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Poem Details | by Aby M'Baye |
Categories: africa, anxiety, desire, growth, humor, love, remember,

Feel Free

Make as you feel it 
In the sense of your feel
Without forgetting sense

Fais comme tu le sens 
Dans le sens de tes sens 
Sans oublier le sens 

Aby M.

Poem Details | by Judy Ball |
Categories: angst, humanity, humor,

When It Hits the Fan Remember

Sometimes stuff happens,
Sometimes caused by fears,
Sometimes by mistakes we make,
That put us in arrears.

No matter what caused it,
No matter who,
Pointing fingers won't help things,
Get better for you.

It won't help to argue,
And fuss and fight,
To lay blame on others,
Won't make things right.

We may lose some sleep,
And we may shed some tears,
But sometimes stuff happens,
And just seems to smear;

And all the precautions,
You take just don't matter,
'Cause sometimes stuff happens,
And just seems to splatter.

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: age, humorous, memory,

Remember Remember

I’m positive I’m certain In fact I’m really sure That I really locked the door Getting old I just abhor I’m getting quite forgetful Of that I’m really sure Now the only thing That’s on my mind is Did I lock the bloody door! I’m getting quite forgetful And it is a crying shame When I meet ‘Whatyamacallhim’ In the street I can’t recall his blooming name I’m getting quite forgetful And I guess this will remain So I call my hubby ‘Darling’ Much to his delight, (easing my plight) In case I forget his name! I’m positive I’m certain In fact I’m really sure I keep repeating what I’ve said Growing old I just abhor!

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: character, child, childhood, children, dog, fantasy, film, children, giggle, happiness, humorous, imagination, nature, nostalgia, remember, smile, storm, uplifting, visionary, weather,

There's No Place Like Home

Once was a gal who felt so alone
Tornato came up rooted farms home
Landed on wicked  witch
Munchkins came out of ditch
Gave dog lollypops instead of bone

Poem Details | by Bhavna Khemlani |
Categories: character, community, emotions, funny, people, poems, remember, world,

Traffic Jam

Sitting on the soft cushion seat
Start of turtle movement
The advert on the bus
Is the only catchy appeal
The drumming of the engine
The grunting of the taxi
Dusk getting crisp
Dull glow of the sun
The glance at the sky
With a wish to fly

The buttocks begin to get sore
I see my finger nails
Then back to the next lane
I feel my eyes burn
A long ribbon of taillights flashing
The next lane is fast moving
Taxi driver snoring
The turtle movement
Develops anxiety
Feeling thirsty

Phone rings
Good news
Another party
Feeling oozy
Glazing outside the window
Another turtle movement
Nerves rest - feet asleep
With an effort
Feet wake up
Anxiety rising - start to walk

Poem Details | by Rudolph Rinaldi |
Categories: body, funny, future, life, old, remember, yellow,

Pee In a Cup -

Get up 
Pee in a cup

Cough - Give blood 
Only when told
But don’t give too much 
When you are old -

Urine’s no better 
When you are told
Vary your stream,
Your colors 
But – Don’t be too bold-

Not too fast-
Get a strong hold-
Try to remember 
What’s  in front -
And behind you -
When you are old

Poem Details | by Dan Cwiak |
Categories: child, memory, remember,

A Funny Haiku For Kids

Art Linkletter said,
"Kids will say the darndest things".
Who's he?  Google time.

Poem Details | by Daniel Hunter |
Categories: basketball, humorous, introspection, remember,

Basketball Meanderings


Played basketball with Fred at a church.
Haven’t played basketball
since my daughter
was a twinkle in my eye.
All the things
I used to do with a ball,
I had put away
in a file marked “use to.”
Sometimes, I take it out,
dust it off, look it over,
then put it back for later.
Every now and then,
I make a basket, throw a pass,
that reminds me
of the “use to” file.
That file gets added to daily.
I just don’t use it 
as much as I ‘use to.”

Poem Details | by Marilyn Williams |
Categories: depression, faith, for him, funny, future, memory, time,

Do I Remember

I write it, but remember not. I say it, but forget me not. I feel it how it has to come, did I not feel like a perfect bum. So what it is I am trying to remember, my place and where I was December.

Poem Details | by Pete Yuhas |
Categories: body, cancer, emotions, humor, memory, pain, remember,

Broken Memories

My transport is broken, it's falling apart
well, physically speaking I mean
Rust and corrosion, abuse and neglect
add up to a miserable scene

Headaches and pain, and depression and such
all taking their toll on it too
But there's part of the mind, that no trauma can touch
the part that is pulling me through

I can still travel, though walking is hard
and I can still fight through the pain
I can still see, all those wonderful things
The ones that I've stored in my brain

Nourishment comes, from the back of my mind
That place where my memories are kept
Bringing me pleasure and happiness too
Once all the cobwebs are swept.....

Poem Details | by Martin Kloess |
Categories: funny, humor, kiss, love, memory,

Do You Remember Where You Fell In Love

Took heaven to help me to see
That with her I wanted to be
I first felt love’s glow
And this I still know
We kissed under coconut tree

Poem Details | by Sidney Beck |
Categories: funny,

Must Remember


Yes I wandered lonely as a cloud 
Bareskinned  there far from the madding crowd
With no clothes as in naturism,
Rememb’ring  as in plagiarism
Stealing others’ words  is not allowed 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 

Entered in John Freeman’s Contest   “Limericks Hilarious”

Poem Details | by Lynne Hanson |
Categories: humorous, imagery, remember,


stare blankly at the
white string around my finger -
what did I forget

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: clothes, culture, funny, prayer, religion, remember, repetition,


God knows what you need
Before you need it
So why bend your knees
To chant or plead it?

