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Poem Details | by Victor Nwakanma |
Categories: brother, freedom, giving, happy, humorous,

One Race

The firmament above, beneath we exist,
This diversity in divine artistry
Same eyes divers sizes
Different skin same sin
Different color same honor
Same human same humor
Why try to sort out maize from corn? They are all same
Cus just one shot, your race wont spare you

Poem Details | by Harry Horsman |
Categories: funny, me, race, sports,


If my horse on the race course
a winner for me
then the course for my race horse
makes me debt free.

So the beat of the mare's feet
makes me debt free
gold such a treat for this feat
a winner for me.

© Harry J Horsman  2012

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: adventure, best friend, cat, crazy, cute love, friendship, funny,

Staircase Race

March 21, 2015

you shan't win
not this day my furry friend
watch me run

head start - yeah!
close to end he leaps down ledge
watch him fly

staircase race 
wins and rubs it in my face
prissy proud prance

Poem Details | by Wayne Wysocki |
Categories: humor, humorous, race,

Bunny Flop

a limerick by Wayne Wysocki

The tortoise and hare had a race
But the rabbit came in second place
      So the notion that speed
      Makes the win guaranteed
Just isn't always the case.

Poem Details | by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: children, funny, holiday, uplifting,

Easter Bunny Race

Easter bunny race
Fell as he could not keep pace
Muddy bunny face

Poem Details | by Reginald Telemacque |
Categories: hilarious, horse, metaphor, race, sexy, sports, word play,

Horse Racing

She opened her legs then hopped up on it

She gripped it tight then sat down on it

He started to move so she began to ride it

She loved the feeling cuz she enjoyed it

She pulled out the whip to show that she was master

And when she swung it he began to go faster

She started to scream at the top of her voice

For the way he made her feel her voice got so hoarse

After a thirty minute run he started to tire

For this horse was no longer young he was ready to retire

Poem Details | by Michelle Naves |
Categories: 5th grade, character, funny, games, race, silly,

Mario Kart

I was playing my Nintendo
controller in my hand
I guess I dozed off
to Mario Kart land

It was Donkey Kong Stadium
I was in the lead
no one could catch me
as I reached maximum speed

Approaching the finish line
I heard a thundering squreech
slamming into the back of me
was my opponent peach

Everything went dark
and when I opened my eyes
I had fallen off my bed
only a dream to my surprise.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: cat, children, fun, funny, imagery, muse, race, space,

Can'T Catch Me

Can't Catch Me

field Mouse
did rouse

house cat
fell flat

took chase
fast race

small space
broke vase

smirk tease
took cheese


 Sponsored by: JAN ALLISON

Poem Details | by Roy Pett |
Categories: funny, hello, horse, ireland, race,

Grey Diamond

There was a young jockey from Ireland 
Booked to ride the race horse, grey diamond
he wanted to be seen
painted grey diamond green
and kissed the Blarney Stone for Ireland.


Poem Details | by Rochelle Harris |
Categories: car, funny, humorous, race,

At the Track

At the Track
At the starting line
Engines revving vroom, vroom, vroom
Burning rubber - GO
Flags are waving zoom, zoom, zoom
Better stop now for new tires

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: analogy, gender, humor, nature, political, race, seasons,

Second Bites

Only female mosquitas bite,
she said.
So what do your male mosquitoes eat?
he asked.
Whatever we inbite them,
s/he said.

So who's in control?
he asked.
We are,
she said.
Why not the mosquito?
he somewhat sexistly asked.

We are
includes both mosquito and mosquita
s/he regeneratively explained
her unfolding engenderfication
of bilateral time,
in racingly integrative space.

Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: humorous, race,

Limerick: Once a Time-Keeper At Race Marathon

Limerick : Once a Time-Keeper at race Marathon

Once (a) Time-Keeper at race Marathon
Decided to keep time on the run
He kept looking at watch
Runners forgot to watch
Ended up in Tower of London.

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

Poem Details | by Harold Hunt Sr |
Categories: funny,

The Horse Race

The Horse Race. 
The announcer says the horse is at the gate.
There is wee willy on your just silly;
Patty shes riding cupcake bite.
Dick hes on hiccup.
The gate open and they are off. It's dick on hiccup, cup cake and wee willy on just 
As the get to turn one it's willy on just silly,Dick has hiccup at second and patty 
riding third with cupcake.
In turn two it's just silly,hiccup and cupcake. Turn four its cupcake,hick just silly 
And now at the wire you got hiccup just silly and cupcake.
People we have to stop the race. Wee Willy on just silly ate patty cupcake which 
gave him the hiccups

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: funny, giggle, humor, humorous, race, sports, water,

