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Poem Details | by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
Categories: confusion, funny,

Things I Don'T Understand

There are things I don't understand
And would really like to know
Such as why they call it rush hour
And you move so freakin' slow

How come you get a learner's permit 
To get a license to drive a car
But they don't give one for a marriage license
Now I think that's going too far

Why do they put deer crossing signs up 
Do you believe there is really any need
In all my years of driving
I've never met a single deer who can read

I was reading a map in the park
And it definitely astonished me so
It had a red X that said you are here
And I was wondering how they know.

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: farewell, humor, symbolism,

Subtraction Man

He used to be three dimensional
and then he became two
I know it seems far fetched 
But I’m telling you it’s true

In two dimensions
he could still depict three
If people didn’t look to closely
They’d believe what they’d see

His paper thin personality 
once colourful and cool
Gradually became faded
no longer able to fool

Winds of change kept blowing
Two dimensions turned into one
Without any depth there
one was destined to be none

Not a soul remembers him
He simply faded away
A whisper from yesterday
Who had nothing real to say

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman |
Categories: chocolate, death, food, funny,

Death By Chocolate

Sandy was a chocoholic,
The worst I've ever seen!
If she didn't eat some daily,
She'd become crazy mean!

It didn't matter what kind it was,
Ice cream, cake, pie or candy,
As long as it was chocolate,
Sandy was  fine and dandy!

Then one day the unthinkable happened,
To the chocolate loving miss,
While eating her favorite candy,
She choked on a chocolate kiss!

"Death by chocolate," the coroner concluded,
As to the cause of Sandy's death.
At least she died doing what she loved,
Eating chocolate til her last breath.

11/21/11  for Natalie the Rogue Rhymer's 
"Die a fun Death" contest

Poem Details | by Trevor Mcleod |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, character, destiny, children, funny, nonsense,

Me Myself and I

Me myself and I
were talking to myselve's
when we asked us a question
and they were not themselves.

They themselves and them
now questioning themselves
said we were not like them
and had to be yourselves.

You yourselve's and you
now separate from myselve's
meant you could not be me
and we could be ourselves.

Poem Details | by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: fantasy, fun, funny, holiday, humorous, love,

I Want Peace

I want a piece of chocolate cake
Oh and a delicious piece of cherry pie
I want a piece of that place called Fort Knox
With all those pieces I could afford a lot

I want a piece of that lady over there
In her haute couture she saunters with such flair
I want a piece of the clouds in the sky
I just want it, don't ask me why!

I want some tiny peace of mind
To have some pieces left to be kind
Then I can give you a piece of  Art
A piece I promise comes straight from the heart

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: beauty, fun, giggle, inspiration, love, stars,


I want to eat Pizza
While wishing on a star
To taste the taste of happy
By being where you are

We’ll choose to be silly 
Not afraid of mistakes
Skinny dip at midnight
and skip pebbles on lakes

Why not dance together 
While howling at the moon
Or become little children
and watch a cartoon

A world infused with laughter 
can change how we think
From this fountain of youth
We’ll both gladly drink

For nothing could be better
Than sharing it with you
Because getting into mischief 
Is a blast if there are two!

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno |
Categories: funny

If I Were a Who

If I were a Who,
  From down in Who-ville.
I’d be called Ra-who-l,
  Cooking on my Who-grill.

I’d IM my friends,
  On my Ya-Who.
I’d always be happy,
  For Who-ville’s not blue.

I’d be full of enjoyment,
  I’d be yelling who-ray.
I’d have a rende-who,
  With my friends today.

For all the Who-girls,
  And all the Who-boys.
Would gather around,
  With all their who-toys.

I’d still write my poems,
  On Poetry S-who-p.
For all of my friends,
  There’d be a tribute.

And you could find me,
  All over Who-tube.
I’d be a Who-poet,
  If I were a Who. 

Inspired by Dr. Seuss

Poem Details | by Emma Mantle |
Categories: funny, on writing and words

Poets Despair

I despair at writing poetry
I'm not sure I have the skill
Just can't seem to find the words
Or bend them to my will

It's hard to sum up what I mean
And make it sound succinct
So as a poet should I stop
And quietly go extinct?

