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Poem Details | by Richard Palmer |
Categories: funny, happiness, history,


Always find things to laugh about,
Laughing makes us stress free,
Nice things are not always, the first that we see,
So lots of time,we tap into great memories,
Remember when you fell from your bike or a tree,
Got bit by a bee or bullied by Tommy,
Running to the house,screaming daddy or mommy,
Sorry my child,a comforting hug,
Soothing the pain,with parents love,
They ruffled your hair a pat on the back,
Got it dressed and then a snack,
Now smile or laugh at the thought,
How sad things of the past,now makes us laugh.....

Poem Details | by Richard Moriarty |
Categories: funny, happiness, introspection, people

Three Friends

a frog and a mouse went for a ride went along side by side down the road they rode to see until they got to the big oak tree sat in the shade all day they did until they met a new katydid a frog and a mouse went for a ride joined by a katydid who rode by their side sang to a tune the katydid knew out of the trees the birds flew no one seemed to really understand the friendship of this merry band

Poem Details | by norman littleford |
Categories: funny, rain, rain,

Weather Or Not

If there are 24 hours in a day
how can night exist?
What is the difference between a fog
and a very heavy mist?

What do we mean by a heavy wind?
How can rain give way to showers?
I’ve been told people work too long
but how can you have shorter hours?

We have heavy rain in the morning
light rain the rest of the day,
why don’t they just say we will have rain?
And who weighs it anyway.

The sun will break through in patches
said the weatherman sounding profound,
but there maybe thunder clouds overhead
and I thought they’d be on the ground.

Poem Details | by DAVID WALLACE |
Categories: funny, easter, drug,

The Easter Bunnies

They say the Easter bunnies comes the same time every year,
escaping from a Lab somewhere, they holes up around here.
They smells of smoke and iodine, wear lipstick and eye drops,
They’s lost her lucky feet somewhere and that is why they hops.
Their Coney furs desirable, and their quarters good for food,
although not free of chemicals, it really tastes quite good.
Their wracking coughs and bloodshot eyes, puts hunters off the match,
tobacco drugs and alcohol, makes them an easy catch.
Their chocolate eggs they lays in fields, each wrapped in silver foil,
are excellent when eaten fresh, but awful when they’re boiled.

Poem Details | by Kim Robin Edwards |
Categories: humor, humorous,

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins took a whoppins, 
at the box office today.Those who
knew her, had to chew her, fancy
bubblegum.Jumped a hurdle while
wearing a gurdle.Made of turtle, 
and milky way.Wore a bonnet, and
up upon it.Was a mouse all made
of clay.Went to a movie.Where she
watched a groovy 60s movie.All
filmed in 3d.Placed her bra inside
a barrel.Put on a negligee.Because! 
Mary Poppins took a whoppins, 
at the box office today..

Rhyming Verse By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2010,2014..
All rights reserved

Poem Details | by ... Gigno |
Categories: funny, life, people, social, uplifting


Turn off that smartphone, unplug yourself
Before your battery stops powering itself
Only offer the brain native analog signal
Forgot about any screen or the next level

Listen to creatures talk, remember inside
All you wanted to do was just to be alive
Reaching higher stars in the nick of time
Every dream seemed one rollercoaster ride

Feeling a little higher inside your shoes
Rhythm of the outdoors from nature groove
Reminded that today can sometimes improve
Life can be affected by an energy of mood

Make sure to tune in just once in a while
Things around us live under the same moon
Never be somebody you cannot remember who
Always just someone who never forgets you

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: animal, fun, funny, humor, pets, silly, word play,

Two Frogs

I once bought two frogs from uptown 
I elected to name One and Two
Such fun to see them hop around
Although One croaked, I still haveTwo

A sad event I have to push through 
Ever since the day that One died
I always keep Two by my side!

Poem Details | by Frances King |
Categories: animals, devotion, funny, pets, cat,

Undeserving (for Trudy's Hopelessly Devoted contest)

She is the most demanding cat who ever shared my home.
She stares at me so balefully till I do what she wants, 
And yet I love her more than any other cat I’ve owned.

She tramples on my feelings as she tramples on my plants
Then stalks away with nothing more than a disdainful glance.

Some people say of pussies, that you can’t tell them apart … 
I treat all mine as equals … but Pandora has my heart ...

