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Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: animals, funny, nature

Peacock Blue

splendoured love-
a come hither

Poem Details | by Jeralynn Clark |
Categories: funny

Priss As a Peacock

Priss As A Peacock

Priss as a peacock
proud as I am,
I prance ore the garden
waving my fan.

Proud Senorita
crown all in tact,
waddles and wades
train trailing back.

Glorious gait 
eyes all a glow,
regal and royal
she puts on a show.

Till one small flaw
Her neck stretched up high,
She screeches an opera
Like one who has died.

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: humorous,

We All Loved Peacock Woman

How did Esma ever get so beautiful? I asked her grandmother.
The rest of their family was as attractive as possum roadkill.
Just lucky I guess she told me.
Then I heard the story.

Esma with the vibrant red hair had been an orphan.
Found by a peacock, who did his best to raise her.
He passed when she was two.
And these uglies got her.

I know I should be more sensitive
But I’m not.
I like beauty.
Anyway, she grew up to look like a beautiful peacock.

Esma had a fine life full of golds, emeralds and blues.
She was the life of every party.
And we all loved her.
Even the uglies.

Poem Details | by David Kavanagh |
Categories: bird, desire, funny love, humorous, parody, relationship,

Peacock Tails

Showing interest 
   She panders to his prowess 
      Oh my! you spread well

Poem Details | by Julie Draper |
Categories: humor,

Peacock Problems

Peacocks may look exotic
With their colourful display
But the reality is not all roses
In the cold hard light of day

Here they wander wild
They really are a blight
Loudly screaming 'HELP!'
In the middle of the night

Peering in the windows
Admiring their reflections
Leaving deposits on the deck
Ready for your inspection

Eating everything in the garden
And trampling on the rest
They say a group of peacocks is called...
an ostentation
a pride
a muster
a party
a pulchritude
a bevy
.... But I'll just call them a pest!