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Poem Details | by BRIAN EATHERTON |
Categories: funny

Eating An Oyster

As a fishless fish eater
Can someone tell me,
Is eating an oyster
Like gulping a big bogie?

Poem Details | by Trey Hamner |
Categories: food, fun, funny, hate, poetry, sick, truth,

The Odious Oyster

There are few foods in this world that I hate
But there is one gnarly and nasty invertebrate
Against which I most assiduously discriminate
And I absolutely can not in any way tolerate

If forced to eat it I would surely asphyxiate
If compelled to consume, I would first self-immolate
Let me be clear for I don't want to obfuscate
If told to ingest it I would violently retaliate 

The oyster is something that won't grace my plate
That bilious bivalve should be banished as bait
That odious oyster is fetid incarnate
I can honestly say it's the worst thing I've ate

Poem Details | by Andrew Battaglino |
Categories: father daughter, humorous,

Digger from Oyster Bay

Digger from Oyster Bay

There once was a digger from old Oyster Bay
Who did the right thing on a very wrong day
While taking a hike down a long winding trail
Saw his daughter and mailman delivering mail
Surprisingly on take your daughter to work day