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Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: august, beach, beautiful, cool, crush, deep, destiny, devotion, fantasy, feelings, first love, fishing, freedom, funny love, future, girlfriend, hope, i love you, i miss you, journey, joy, judgement, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, miracle, ocean, people, places, romance, sea, sensual, simple, spiritual, water, women, world,


Don't rush to wash off the sea salt 
drying on your skin;
the hopes it carries from other oceans,
those remain yet to be seen.

Poem Details | by Michael Wise |
Categories: boat, humorous, ocean,

The Lark In the Dark

Sammy went out on a lark
sailing his boat in the dark
and while he got drunk
his little boat sunk
so his hangover went to the shark

Poem Details | by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: adventure, funny, humorous, light, ocean, sea,

What He Gets For Empty Nets

The old fisherman sat in his dory

Empty nets, but concocting a story

It would sure mean his life

Should he greet his young wife

At the dock without financial quarry.

Now his wife was as fit as could be

With the girth and the might of a tree

He considered her ire

Then began to perspire

And headed his boat ... out to sea.

~ 3rd Place ~  in the "Tax & Finance Limericks - Old or New" Poetry Contest, Carolyn Devonshire, Judge & Sponsor.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, change, cheer up, confidence, cool, courage, cute love, deep, destiny, emotions, environment, fantasy, fear, feelings, first love, for her, funny love, happiness, happy, how i feel, humanity, hyperbole, i am, i love you, inspiration, journey, joy, life, lost love, love, love hurts, miss you, missing, missing you, ocean, paradise, philosophy, pride, romance, romantic, senses, smile, spring, sunshine, travel, uplifting, wind,


imagine the rainbow being
the dark tunnel 
you've been stuck in for years

the lighthouse on the horizon,
the beam 
that gets brighter as it nears

get soaked in the rain,
feel the sun in your heart,
let go of all your fears.

Poem Details | by Kim Mcadam |
Categories: beach, children, humor, simile,

Ocean Waves

ocean waves rush in
like rambunctious preschoolers
at morning recess
eager to entertain you
in goofy games of pretend

Poem Details | by Kristie Raburn |
Categories: adventure, humorous, ocean,

In the Sea

If I’d been born a whale
No happier could I be
Swimming, splashing, spy hopping
Roaming the open sea

If I’d been born a lobster
No happier could I be
Crawling along the ocean floor
Living in the sea

If I’d been born a seahorse
No happier could I be
Swimming among the rocks and plants
At the bottom of the sea

But I was born a human and
No happier could I be
Because I can swim in the ocean
And see what’s in the sea

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: bird, humor, ocean, woman,

Seagulls Take Flight

Seagulls Take Flight Rose strolled alone on a warm sandy beach as salty sea foamy waves crept to reach net her toes as the wind rose She Jump from getting wet toes instead fell back on her butt with a screech Beach bumming seagulls came flying around while Rose sat embarrassed on the wet ground Plop! Whitewash flopped on her head then up to the air they fled flapping, squawking, with snapping hungry sounds 4/27/2017

Poem Details | by Larry Belt |
Categories: funny

Ocean Trash

Lawyers want money to buy a new suit
Thieves with a rolex and evil to boot
They're as crooked as can be
They all need buried at sea
That's where they'd be but I just don't pollute

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: beauty, birth, celebration, creation, culture, fish, future, god, history, humor, image, imagination, immigration, inspirational, life, magic, miracle, mystery, mythology, natural disasters, nature, night, nostalgia, ocean, old, science, sea, technology, voyage,

New Aquatic Species

Science in all fascination has discovered a species aquatic 

  Theorizing this new yet old species remained hidden as Merman  

  only to live in secret at the oceans floor the mermaid a tribe indigenous 

  once said to be myth yet all proof and technology film does not lie 

  Tsunamis has given the ocean a true glance of the man with webbed hands

  The species communes with dolphins will be under a microscope to analyze  ?

    " The World is not ready to see what I have "  Jacques Cousteau ~

         to be entered in The Science contest ~

Poem Details | by Cindi Rockwell |
Categories: fishing, funny, myth, ocean, sea,

Catch of the Day

A merman once jumped o’er my rail,
And we shared four gallons of ale!
I don’t kiss and tell
But my panties fell
And that was my best piece of tail!

July 31, 2018

Poem Details | by Gorlum Gorlum |
Categories: beach, desire, humor, lust, ocean, old, places, romance,

Dirty Limerick: Old Man,Part 2

Preparing his conference speech
Old man ended up on nude beach
By virtue or vise
He stuck his device
In each blowhole he could reach

Poem Details | by Moonbee Canady |
Categories: fish, fun, humor, humorous, nature, ocean,

About Whales In a Fish Story -Corny-

" O' Whale ... A Fish Story ... "

The Biggest, Exclamatory Interjection, Used In The Ocean
The Phrase That Holds Many A Gigantic Wave's Commotion

It's Often Spoken In:   Hurricanes, Monsoons or Tsunamis
But Its Not:   Oh My!  Look Out!  or  See!  or  Ooou-Weee!

