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Poem Details | by P.S. AWTRY |
Categories: humorous,

trying to kill too many birds

Purple, polka-dot flamingos and buzzards 
frolic near the sleeping volcano lake.  It
wakes and rumbles, crumbling the Haunted Mansion!
~~Driving me Crazy

"Failed to nail it! Poetry errors glaring!
Stop pretending poetic metric knowledge!
Clearly Dear, you're too near the sun!"--Well, Pluck you!
Poisonous Parrot!

Not for any of the contests:
(Sleeping Volcano, Sapphic Stanza, Purple, Polka dot, Flamingos and Buzzards,
Haunted Mansion, Plucking the Poisonous Parrot )

Just for fun :)

January 16, 2019

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: humorous, spring, , cute,

Spring Driving

What a silly nincompoop, hands free phony
Driving over everything in his pathway
His eyes fully occupied by the cute girl
Gingerly bouncing!

Sapphic Stanza number Three contest
Sponsored by Craig Cornish.

Poem Details | by rob carmack |
Categories: funny, girlfriend, humorous, loss, love, memory, relationship,


Every past that perfectly colors letters,
haunting losses beckon the predecessors,
utter names in passion or greeting, makes a
furious girlfriend.

Written: 01.16.19

Poem Details | by Krish Radhakrishna |
Categories: blue, boat, cute love, dream, first love, funny love, love,

Mystery lover

in the green, green garden,
under the blue, blue sky,
did you throw me a rose
on the sly?

on the slow slow river,
in the wooden log boat,
did you sneak in for me 
a love note?

in the loud, loud thunder,
of stormy, stormy night,
did you send me signal,
with flash light?

during hot hot coffee,
in the greek restaurant,
was it you who left a 
gold pendant?

in my deep, deep slumber,
I dream and think of you,
wish you would just tell me
“I love you!”

6th place
John Lawless sponsored
Just Thinking ..... contest
Written 26/12/2020
Sapphic stanza modified to 6,6,6 3 syllables