Should I lay my pen to rest
And let it gather dust?
But something seems to urge me on
To write is now a must!

So putting pen to paper
I'll scribble just for fun
And maybe one day very soon
A poet I'll become!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: funny, mirror,

A Zulu Warrior

Do you sometimes see a Zulu Warrior Staring back from the mirror in the morning! A nasty fierce looking bad tempered dude Obscenities flying out without warning Crabbing bout having to make a living But enjoying all the many accoutrements If it wasn't that, it'd be something else People just love to complain and vent A shower and shave, you're almost human Not one person will ever suspect That a member of the Zulu Warriors tribe Was a coworker of great respect Do you sometimes see a Zulu Warrior Staring back from the mirror in the morning! © Jack Ellison 2012

Poem Details | by Mark Peterson |
Categories: dark, horror, humorous,

Farewell To the Vampire

Parted curtains
puff of smoke.
Parlor trick
or cruel joke?

First a bat,
then human form—
eyes aglow,
fangs enorm.

And in the mirror,
no image there;
it stilled my heart
and stifled prayer.

But Drac was old
and suffered so;
his timing off,
reactions slow.

As he lunged
I stepped aside;
mallet ready,
his chest I eyed.

He lay there stunned,
at last my break;
I then asked how
he’d like his stake.

2nd Place, Poems from the Vampire, Just That Archaic Poet

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno |
Categories: funny

Poor Eyesight

Have you ever woke up in a rush,
  And realized you couldn’t see.
You look in your usual spots,
  And think where could they be?

I always put them right here,
  But where did I place them last night.
All I know is that it’s hard to find,
  A pair of glasses with poor eyesight.

I have searched my entire room,
  And my glasses are gone.
Now my cluttered room is a mess,
  I must have slept with them on.

You throw stuff around and ransack
  Possible locations in your head. 
Then like nothing ever happened,
  There they are right under the bed.

Poem Details | by Donna Jones |
Categories: beach, humorous,

Picnics and Sand

Now I know that beach side picnics and sand
No matter how careful the planning go hand in hand
But it seems whether you sit or whether you stand
Nothing quite goes as you had planned

It doesn't really care where it goes
And I don't just mean between your toes
In your eyes and up your nose
And it doesn't smell like a bleeping rose!

In my shoes and down my shorts
I believe with demons this stuff consorts
To going naked I might resort
And I know I've swallowed at least a quart

When this picnic is over and back home I go
To the warm water of the showers flow
I'll wonder if your troubles are the same as mine
Do you have sand stuck where the sun doesn't shine?

©Donna Jones

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

An Ode To Pink Poop

Imagine if our poop was a pretty pink Or smelled like a dozen red roses Beautiful music was heard when we tooted There'd be no need for holding noses We'd relish the thought of soiling our whites To show off a new shade of pink And proud to fart Ludwig's Fifth Symphony While sitting on the throne by the sink It can possibly be construed as a bit unusual To be writing a poem about poop But pink poop deserves special recognition So let's all just let out a big whoop! Imagine if our poop was a pretty pink And smelled to high heaven of roses We'd be so proud of our load of pink magic There'd be no need for holding noses © Jack Ellison 2013

Poem Details | by Darlene Gifford |
Categories: fish, humor,

Fish Flirting

A yellow-tailed angelfish

flashed his tail at me.

His shimmering skin was all aglow,

as he wiggled his fins and waved hello.

Poem Details | by ... Gigno |
Categories: emotions, happiness, humor, joy, longing, senses,


What makes you laugh until you cry
Laughter that makes you feel alive
The way it touches you cannot deny
A joy you crave to feel to survive

The softness of my lips is brave
in every way. They can't deny
the smile I imprint on their minds today
A sweet addiction you can't take away

A collaboration with Poet Destroyer A:

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: funny,

A New Love

Could it be only yesterday we met?
This night together seemed so very right.
So nice to wake up to a happy face,
To find you with me still at morning light.

I dare not think my lonely days are done,
It is too soon to be so optimistic.
I must be patient, wait to see what comes,
Dampen my ardor, be more realistic.

Is this but the first of our shared breakfasts?
I fear I’ll frighten you with silly talk.
You must admit that we are good together.
I grab your leash and take you for a walk.

