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Poem Details | by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: funny, humor, humorous, poetry, poets, wisdom, writing,

Sonnet 31 'How High the Bar That Makes a Poet Real'

How high the bar that makes a poet Real!
(He walks in mists, and shadows of himself)
To be a poet, is to burn with steel
Set short time in the forge, the lesser self!
He brands his heart with fiery words, set down
And burns his mind with thinking, ‘til it glows,
He hopes, of sonnets, his will be the Crown,
And hopes that all the brilliance of light, shows!
But, oftener, he writes a humble piece,
A few words cramped into a simple form,
But somehow, in his feelings, a release!
Yes, humble-bumble often is the norm.
And that high bar, he reaches seldom, and
Leaves barefoot footprints in the fruity sand.


Poem Details | by Mark Peterson |
Categories: humor, humorous, poets,


Will poems to my dull senses rise,
     In plainer garb, or apt disguise?
Can turn of phrase else serve an end,
     To vanquish foes or win a friend?

What ardor gains a rhyme’s release,
     To grant me treasured moment’s peace?
Or is it merely hubris’ child,
    That lets me dream I’m Oscar Wilde!

2nd Place, Best Poetic Form, Poet Destroyer A

Poem Details | by Emma Mantle |
Categories: funny, on writing and words

Poets Despair

I despair at writing poetry
I'm not sure I have the skill
Just can't seem to find the words
Or bend them to my will

It's hard to sum up what I mean
And make it sound succinct
So as a poet should I stop
And quietly go extinct?

Should I lay my pen to rest
And let it gather dust?
But something seems to urge me on
To write is now a must!

So putting pen to paper
I'll scribble just for fun
And maybe one day very soon
A poet I'll become!

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: humor, poetry, poets,

Fun Observations On Poetry

Like hard, dry toast, with no aroma,
Poetry minus heart and soul, puts me in 
an endless coma!

My brain short circuits, the longer the poem!
I get a poetic seizure and my mind
is lost and endlessly roams.

Then come the poets, who are would-be 
As fascinating, and exciting as wooden bean 

Finally, those poets, who think the divine 
Thesaurus, makes a poem a dream?
I sit here, in agonizing tears and do a 
howling scream!


Poem Details | by Lycia Harding |
Categories: food, fun, humorous, poets, tribute, words, writing,

Andrea's Poem Buffet - Tribute Limerick

A Lyrical Chef we'll call 'Dre',
whips up Writes for her Poem buffet.
She bakes Words into Rhyme
and roasts Prose in the time
it takes most just to cook a Cliché!

This limerick was written for 
my Soup buddy Andrea Dietrich. 
Thank you for your positive 
input and excellent support - 
you are appreciated!. xoxo

Poem Details | by Bartholomew Williams |
Categories: fun, humor, journey, light, poetry, poets,

Elusive Poet

No rhyme
	This time.

	Still naught.

Read books
	Got looks.

Brain nap
	A sap?

More rest
	Flunked test.

	Not fine.

Didn’t learn
	Still yearn.

Free verse
	Got worse.


Tried hard
	No bard!


Poem Details | by Kim Van Breda |
Categories: humor, poets, tribute,

Poetry Heaven

oh what a wonderful group we make as we pen our poems and take a break our traits range from weird to strange in all probability certifiably deranged leaving legacies of genius in our wake

Poem Details | by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, friend, funny, giggle, humorous, poets, woman,

Waiting For Any Woman

Be patient
be very very patient
after that
add more patience
then wait
and wait
and wait and wait and wait
become a waiter
at least you will be paid to wait

When she finally finally arrives
give her the biggest smile you possibly possess
tell her, "Hello love, you are early and
looking very majestically beautiful my sweet!
what have you done to your hair love?"
since you have waited a century or two or three
it's a safe gamble she has, and you my friend
will be a big winner.

Therefore when you wait and wait and wait
be a winner
even skeletons

Poem Details | by Ed Morris |
Categories: funny, humorous, poetry, poets,

A Day In the Life of An Aspiring Villanelle Poet

This form repeats too much, I say.
It’s hard to write a villanelle—
I’ll try again some other day.

