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Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: baptism, beauty, city, eve, first love, funny, gender, god, history, independence day, mystery, mythology, night, obituary, raven, sea, silly, summer, sweet, teacher, world, yellow,

Roll on

Lauren Hill slow songs thrill,

they pop like a fast moving pill,

I am flopped on top of a junk food bill,

and running with a skunk who tells me to take in my fill-

like leading um' on into my dream,
I create a festering lean,

I rank every thought in order of how I like it,

and prep for a long time that's gonna break all the cycles.

Striding with my shrine,

as I shock a spine,

revitalize and prime-

as I preen and primp and chimp-

as I act like a pimp,

I black out and gimp,

skimp out on my dying moment because death is no shrimp!

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Smith |
Categories: allegory, analogy, animal, bird, cute love, encouraging, funny,



A raven chick attempted first flying lesson 
He didn't quite make his preplanned destination

Mother bird stood by evaluating his flying foray 
Okay is good  but good is not okay

There's more to this story and it's all true
Mother had something more before she 
was through

When her little bird alighted on one of 
canyons' ledges
She flew to him and placed a treat from 
her beak into the fledger's

But there are some who have no use for birds
Using birds as models for disparaging words

Pointing a finger "bird brain" they will say
Not realizing the finger is pointed the wrong way 

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: bird, giggle, hilarious, humor, humorous, raven, silly,

Wayward Raven

There once was a raven named Joe
Who wanted to be an old crow.
Well his friends did surmise
He'd end up in some pies,
So they flew him away in tow.

Poem Details | by Kyle Hammer |
Categories: animals, confusion, funny,

Lazy Raven

A lazy raven,
Walks across a fast paced road,
Why does he not fly?

Poem Details | by Sandra Hoban |
Categories: fantasy, funny,


Want to be a raven,
 to fly where you are and 
take your precious heart...

Want to be a raven, so I can
steal the golden key,
 to your heart...

To seek you out like a raven,
my ravenous appetite for you, 
to seize for my own and 
carry you off to my home…

To be a raven!

By Sandra L. Hoban


Poem Details | by Angela Crabtree |
Categories: humor, mystery, poets, raven,

The Raven's Unleaven

Edgar Allan Poe
stubbed his big toe
while eating the raven's unleaven
before he flew into Heaven

Poem Details | by Indiana Shaw |
Categories: funny, humor,

Quoth The Raven


Quoth the raven sat at the table to a feast to blow one’s eyes
Curtains closed, to prevent the peering in of other raven spies

On been handed a gold platter was told fill your guts I implore
O' Nay” says Quoth the raven I only eat my quota, nevermore

Indiana Shaw . . . : /

Apologizes in advance Richard, howl . . . ; )