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Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: food, funny, places, me,

Salmon Overdose By An Alaskan


Salmon, salmon every day
Every time and every way

Alaska breakfast
Salmon lunch
Add some nuts
To make a crunch

Thank you fisher man
My friend
For sharing
Salmon without end

What is prized in cities far
Fills my pantry
Jar by jar

White wine adds a little bite
When I whine I feel contrite
But the fragrance of this fish
Makes me want
Another dish
When I yearn
For beans or rice
Please be patient and be nice.

Oh, New Yorkers
Call on me
Trade me fora ton of Brie.

Poem Details | by Jeanne Mcgee |
Categories: fishing, humor, sea,

Salmon Song

I had a summer job at sea
The captain, the dog and wee me
A gill net set boat
And away we float
The salmon all caught with much glee

Most mornings on deck I would be
To watch the sunrise and night flee
My dog I must gloat
Could sing a high note
And he gave our fishes for free

Written:  7-30-2019
Two Sea Themed Limericks Poetry Contest
Tania Kitchin Sponsor
9th place out of 10 placements