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Poem Details | by John Williams |
Categories: animal, children, funny,

Sailor Bill and the Pelican

Sailor Bill decided to sail
Around the world where others had failed,
With him his trusted right hand man,
Cedric, the pelican.

Cedric would give him plenty of warning
When the seas looked like storming,
He'd flap his wings and do some squawking
Similar to as if the pelican was talking.

When there was no food on the table,
This smart bird was very able
To fly from the ship and catch some fish,
Then serve them up in sailor Bill's dish.

Alas the pair were know well
At ports of call where the ocean swell,
They always seemed to be having fun,
Sailor Bill and his crew of one.

Poem Details | by Xena Latchman |
Categories: animal, giggle,

If I Were a Pelican

if i were a pelican
i'd soar in the sky.
i'd feel like a queen
and watch the day goes by.
i'll go on adventures
and make new friends.
i'd sit by the sunset and watch how it ends.
i'd catch fishes and swim in the sea.
i'd give jokes to the dolphins and they'll giggle with me.
i'd be the greatest pelican that ever lived.
and for those who envy "WELL I NUH GIVE"

the last part of the poem was written in creole my belizean language

Poem Details | by John Williams |
Categories: children, humorous,


A pelican, tellican
where the fish all are,
A pelican, catchican
fishes near and far.

With a giant scoopican
dive upon the pond,
With his huge beakican
store them for later on.

Poem Details | by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: animal, bird, fun, funny, humor, ocean, sea,

Pelican Pete

A pelican called Pete, Whom tuna, would not eat; Flew down to hot sand, Some sand crabs to land, Now Pete has some very blistered feet!

Poem Details | by John Fenn |
Categories: animals, funny

The Pelican

The Pelican, the Pelican
Can he catch fish
Yeah, hell he can
For a silly bird
Who looks absurd
It’s surprising
Just how well he can