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Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: funny,

Santa With Running Nose

Santa's red cap is turning blue
his nose running with Christmas flu
and the Doctor's advice
was "it will be nice,
wrap the gifts with natural glue."

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: childhood, daughter, dedication, devotion, education, family, children, funny, happiness, health, imagination, inspirational, life, love, people, philosophy, thank you, uplifting, visionary

Quit Running

mom say's
quit running !!!!

Poem Details | by Sneha RV |
Categories: humor, humorous, money,

Running Costs

"I ran behind a bus", said Ben,
“Saved a good five dollars again”.
“Oh fool!” dad exclaimed,
“My son, I’m ashamed.
Chasing cabs, you could’ve saved ten!"

Poem Details | by Barbara Poor |
Categories: body, giggle, humorous,


Running, running everywhere 
Fast or slow, do I care?
uphill, downhill, roads and grass
I just never want to crash

The freedom I feel when I run
Feels good to say it’s really fun
Checking my time, checking my pace
Helps me prepare for my next race

Racing you say how can I be
Racing at age sixty-three
My knees don’t hurt they feel good
Keeping active I know I should

5K, 8 mile and now a half
What am I doing? Am I daf?
I’m going to enjoy all that I can
I’ll always be my number 1 fan!
By barbara poor…..

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: funny, political

Running Taxes

Many returns are sent by faxes
Declaring our earnings for taxes
When they don't work it out
Please give me a shout
Next time I'll send them some laxatives

Poem Details | by Post Skriqt |
Categories: cute love, funny love, heartbroken, lost love, poetry,


She was the fiery love

She was the lonely love

She was the unforgettable love

She was the protected love

She was the jealous love

There are different ways to love but there is only one true love

Were you running away from love or running away from yourself

Afraid that you’re not ready, afraid to be wrong

Every time I think we're moving forward you pull away like the tide 

Only getting close enough to see a glimpse of love but too scared to stay and see the whole thing

Returning to your deep depths where you don't have to worry about your true feelings

p.s. you can always run but never fully hide…

Poem Details | by Malcolm Dyer |
Categories: art, family, funny, imagination, life, son, child,

Running with Scissors

The alphabet but has held true
you get the paper I'll get the glue
clipping and shaving spreading everywhere
giggles and laughs seaping through fingers
the hushing back and forth
don't wake mom
don't make a mess
don't run with scissors
for all those rules we had to break
for that defines what a child is all about
a surprise for her from us
to give her a smile that will make her bust
for everyday is mother's day
when your child runs with scissors
creating something new
something old
something blue
a perfect marriage of innocence and youth
a match made in heaven
for it is but a blessing to have children 

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: funny,

Running On Fumes

When I go to buy gas,
My teeth I want to gnash,
And I curse 'neath my breath,
And want to choke the hose!
Save room at the poor house;
I am gonna need it!

Gas is awful high.
Four bucks a gallon!
A loan from the bank.
Might help somewhat to,
Fill my empty tank!

Those crude cartels,
Control each drop.
And what is worse,
They drain my purse!

Help Congress!
Off your duffs!
Ease my plight!

My car
Gasps for


Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 8 in David Williams' "Diminished Hexaverse" Contest - June 2012

Poem Details | by Toquyen Harrell |
Categories: dog, faith, humor, nonsense,

Haha running in circles

My two dogs are having a cow
Because of all the firework noises that are going on
They are barking their heads off
I think I am going to have to put some earplugs on them
They are looking at me with their heads cocked to one side
As if asking me
Well, Fifi and Napoleon
It’s your welcoming pop to test your hearing
To make sure you are up for the job
Which is protecting me, you hear?
They wouldn’t let up
They are going to be barking another day 

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: funny, blue,

Who's Running This Show

So early on a Sunday morn
Our little Boy Blue was born.
Dad nearly blew his hat.

When Blue was born, Dad said with scorn
“On my son, no short pants are worn.”
Mom said, “We’ll see ‘bout that.”