Wahine Grannie

Flat on her stomach Grannie rode
her adrenalin overflowed 
	she went in style 
	with a big smile
into the paddle battle she flowed

The heart of an ancient wahine
she called her personal genie
	a goofy foot true
	she already knew
she’d forgotten her bikini

Grannie won the right of way
a righteous spot they all say
	her stick’s outline
	her own design
shaper champion this day

Poem Details | by Mark Toney |
Categories: car, funny, nature, race,

Nature's Call

Rookie Italian racer Stu Gotti
Wicked fast in his bright red Ferrari
With one mile to go
Gotti got real slow-
Mad dash to the nearest Porta Potti 

September 12, 2020
EoW Theme Series (this week) Sport Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Brian Strand

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: humor, love, nature, race,

Earth Tune

I love our richtimes
moments stolen from starched yesterdays,
we live warm steam scentimes
through future's dualdark crime.

I miss our deep earthtones
our space for free reign
before we missed race rhymes
shouting thin through bland bones.

I know our lovetones
our place for free form
we fly empathic spacetime
where Earth's reasons have rich rhymes.

I love your vast humor,
co-passion with fools,
your red flows rich manna
free grow golden life rules.

We live our fast humor
compassion's love fool.
We love co-paced echoes,
co-rise life's kind cruel.

Poem Details | by Abdul Malik |
Categories: humorous,

*** Race

With a thoroughbred Jackass,
Two score and Ten pounds overweight,
I am going to a horse race
Hoping to win at an easy pace;
Godwilling the race will be close and tight,
May God bless me and bedevil my ***!

Poem Details | by Ram R. V. |
Categories: culture, funny, satire,

Rat Race

It’s called a rat race,
Though humans participate!
Very strange, isn’t it?

—	Ram, R. V.

Poem Details | by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: humor, race, racism,

When a Black Man Is Right

Becomes browner
White man, whiter
Colored, a rainbow

Poem Details | by Alayande Stephen |
Categories: allegory, animal, dance, desire, hilarious, race, visionary,

The Red Headed Lizard 2


Its eyes very sharp on insects
Tongue, can only be magnetic
It swallows ants with ease
Yet, nodding to its precision

Looking straight into my eyes
Breathing in and out,
Yet, not gasping
It looked at my direction 
Enjoying the game
Its nodding means one ant down

Suddenly turns its tail at me
Thought, it was goodbye bidding
Yet, starring at me backwardly
More ants gathered 
Mopping some sugary liquid
Suddenly, it reappeared
Nodding, faster with a smile
To announce its arrival again
It resumed with more verve.

Alayande Stephen T.
12th August, 2007

Poem Details | by Bl Devnath |
Categories: funny,

A Funny Thought of a Race

an ant and an elephant joined in a race
                         a demarcated straight line made their base
                            referee rat has tightened its shoe lace 
                       as soon as it whistled both they gave own pace
               seen all they're in different places so don't see one other's face 


      First time monorhyme trial. Not sure, what i have written. P.S. please advice

Poem Details | by John Lawless |
Categories: humor, life,

The Race - One Liner

The Race – one liner

I can’t slow down I might catch up to me.


Poem Details | by Matt Caliri |
Categories: funny, science fiction

Alien Race

There they go!
Flying through the air!
Hundreds of them!
In different colors! Everywhere!
Red ship, blue ship, three ship four!
Who will win? When will it end?
I can't bear to look anymore!

Into the bunker we'll jump.
Darkness for weeks
Sitting rump-to-rump.

'Till the damned Zydeco music stops blarin'
And the five-headed announcer stops caring.

No one's watching the alien race, anyway.
What a horrible host planet 
For the Grand Prix Milky Way.

Poem Details | by Cheryl Hoffman |
Categories: humor, race, work,


Haste pick up your pace,
devour fast food for a taste,
trip over shoelace,
try not to make a mistake,
in our labyrinth rat race.


Poem Details | by Stanley Harris |
Categories: confidence, confusion, fun, humor, race,

Do Youi Race To Win

Do you race to win?
Seems to me we really do.
Like the win when we compete.
Or do you want to be like me?
I’m never first, can’t you see.
I have three speeds that I go.
There’s stop, dead slow, now slow I go.
You see, I’ve had physios fiddle with me.
So added slow, so all can see.
Mind you, I’ve added a horn now.
Screwed it to my walking stick, somehow.
Now when I’m at my full speed slow.
I’ll sound it at those ahead going dead slow.
I won’t sound it at those who stop.
Or they might drop dead on that spot.
Not from my hooter, but from shock.
Of me going slow flat out, at that.
I know that last line did not rhyme Dragon, you fell asleep again. <