Poem Details | by Darlene Gifford |
Categories: baby, humor,

My Little Chocolate Mess

Bathwater and bubbles are waiting,
but my child is nowhere near.
Yet, I can see from cookie crumbs,
he's crawled from here to there.

Oh, yes! he's been in the kitchen.
I see his crooked crumb trail,
which leads to our white kitten,
with a chocolate, sticky tail!

In every room I search
for my little chocolate mess.
Then, I find him in the my bedroom,
with his hands on my new dress!

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny,

Career Move

No wonder I'm snaggin'
Jumping your bar
I've hitched my broke waggin'
To the wrong star...

***In 2008, I decided to look for a place on the internet to share my poetry and PS was the first site I came across. I had just written this and had no IDEA I had just joined! It is about an experience I had that same day at work after a 'misunderstanding' with my boss. Karen O'Leary was the first to comment and welcome me and for that I will always be grateful...

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman |
Categories: humor, writing,

Writer's Block

I've got no zippity in my doo-dah,
No tiger in my tank.
There's no steam in my engine,
And white pages remain blank.

My life is full of clutter,
My thoughts are all askew.
Poetic words escape me,
What am I to do?

Perhaps some peace and quiet,
Will calm my frazzled brain,
And allow sweet words of poetry
To flow like a spring rain.

So I'll turn off the computer,
And silence the TV.
I'll turn down my cell phone's ringer,
Until my words once again flow free.

I hope that this will do the trick,
I really want to write.
My creative juices may be stuck,
But I'm putting up a fight!


Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: humorous,

Paper Comic

Some don't think  I'm funny
But that's not true at all
Others think I'm serious
Although I'm having a ball

I have a sense of humor
Even though it is my own
I sometimes laugh quite loudly
Mostly when I am alone

When I see other's antics
It's not my wish to be rude
So I listen to each word
And to their actions I am glued

I keep my thoughts to myself
Most of the laughter is inside
For my inner comedian 
Is the one enjoying the ride

All my gathered material
The observations I have made
Conversations and actions
In my mind are all replayed

By reading my words with intent
You'll witness the humour within
My methods are somewhat subtle
For my content is paper thin

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: funny,

To a Camel

To a two humped camel
She must seem really odd
For her humps are both displaced
on the front of her strange bod

They must throw her off balance
as she walks on just two feet
They're sure to get in the way
Whenever she try's to eat

It also seems distracting
As she goes about her day
They're bouncing bouncing bouncing
In a most peculiar way

Why are those fellows drooling
As they watch her walking by
I'm sure the two humped camel
He must be wondering why

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: humorous,

How Wounded Thunder Earned His Name

You stand on "Wounded Thunder's” hallowed ground.

                He boomed such boastful tales  that fearless chief!

                There was no brave as clever to be found

                until he met the source of all his grief.

                There came a one who all his tricks would tell,

                and this is where he made his greatest blunder.

                The minx so bold who knew him all too well

                he married, . . . . and her name was "Stealing Thunder."

Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny,

Poet's Fortune Cookie

Don't rip your heart open too deep
(All they'll see are the valves and the veins)
Don't puke out your guts in one heap
(All they'll smell is the rotten Chow Mein)

Footnote: I decided to enter this as my worst poem because it really stinks and makes me want to throw up...

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: food, funny,

Soup Addict

I just can't believe it
I'm addicted to soup
I can't put the spoon down
I continue to scoop

So many flavours
I can't get enough
It's like there's heroin
They put in this stuff

Sure I can quit
Any time I want
But wait a minute
Look at that font

A few more minutes
Perhaps an hour or two
Good thing I kept reading
I got introduced to you

Poem Details | by Pat Adams |
Categories: humorous, identity, jobs,

What They Do

Carpet layers have to be on the floor
Deep sea divers love to go down
Computer gamers can't seem to stop
Taxi drivers are all over town

A dentist will do it till it hurts
A sailor sure likes a big swell 
A hunter will do it with a bang
While a gymnast will dismount well

Lawyers reach into their briefs
A trash man holds on to his nose
Painters always use longer strokes
A ballerina stands on her toes

Salesmen have learned to use their mouth
While students try to use their head
The police will go on a big bust
And a maid always cleans the bed