feel sick
Move quick

Pass out
Snore pout

Sleep tight 
Night Night

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: allegory, funny, simile,

Night Owl

Night owl

Wake up all the night,
Asleep whole day bright,
Am I a night owl ?

Ward of seriously sick,
Moving my neck at three-sixty is a trick,
Am I a night owl ?

Disease in fluffy plumage,
Prey to hooked talons' curettage,
I am a night owl !

Aboard in the black hours,
Be dark sky or glitter of stars,
I am a night owl .

Inheriting the mystery and magic of night,
Taking a noiseless flight,
Blessed are the night owls !

Written on 5/8/14
Contest - Night Owl
Sponsor- Kelly Deschler 

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: drink, fantasy, funny, good night, happiness,

A wee Irish whiskey

I found myself
a good wee bottle 
of 10 year old Irish whiskey 
under my wee Irish down pillow
that must have been placed there 
by the wee good leprechaun 
tooth fairy

I could not bring myself 
to hurt her wee feelings 
so I opened it up 
and drunk my wee Italian self 
down to sleep
counting 40 pink plaid
wee Irish sheep

Poem Details | by Shane Cooper |
Categories: funny, husband, mom, sexy,


Yummy Mummy Chubby Hubby Jumping Pumping Moaning Groaning Huffing Puffing ****** Sarcasm Wants more Loud snore

Poem Details | by john williams |
Categories: kids, funny, good night,

Mikey The Mango Muncher

Mikey is a mango muncher,
He just loves that yellow fruit,
It is orange on the outside
With fragrant aroma that's so beaut.

Once he takes that skin off
His taste buds do a loop-de-loop,
Munching all that yellow flesh,
It really is his favourite fruit.

Now the juice is running everywhere,
What a mess he's in,
It's dripping down both his cheeks 
Just near Mikey's yellow grin.

Poem Details | by BRIAN EATHERTON |
Categories: funny

Quiz Night

Nervy  quiz night fun,
I've farted so I'll finish,
Stop at nearby Gents.

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: humorous, technology,


Poor Energiser bunny was slow For his battery charge had gone low He relaxed on a barge Got a solar recharge Now he’s able to drum a solo thanks to Anil for the Inspiration and to my hubby for helping with the title and line 4 04~14~17

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: giggle, humor, night, old, silly,

Night Cat

Cats in my hometown agree
There's something you'd like to see.
If you stay out all night
And meow until light,
An old man with a club climbs a tree.

Poem Details | by David Welch |
Categories: celebration, death, fun, funeral, humorous, light, night,

Viking Funeral

Viking, Viking burning bright,
on a pyre in the night,
though the wind howls and bites,
this funeral is out-of-sight!

Through the cold and falling snow,
on the lake your fire glows,
the ships combusts, and now I know
this here is how I want to go.

*-Obviously patterned off William Blake's famous poem 'The Tyger.'

Poem Details | by The Grahamburglar |
Categories: childhood, children, funny, kid, moon, my child, parents,

Pink Sky at Night

I really want the moon, who smiles oh so bright,
to be a little different, if only for tonight.
Last night it was a circle, same as the night before,
its always been a circle, and that is such a bore.
So little star up in the sky, I wish I may and might,
make the moon a triangle, and make it pink, not white.


*Last night my 2 year old daughter saw the moon and said, "I really want the moon to be a triangle, but it keeps being a circle!"

Poem Details | by Ken Duddle |
Categories: funny, life, satire, seasons, work,

A Night Guard's Life

Autumn leaves that crinkle underfoot The misty sky at night. The gale force winds, The thunderstorms. Such is a nightguard's life. Winter snow three feet deep, Working on Xmas night. The icy paths The double thick coats. Such is a nightguard's life. Spring birds singing a mating call, Owls that hoot at night. Flowers blooming, Gardens of colour. Such is a nightguard's life. Summer evenings bright and clear, Patrols in short sleeves at night. A cheese salad meal, Unofficial cold beer! Such is a nightguard's life.