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: funny,

Just For Fun

Rhyme Royal is half as long as sonnet
Maybe more intriguing for brevity
What can be written from under bonnet
With only seventy syllables, test one's ability
Writing rhyme royal during aridity
The C rhymes could be a short summary
New idea to share that's arbitrary

Poem Details | by nastoshia siedlecki |
Categories: funny, me, me,

rich biiiii

Here comes the rich biiiiii
bringing forth much strife
what to do where to go
as she tries to run my life

here comes the fancy pants
telling me how to dress
for success she yells out loud
making such a mess

here comes the queen of the rodeo
always putting me down
why can't she see like you and me
she's nothing but a clown

here comes yankee doodle
feather in her hat
telling me that i should be
another aristocat

here comes mother hen
hands upon her hips
always wearing too much make-up
on her tiny lips

here comes good old blah blah blah
never making sense
perhaps if we could only see
from each other's side the fence

Poem Details | by ... Gigno |
Categories: funny, music, philosophy

One, Two, Glow

One with a flick
Two for the glow
Three to ya dome
Forget that blow
All of this fuss
As ya ride on in
When we glide by
And offa my side
My personal fact
I am a bit tacky
You listen to me
You end up being
It can be hectic
Ending up undead
Ringing eclectic
It had vibe 2 it
My story written
The hook in free
Your end unlucky
It's good to say
Good deeds today 
Corruption heeds
Tell not deceive
What life leaves
Will you believe
What to perceive

Poem Details | by Abiygayil Yisrael |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, cheer up, funny love, hope, love, romance,



LOVE is in the HOUSE, and not even a MOUSE is at HAND; or even CLOSE.

But when you come on IN; hang out in the DEN, Love welcome you as a FRIEND, FAN; 

and also next to KIN.  And so, you see how Love CAN make feel right THEN, by 

wanting to grab you by the HAND; and make you to UNDERSTAND, that you are part 

of the PLAN, a PLAN, that will forever STAND at the very END. Now, tell me, isn't Love 

GRAND as it STANDS? For clearly at the END this is what's going to be in DEMAND.

Poem Details | by Mary Nagy |
Categories: daughter, family, funny, life, social,

Good Girls (vs) Skanks

So maybe you don't party.
You don't think drinking's cool.
There's more important things to do
while you are still in school.

Next time they call you ''Good Girl''
just give them a big ''Thanks! ''
Cause later on those ''Party Girls''
are also known as ''Skanks''.

Poem Details | by Albert A. Olofinnika |
Categories: funny


Once a time; there lived a lad,
From his mime; he was so sad,
Yummy meals he never had,
But one good day; he was so glad,
For with his pay; he ate salad.

Poem Details | by Ejire Michael |
Categories: age, friend, heart, humor, motivation, smile, spiritual,

The Valiant Spirit

Behold, the Valiant Spirit! housed in a young vibrant body;
A litty like a titty;
Endowed with telepathy;
In this age of complexity.

I marvel at your smile that makes the day bright;
Your soft words that infuse strength;
And your words so refined.
Indeed, you're one of a kind.

Oh Valor!
Uphold thy honor
That those who seek for thy favor
May have a new experience to savor.

Folks, listen when he speaks.
Friends, feel the dimples on his cheeks;
For he smiles like a dove
And his heart like the blue sky above.

Dedicated to myself -Ejire Michael (Mikky-Prince)

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: adventure, art, faith, funny, imagination, on writing and words, may,

The Orange Rhyme Challenge

Thusly, as per Good Sir John's contest prize contest, I humbly submit the 

Dear Sir John,of your poetic rhyme request,
I will now do my very best;
Sir John's  Poetry rhyme request,
Though some may consider it rather strange,
And, perhaps, to some, a mighty challenge,
I think I might be able to arrange,
With a pilgrimage to mystic Stonehenge,
Where I may, in fact, rearrange...

those lenticular aspects of your family flange,
And, though the poetic quality may appear...
Somewhat mensa- menge',
I trust you'll find my work of acceptable range.

Once again, Good Sir King John the First,
Congratulations on a job well done!!

Your humble serf servant, tom bell.

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: child, humorous, word play,

I'm Free

He was a prisoner of war
Four years as an abductee
When they turned him loose one day
He yelled, "I'm free, I'm free, I'm Free!"
A boy standing next to a tree
Had never seen, such a thing before 
He said, "So what, I'm already four!"

Poem Details | by ... Gigno |
Categories: funny, space

This Hurtling Dot

In all of this space, why my spot
Days bygone for just a little dot
I'd whisper to a passing asteroid
Hurtling toward what it may avoid
Don't sit high upon on your mound
Leave it all just as it was found
Do you remember where you started
To be alone is not broken-hearted