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Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, animal, dance, desire, encouraging, funny, giggle,

Salamander Dance Do Your Holy Dance

Salamander dance
Do your Holy dance
Let your praise and the promise
Be your only chance
Predestinate your glance
Look on to the King
Whose mine and yours you sing
Tho, all dogs go to heaven
Even little boys and girls
Judge not be judged by man or bores
Be not caught playing with child like toys
and when the evening has come
Gonna put Satan on the run
Do your Holy dance, dance
Do your Holy dance, 
Be your only chance
Predestinated your glance
Look on toward your King
Let earth and heaven sing, sing
Salamander, dance 
Do your Holy dance
Written words by James Edward Lee Sr.
Arranged music by Jonathan Echtinaw

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: animal, appreciation, humor,

A Chinese Giant Salamander

I had just finished reading about 
The Chinese Giant Salamander
About how they are almost extinct
I must say something in all candor

I may just need a little fiber but
It's hard for me, myself to console 
I feel forlorn because I'm afraid
I just flushed one down my toilet bowl!