Remember when you
Would make such a fuss
Each time your mum asked,
"Clean knickers for the bus?"

Poem Details | by Tyler Knapp |
Categories: dedication, fantasy, fear, funny, hope, imagination, inspirational, life, passion, sad, sympathy, uplifting,

Always Remember Tooth Paste

Tears for fears.
Tears throughout the years.
Tears that fallen from my peers.
A tear so sincere that will shred us from this dreadful fear.
That someday we all will die.
But have u gotten a slice of that pie.
A pie so delicious u can almost taste.
That u cant let it go to waste.
Maybe next time I'll remember tooth paste.

Poem Details | by Christopher Bunton |
Categories: dog, humor,

Remember Barney

Remember Barney the Snowman's dog?
He disappeared one day in the fog.
He was chasing a stick,
Not knowing it was a trick,
And got his head stuck in a log.


For The Silly Christmas Cartoon contest.

Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne |
Categories: adventure, funny

Ah, I Remember It Well....

T’was an upside down world,
When I was uncurled,

They counted my fingers ‘n toes 
And sucked out my nose,

It was humiliating to say the least,
I looked like a ‘lil red squirmin’ beast.

Doctor hollered out “it’s  a boy!”
Mama sighed “crap!” Daddy said “Joy!”

Pappy told Mama “it was money well spent”,
Till he saw.. that I was ..incontinent.

All the nurses smiling and I didn’t know why,
Till three days later they said good by.

I was a handsome young fellow though a little short,
And I sure am glad Mama didn’t abort.

Ole Doc Perry wished us all good luck,
And Daddy brought me home in the pickup truck.

Ah yes...I remember it well...

Poem Details | by Darlene Gifford |
Categories: dream, humor, remember,

Lost Dreams

I will remember my dreams tonight,

I say to myself as I turn off the light.

But still, my dreams refuse to stay,

and leave me at first light of day.

A dream recorder, please someone make.

So I can push "replay" when I wake.

Poem Details | by Tiffany Franklin |
Categories: blessing, change, friendship, funny love, life, remember, wisdom,

To You

To you, life is an open book so why don't you take a closer look. You can stay in the past and your depression will last. You can completely let go and depression will slow. You can only see what you want to see believe in yourself and don't count on me. Look in my eyes what am I telling you is not a lie.
 What can you really believe once its gone it can never be retrieved.Don't just look on the outside the truth lies within if you see in you, you have a chance to win the choice is yours u only have to open the right doors.
 I made a huge mistake the wrong doors were the only ones I could take.What's done is done and I can't change the past the future is here at last.

Poem Details | by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: boat, cute love, funny, love, marriage, memory, miss you,

I Remember That We Rowed, You Were Afraid

I remember that we rowed.
You were afraid.
And so, I gave the oars to you,
I thought, you see – control
Would help you feel
It was your boat that moved
Beneath your unsure feet.
And then, I saw your leg, and I liked you!
You laughed, hysterical!  You always laughed
When you were afraid.
I… I talked about ‘meaningful relationships’,
But you, as bold as only newness can make a person,
You wanted marriage!

You didn’t mean, with me!  Although, you married me!

And now, I’d give a bucketful of  suns,
To see you row, again!

Poem Details | by Divine Life |
Categories: change, deep, funny love, i miss you, missing you, remember, sad,

For Me

I hear the rain drops falling non stop but this time it didn't mask over my thoughts. 
Rather broke all I had blocked, 
I knew I had to get over such thoughts.
The thoughts about you. 
The way your lips touched my skin, and how you pulled all within. 
I want someone who is long gone, it was time that I moved on. 
See, your name is stamped across my chest... No worries I'll ripe a whole new skin. 
It's not your fault but I have to do this for myself.

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: cheer up, death, goodbye, heaven, humor, remember, tribute,

Dale - On the Death of Dale Winton

When you're at the checkout counter
And you hear the beep
It won't be Dale having fun
On Supermarket Sweep

Dale's with the angels now
I hope they like his style
And let him have a trolley
And go wild in the aisle

© Gail Foster 19th April 2018

Poem Details | by Aniruddha Pathak |
Categories: humor, remember,

A Guy That Grumbles

Here sir, facts from fiction ferreted, 
Analysed, all added A to Zed, 
Here sir, your lion’s share, 
Ready your stamp to bear, 
Vision’s all, Sir, ye need here to add. 
This is how a planning head approached his boss with his idea of a strategic plan on which the boss was supposed to add his wisdom. But no, a boss is one that gets things done, doing bare little himself. He is a guy that grumbles and he did: I know I always get to do the hardest part! ________________________________
Humour | 01.03.2016 |Limerick

Poem Details | by Teresa Harr-Pena |
Categories: funny,

An Affair I Forgot To Remember

I can't remember
If it was him or her
I'm not even sure
Where we really were

Maybe on a beach
Stranded along the coast
Possibly in the desert
One big human roast

I wore something
Maybe I was nude
I started to run
Laying there subdude

I was so bored
Blood pumping through my veins
I'm dreaming while awake
Now I'm legally insane

Poem Details | by Monique Pagan |
Categories: divorce, fun, hate, humor, leaving, remember, sad love,

Looking For Something New

He was a temporary hookup
He went out like a garbage pickup
He was ugly at most
Tasted burnt like toast 
Soon I'll need a medical checkup