April 18 2012

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: funny, on work and working, on writing and words, me,

Running Chestnut- Enjambment

Rambling and run on grammar and have they yet wrote poetry       													  accepted and appreciated when needed 																liken to saying do as I say not as I do 																yet I got F for frequency not an aye  																and, or, but, yet, for, nor, and so 																	 I will use all in a row to show it seems         															 to me to be a rhyme scheme against me 															 but I am not scared no not a bit     																your who do's and what not's 																	I will the enjamber be if you will   																	 from start too when this rhyme quits

Poem Details | by john fenn |
Categories: funny

Running on empty

Got me a brand new electrical car 
The range aint no good
I can’t go very far
It never quite reaches the places I need
I reckon I’m wanting
A much longer lead

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Running Its Course Horn Limerick

Running Its Course Horn Limerick

Instead of nature running its course
They found themselves in state of remorse
Ended up eating a terrible dinner
Cooked by sinner who is a beginner
Who never would reveal true source.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Vincent Ray |
Categories: humor, humorous, sick,

Running with the Rhinos

My running nose means
That I have to run faster

Poem Details | by Christopher Bunton |
Categories: funny,

Running Naked

Fire!  Fire!

I heard the neighbors shouting.

I leaped from my bed

Naked, and grabbed my pants,

fearing the ladies would laugh.

For the "Last Chance" contest

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: funny

Running late almost eight, what can I say no work today

I’m running late
It’s half seven 
Should be at work at eight
Brush my teeth
Wash my face
Need a shave
Look a disgrace

I’ll wear last night shirt
Give it a dab with the iron
Few creases gone 
That will do looks fine

Have to have an espresso
With three toast and marmite
Feel the life coming back
Outside looks cold white and bright

Run to the bus stop
It’s five to eight
The boss is gonna kill me
I’ll definitely be late

No busses called a cab
Be here in fifteen this is sad
Standing in this cold
You got to be mad

Cabby’s in a good mood
Singing a song then I hear him say
As I jump out and double money I pay
Merry Christmas, and have a nice day.

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: art, funny, on writing and words,

Running Shoes / Alfredo's Hideaway

wilfredo, wilfredo
now i tell you what I know
a puma is a big cat
a nike is an obsolete missile
and adidas was an ancient
Greek God, in love with himself
and for sure, shoes
don't run, people do,
and if you haven't tried
the mummy steak,
you're really missing out!!!LOL/

Poem Details | by Kenneth Fordham |
Categories: funny, life, uplifting, visionary, me,

Running late

You cracked me up,
And left me breathless.
My coffee cup,
I’m a little restless.
I repeated a line,
What am I doing?
Maybe trying to rhyme,
Is what I’m pursuing.
This will have to wait,
Work is calling,
I am running late,
No need balling,
Hurry, hurry get a shower,
Get to work,
In less than an hour.
Oh my oh my,
Is freezing here,
Forget the shower,
Go have a beer.
Warm you up,
I doubt that,
My coffee cup,
Where’s my hat.
Will continue this,
At a later date
Hurry, hurry I’m running late.

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: family, house, humor, word play,

Running Water

 The place where they stay is just a shack
Their clothes made from a burlap sack
Running water's here
But just to be clear
They run to the well and bring it back!

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Larter |
Categories: humor,

Eight Nuns Running

Eight Nuns Running

Eight nuns running down a path far below
Ethel, Edith, Ellen, Barb each in deep snow
From the way they all look might be putting
up a gong show, till they all fall down
while they're all wearing frilly long gowns.


Poem Details | by Christy Hardy |
Categories: funny, life,

Running Hot

We had a car swap at our house today,
I got the one with a remainder to pay.

Everyone was happy with the one they got,
but then my brother called,  his ran hot.

Off I went to carry him mine, 
looking for parts, he could not find.

I loaned him mine, so he would not have to walk,
and now I only have my telephone that's all.

Maybe tomorrow he can find what he needs,
just my luck, trying to do a good deed.

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: anger, computer, humorous,

Long Running Scripts

Seems like I spend most of my day
Waiting for a script running long
If you asked me I'd have to say
The waiting so long is so wrong

Get those scripts a pair of sneakers
An energy drink they could pound
My computer has great speakers
But not while the circle goes around!

Come on now, I've got stuff to do
I don't need to wait here all day
We have those drones flying around
Why can't we find a better way!

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, confusion, crazy, endurance, humorous,

A Running Lass Called Doralee Who Fell While Running Free- -

A Running Lass Called Doralee Who Fell While Running Free- -

There once was a young lass who skipped.
She thought she was awfully ripped.
It was rather dry,
But not very spy,
She just couldn't say no to the script


She once was a runner who skipped.
Sure liked her bare feet shaken wet.
With a terrible roar,
She fell to the floor,
She just couldn't say no to the slip

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. ©2020