My rhyme begins without delay;
It’s going fine, then—what the hell?
This form repeats too much, I say.

Doggone it! This is not okay!
I’m under some nefarious spell.
I’ll try again some other day.

But no, I cannot stay away.
I breathe, then smell that same old smell:
This form repeats too much, I say.

I took the bait; I’ve fallen prey;
The crude result I cannot tell—
I’ll try again some other day.

And thus I end this odd ballet.
(I’ve really never danced too well.)
This form repeats too much, I say;
I’ll try again some other day.

Poem Details | by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: dedication, humorous, philosophy, poets,

David Meade

David Meade

It’s been over a month
And not a verse, or line 
No limerick or witty fair
No Haiku or Hitachi or Kyoto flair
Left with no choice
No new material to feed
We must come up with those albums
Of compilations indeed

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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: confusion, humorous, poets,

Inside My Head I'M Young - For 'Old' Poets Only Contest

My muse is in a whirl For she just doesn’t have a clue Am I eligible to enter this contest … I really don’t know what to do! My age is of no concern to anyone but me I may be twenty-one or I may be eighty three Our friend retired at 35, I don’t class that as old Fortunately for him his investments all struck gold I’ve been posting on soup for well over a year Therefore I can’t enter a ‘new’ poets contest Does this make me an old poet? Can I enter this ‘Old Poets’ contest - that is my dilemma! Contest:- Inside my head For ‘Old’ Poets only Sponsor:- John Lawless 09~11~15

Poem Details | by Seren Roberts |
Categories: funny, poets,

Jack and Jan My Funny Poets

two poets  names spring immediately to mind
when I feel a little low their poems I find

Jack with his limericks make me giggle for sure
to the point where I nearly have a puddle on the floor

if I said this to Jan I know her reaction would be
to smile all day and write a poem about me.

so thank you Jack and Jan your doing so well
writing for others to enjoy, your funny tales to tell

keep writing  both of you don't stop 
or my days of laughter would immediately flop.

thank you Jack Ellison and Jan Allison

penned 3 December 2015

Poem Details | by Greg Gaul |
Categories: class, fun, humor, muse, poets, uplifting, word play,

Oh Ogden, Our Ogden

Will one write an Ogden Nash?
A touch o' wink, bit a blink
And then, add a glint o' guile...
Doing all, with wryest smile.

Or could it come out "Mish-Nashed"?
Since Nash, he himself, had mashed
His isms into witticisms
Leaving most in a mad dash -

Tribute, 8 Line, Light Verse, 48 Words, To Ogden Nash
Noted American Poet 1902 - 1971

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humor, poets, , cute,

Rent a Poetry Man

Here ye! Here ye! Here ye! Starting a new business I am “Rent A Poetry Man” I call it I'll come to your house in a van For a nominal fee of just a dollar I will fashion a poem for you To suit any happy occasion So you'll remember the do I will offer a cute little ditty Even give it a tune if I must But I expect as part of the deal You will offer me cake I trust So look me up, let's make a deal I'm in the book under “P” It stands for happy “Poetry Man” It describes this bloke to a “T” © Jack Ellison 2014

Poem Details | by B. Joseph Fitzsimons |
Categories: art, humor, humorous, parody, poems, poetry, poets,


Am I vomiting?
Or do I throw down instead of up.
Singing with a sudden frown,
In barf upon a promised gown.

I wore it to prom as a virgin.
I wore it on my wrist.
A flower wrapped around the list,
Of ankles cankled ‘neath a face unkissed.

I’m a pimple.
Pop me till I puke.
Until the thrill of the up I chuck,
Quacks like a drunken duck.

Or high like the school?
Drooling with the fellow mule.
Assing through town unable to procreate.
The father’s horse and mom’s whatever. 

Hybrids are for textbooks.
Useless as the diploma.
I forgot the words to the theorem,
I forgot the words above them.

Am I vomiting?
Am I poeting?
I threw down instead of up.

