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Poem Details | by Volodymyr Knyr |
Categories: animal, humorous, men, people, poverty, relationship, sexy,

The Poor

He's poorer, who rapes 
poor apes.

Volodymyr Knyr

Poem Details | by Ryan Graham |
Categories: humor, money, poverty,


Here lies my wallet.
On my desk he sleeps.
His malnourished stomach’s
been empty for weeks.

No family survived him.
There is only me, 
With no way to pay off
his burial fee.

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: addiction, allusion, angel, anger, art, celebration, confusion, crazy, depression, desire, earth, emotions, fantasy, fear, feelings, freedom, god, grief, health, humanity, humorous, image, imagination, life, loneliness, love, magic, music, nonsense, peace, planet, political, poverty, power, pride, psychological, sound, space, spiritual, stars, stress, suicide, sympathy, teen, usa, wisdom, world,

An Aquarian Exposition

Take the pill
on the hill
and don't be shrill
when you see the rainbow
when you are low.
Just go with the flow
and eat the purple snow.
Chase the rabbits 
through the green field
but use my shield 
to end all of your habits.

Poem Details | by John E Stokes |
Categories: how i feel, humorous, poverty, word play,

The Best Things In Life Are Free

The best things in life are free!
Someone is just got to be kidding me,
Because the best thing in winter is heat;
But, just try to get it free, I entreat.

The best things in life are free!
Someone is just got to be kidding me.
When you are hungry, you must buy food.
If you don't have the money, you don't eat
and that's clearly understood.

The best things in life are free!
Someone is just got to be kidding me.
What is nicer than owning a lovely home;
But, try to do it without money and you will
stand totally alone.

Whenever the best things in life become truly free;
And no one is just kidding me,
As far as I can see,
There will be no such word as "POVERTY!"

Poem Details | by Christina Jewell |
Categories: humor, judgement, poverty,

A Hobo's Day

Shall I compare thee to a hobo's day?
Thou art more lonely and more desperate.
Rough winds do shake your cardboard box in May,
Your condo's lease had all too short a date.

Sometime too hot the eyes of people shine,
And often are their coins so worthless still;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
To give up such a precious dollar bill. 

But thy eternal poverty shall fade
You’ll lose possession of your alley home;
No death shall brag thou wand'rest in his shade,
Nor will you ever once be forced to roam, 

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
A homeless shelter shall give life to thee.

Poem Details | by Rhona Mcferran |
Categories: childhood, house, humor, humorous, poverty,

Old Houses

We lived in many houses
throughout my childhood
'though some were worse than others
none of them were good

Some had moldy odors
that (at best) were most unpleasing
others had thick coats of dust
that left me coughing, wheezing 

One's floor had fallen out
another's ceiling had caved in
you can just imagine
the predicament we were in

We stewed through summer's swelter
shivered, shook through winter's chill
and every time it rained, we
emptied pots and pans that filled

You may wonder how we lived
in such a state, deprived
but it was 'normal' (all I knew)
and somehow I survived!

Poem Details | by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: animal, food, humor, nonsense, nursery rhyme, pets, poverty,

Little Dieter

Little Dieter, pork pie eater,
Had a sow and couldn't feed her,
Ground her up with sweet potatoes
Eats the pies all night and dayo.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: adventure, emotions, funny, happiness, imagination, poverty, pride, symbolism,

Rectangular In Shape

Rectangular in shape as a deep shoebox,
where leather boots lied on long shelves.
I fell in love with their tempting softness;
I am wearing them and friends love them,
ladies adore them and shamelessly wink! 
I consider myself as lucky as a rich man;
my boots will wear out, nobody will smile:
when they'll see a sad, worthless beggar!

Poem Details | by Wendy Watson |
Categories: hope, humor, poverty, romance,

Hoodwinked In the Forest

Robin Hood of proud Nottingham fame,
Treated affluent folk as fair game.
He’d grab hold of their cash
And then off he would dash,
But to give to the poor was his aim.

Bowman Robin, with cupid-like art
Sent a quiver through Marian’s heart.
Through the woods they would ride,
Merry men at their side;
How she wished, just for once they’d depart!


Limerick 3 Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Joseph May

Poem Details | by Justin Abdool |
Categories: daughter, father, funny, humorous, poverty,

The Ghetto Father

There once was a father named Geppetto
Whose daughter's shoes were ghetto

He made them so long
That she could pogo along

Cause he was too cheap to buy stilettos!

Poem Details | by Justin Abdool |
Categories: addiction, courage, desire, drink, funny, longing, poverty,

The Man Without Cable

There once lived a poor man named Abel
Who could not afford any cable

So he found out a way
To watch tv all day

For the price of a drink, at a bar’s table!

Poem Details | by Trevor Mcleod |
Categories: analogy, assonance, money, poverty,

Funny Money

The poor don't need a home
The poor don't need to roam
The poor don't need your clothes
The poor don't need a rolls
The poor don't need your food
The poor don't need your mood
The poor just need your money
And that's as poor as funny

Poem Details | by Joe Dimino |
Categories: happy, humorous, inspirational, philosophy, poverty, romantic love, uplifting,


Wherever I find a hole
I attempt to fill it with poetry: 

the pocket, the heart, poetry
my go-to
mending part~ 

no seamstress should do
without a lyric or two 

Every planter
sowing a field should pass time composing 
while preparing his yield – poetry, always
somewhat satisfying in the place

till a lick of the lips

a burp, a blush
your delightfully 
saucy face!

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: humor, poetry, poverty,

Practical Jack

Writing limericks was Jack's strongest suit
He won all the contests, worth zero loot
   He struck out with the gals
   Couldn't even make pals
So Jack got practical ~ took up the flute

Poem Details | by Keith Dovoric |
Categories: abuse, age, drink, humorous, metaphor, poverty, suicide,

Don'T Stop Beating Yourself Up

All of the failures are mine
All the successes are theirs
I cannot stop ordering wine
I keep rearranging the chairs

Don’t stop
Don’t stop
Don’t stop beating yourself up

Should you go to Malaysia,
You best prepare to be caned
If you listen to Erasure
May need to have your earwax drained

If you prop up yourself as a hero,
Better get yourself a high steel box
‘Cause here in the Land
of Absolute Zero,
They only listen to the aftershocks

Don’t stop
Don’t stop
Don’t stop beating yourself up

‘Cause that wouldn’t be right

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: humorous, poetess, poverty,

The Yen of My Pen

The Yen of My Pen

      My impassioned pen has a strange addiction!
      It will only move with its mania-madness
      for music.

      Alas, poor pen~it's so unfair to blame you!
      An honest confession?
      I am the same as you!

      We waltz, we samba and yes, we boogie
      quite a lot, too!
      For my pen and I, you see, write poetry
      in glitzy, fun, dancing shoes!


                 October 19, 2019

Poem Details | by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allusion, analogy, creation, extended metaphor, humorous, literature, poverty,

Alphabet Creature

graphic animal
26 letters of

By walking,
leaves tracks
of words
and verses ...

And as in the phrases,
creates scattered wings
that disappears
  in the wind...

The Alphabet beast,
pass and leave
traces but
not only in the texts ...!