It's  " Well! "   -  Says Every Little Fish of The Sea ...

(Just Ask: Finding Nemo - he he he)

         Written & Copyrighted ©:  9/18/2013 
          by:  MoonBee Canady

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: fantasy, fish, funny, hero, ocean, science fiction, sea,


He talks to the fish
And they hear his every wish
He swims in their pee
Way out in the sea.

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: environment, evil, fish, humor, immigration, ocean, political,

A Mermaid's Tale

Trump's newly-appointed EPA Chief
Found himself buried in EPA grief

To prove he was no party-pooper
He likened Trump to a Giant Grouper

Swimming against an almighty current
Where even the sharks were no deterrent

"Forget the  'U' and immigrant no-hoper!
I'll rename that fish, "The Slippery Groper"!

Well,  Congress agreed to just let it pass
That's God's honest truth, you bet your wrasse!

Poem Details | by George Aul |
Categories: humor, ocean,

Love Tune

I grew this big thing to impress the gals
I knew that it would get back to my pals,
saw the jealousy coming
but I just keep on humming...
finding Narwhal love in many locales.

For "Impress me with a NARWHAL poem" by SKAT A

Poem Details | by Gry Christensen |
Categories: boat, desire, funny, heart, humor, ocean, sea,

The Anchor

I once loved
an anchor
one of those
that sails
on skin
one of those
that has 
a rowing heart
and pelting blood

One of those
who blows
mussel covered
one of those
that tells
mermaids salty lies
one of those
go down with
rum and shackles
the day he finally

© Gry W Christensen

Poem Details | by Chole Young |
Categories: death, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, satire, seaocean,

Pacific Ocean

i wish i could swim the pacific ocean and back. 

and when i came back to sit in front of a burning burning fire

until it dried me to the bone.

and for my skeleton to be hung above your bed

to act as a catcher of your night terrors

and it would work

because you would know that i was magical.

because i swam the whole pacific ocean and back. 

for you.

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: beach, bullying, fish, humor, humorous, ocean, sea,

Little Surfer

once a surfer named ava

annoyed fish with each wava

a whale came around

and knocked her aground

a lesson in behava.

Poem Details | by Gail Lewis |
Categories: adventure, analogy, animal, funny, ocean,

Ollie the Octopus

Ollie the Octopus with his 9 brains
Broke his 3 hearts in a quick poker game
The blue blood that ran straight to his heart
Suddenly stopped before it could start
It didn't take long before he withered and died
And Ollie the octopus waved us goodbye

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: boat, funny, humorous, ocean, sea, sick, silly,

My Rare Disorder

I have a rare disorder that causes me to see everyone in the cast of any submarine movie as Don Rickles. Every bloody person is Don Rickles. Once saw a submarine movie wherein a woman was saved from a sinking ship and the captain on the submarine made love to her and they both were Don Rickles.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: africa, food, funny, tiger,

Chuck Your Manners In the Ocean

Pardon me, Excuse me, I'm sorry
     Don't say these words on a safari
       Lions will eat you
       A tiger will too
     Real soon you'll look like calamari

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: beach, fish, funny, humor, humorous, ocean, sea,

Shock Wave

local cab driver big deal

lacking personal appeal

drove into a lake

procured a fish cake

and bumped an electric eel.

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, bird, fun, funny, humor, ocean, sea,

Pelican Pete

A pelican called Pete, Whom tuna, would not eat; Flew down to hot sand, Some sand crabs to land, Now Pete has some very blistered feet!

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: humor, joy, ocean, silly, summer, travel, voyage,

Sea Dog

old duke a seafaring dog

drifted about on a log

till in a harbor

next to an arbor

found him a seed catalog.

Poem Details | by Carl Dunford |
Categories: dedication, friendship, funny, ocean,

If I Could.

I would climb the highest mountain,for you
 if you asked me to.
 I would swim the ocean for you,
 if only I could.
That sounds all well and good,
there is some thing I have not told you.
A mountain I can not climb,
I hate looking down,
an ocean I can not swim,
water is definitely not my thing.
I would build a house for you but
I can not promise it will stand,
when it comes to do it yourself
I have two left hands.
How about I sing for you
not a good idea,
my voice is so high
I could shatter your glass from here.
There must be some thing I can do
to show how I feel about you.
I will dedicate this poem to you,
now that is some thing I can do.