Poem Details | by Rhoda Tripp |
Categories: art, fun, humor, humorous, poetry, poets, silly,

Mind the Paint

My mind a project of hesitation; draw an oval maze of meditation. Enter penciled lines, make them squiggly, then paint it yellow for Mr. Wigley. Squeeze a few lemons for it’s sometimes sour, then let it dry for half an hour. Stick here and there some golden stars, before you inscribe my memoirs. Use a hole punch or glue on swiss cheese; for between my ears, sometimes a breeze. Last, but not least, cover with cotton; for the time it's fuzzy and things forgotten. Then tear it all up, this art you’ve designed, because suddenly Hon, I’ve changed my mind.
Written: 2/25/18 Contest: Mind the Wet Paint Host: Viv Wigley

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: humorous, irony, poems, poetess, poetry, poets, voice,

A Melody On Parchment

Feelings on paper
A melody on parchment
easy poetry

your heartfelt humor
delighting unknown strangers
while you ignore him

pouring out your soul
into a painting or poem
husband catches up

Poem Details | by Ed Morris |
Categories: funny, funny love, humor, humorous, poets,

Poet On a Date

A hopelessly poetic guy met
A scientist studying climate.
   Nearly all that she said
   Went right over his head,
But at least he was able to rhyme it.


Date Written: January 3, 2019
Contest: Limericks, sponsored by Joseph May

Poem Details | by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: humor, humorous, poetry, poets, write,


I am not terribly bright
I simply like a good write
so that's how it goes
no skin off my nose
I hope I don't cause a fright
Paper and pen in my hand
Poems begin as I planned
They go their own way
I pound them like clay
With each one I make my stand
Rhymes that always have meter
They act a whole lot sweeter
They love being voiced
Each of them I hoist
Inside til I complete her

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: fun, humor, poets,

Two Poets Arguing

"Must you always rhyme?",said he.
"Must you be a show-off?",said she.

"Each comment a grand show of your jocularity,"she huffed.
"Ah, you are just so jealous,"he puffed

"Not really,"said she' with serenity.
"I just know you are capable of sonnetry."

"But instead,lazily you pen footies," 
Hardly sourced from the great Muses!

            July 22, 2020
              8:15 am PST

Poem Details | by Joe Dimino |
Categories: humorous, perspective, poetess, poetry, poets, wisdom, writing,

His Own Writer

Don't corner the writer – put
him in a cage and poke; you
like Shakespeare...then read
Shakespeare! And let the writer
be his own rhyming or ill rhymed-bloke. 
To me, mistakes, imperfections – 
spontaneous glitches, as I prefer to
call them – send me into joyful stitches; 
a fresh exhibition of relatable nature – 
the transformation of perfection into 
Human Interest.  So, let the writer
be his or her own protagonist, or Free-willed
blessed Nemesis. Write and read whatever
tickles you pickles you...and let Mike be Mike, 
and Jane
be a literal-pain 
to her personable like.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: funny, missing you, poets, word play,

A Certain Cunning Ham Named Tom

There's a certain cunning ham named Tom
Who once crafted limericks with aplomb
  Lately, no funny new lims
  Has Tom's funny bone dimmed -- NO 
His computer's been infected with ROM!

Poem Details | by Bill Baker |
Categories: funny, humor, nature, poetry, poets, together,

Three Poets

Did you hear the one about the three poets that went walking in the woods?
They bumped into each other at the fork in the woods.
None of them knew which way to go.
(They should have all taken that path less taken I think)
So, they sat down together and wrote a long collaborative poem.

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: funny, muse, poets, silly, tribute, writing,


Once a muse named Christina
who had the wisdom of Athena
	made a suggestion
	sage without question
and I followed into that arena

she recommended that I write
‘bout fairy tale characters with bite
	now there are many
	to choose aplenty
I’ll be writing late into the night

Although Christina does not know it
she's turned me to a kind of poet
	who can be silly
	write willy nilly
and be careful that I don't blow it!

Poem Details | by Paul Geiger |
Categories: celebrity, creation, humor, humorous, poets,


Behemoth, biggest
born of earth upheaved—vastness. 
—Milton (I stole it)