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Poem Details | by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: funny, science,

Big Bang

Your theory makes quite the impression
But I have this nagging obsession
A huge mass of matter
Explodes in a scatter
This is a layman's 'dumb' question

From whence came this gigantic ball?
Just how did the whole thing befall?
What was there before that?
And before even that?
And so on and so forth,

Blank space, only vacuum you say?
Endless void? Flat nothing? Okay
Is nothing just nothing,
Or ain't nothing something
And what made the nothing I pray?

Poem Details | by Clive Culverhouse |
Categories: fun, humorous, life, people, science, truth, world,

Many Coffees Go Cold - Reality Explained

the things you both see
you all see 
is merely a continuity safeguard 
one of the laws written in to prevent chaos
we can't have multiple lifeforms occupying the same space all seeing and experiencing something different
it just wouldn't work
so we've set impulses to align where and whenever possible
sure as hell easier when you lot are on your own
takes a heap of pressure off the system
that way we suspend everyone else
they're not needed
you don't surely think they're individually living do you
no, just on hold, paused 
until you're no longer on your own
then we have our work cut out again
and many coffees go cold

Poem Details | by Roy Jerden |
Categories: humorous, science,

Albert Einstein

A great genius named Albert Einstein
At the physicist's ball had too much wine
Effecting a photo-electrical stance,
Energetically emcee'd the square dance

May 26,2014

NB: Einstein received the Nobel Prize for
discovering the photoelectric effect. His
Special Theory of Relativity is famous for
the formula E=mc². Puns intended.

Poem Details | by Kp Nunez |
Categories: humorous, science,

Jim the Trim Returns, Not

(A limerick for Jack Ellison)

A surgeon was called to do operation,

as Jim's "little friends" need urgent attention.

His aspiring poetess wife

Scarlet yields a mean word knife;

To reduce sillyballs was her only intention.

*sillyballs? syllables! duh...

09 October 2015

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: adventure, funny, imagination, life, nature, science, visionary,

Don'T Disturb the Hive

Run, jump, scream, duck, dodge and leap 
Try to stay on your running feet 
Honey in the hive 
The bees are alive 
Run, jump, scream, don't fall and leap!

Poem Details | by Cheryl Hoffman |
Categories: history, humor, science,

Thomas Edison

Tom sat there eating the last of his bread,
wondering if the next day he'd get fed,
felt like a dumb cluck,
down on his luck,
till a light went off the top of his head. 


Poem Details | by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: fantasy, funny, parody, science fiction

B Horror On a Beach Day.

Soon the curious swelled to a mob.
as they gathered to gape at the glob.
Someone prods with a stick.
as another screams: " Quick!"
"We must run for our lives! It's the Blob!"

Poem Details | by Brian Morton |
Categories: desire, humor, innocence, loneliness, love, science, youth,

Bottled Love Haiku

If love is a drug
my chemist doesn't have it.
Where can I find some?

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: humorous, school, science,

The Project

The Project

Son's science quest,
insect nest finds;
school's best project.

Saves in his room.
Wakes to doom when
with gloom, he cries.

Hundreds now crawl.
Every wall sports
hatched small mantes.

Sandra M. Haight

~9th Place~
Contest: Than-Bauk on Human Folly
Sponsor: Marugu Mo
Theme: Foolish and Funny
Judged: 03/11/2016

True Story!
A Than-Bauk, conventionally a witty saying or epigram, is a three line "climbing rhyme" poem of Burmese origin. Each line has four syllables. The rhyme is on the fourth syllable of the first line, the third syllable of the second line, and the second syllable of the third line.

Poem Details | by Ed Morris |
Categories: funny, humorous, math, science,

Einstein's Bent Lines

Though we hail Albert E.’s creativity
For his grand tour de force, relativity,
   It remains a tough climb
   To imagine space-time
With its axes not fixed but all pivoty.

Poem Details | by Andrew Rymill |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, funny, imagination, inspirational, introspection, science fiction, space, time,

Bending Spoons

...A poem
is a spoon
that you can bend
with your mind.

It depends on psi
if you 
are mutant 
X or Y 
a paranormal opportunity 
or a wild talent
of psionic penmanship .

Stare at the pattern 
on the handle
as you imagine 
the handle
either roses or unicorns
are emblazon here.

So much the better
as your mind
bends the words
and the metal obeys...

Spoon begins to tremble
there is no knife
to run away with.

Then comes
the period
like an empty plate.
to contain
a bent spoon
with squeezed letters...

Poem Details | by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: food, funny, nonsense, science fiction,

Green Cuisine

Lurking in fuzzy leftovers is seen
A quivering, crawling hairball of green
A florescent prune
Or cheese from the moon
Gurgles gastric, plastic alien spleen

The miser squire requires gluts of caffeine
To dissect this science project's gangrene
Harpoon on a spoon
Zoom to the saloon
Lunch ladies' supreme mystery cuisine.


For Green Humor contest
Sponsor: Carolyn Devonshire

Poem Details | by Cheryl Hoffman |
Categories: adventure, humor, science fiction, silly,

The Twilight Zone

Driving along the dark deserted road,
only noise I heard was the croak of a toad,
passing on either side the silhouettes of the trees,
my window rolled down enjoying the cool autumn breeze,

Turning on my sirius radio to a brand new station,
hearing a familiar voice saying theres an invasion,
Rod Sterling comes on and tries to warn me,
too late the trees come alive and I've nowhere to flee!

Quickly getting out my husband's chainsaw from the trunk,
I finally on the third try crank it up with a little luck,
the huge alien trees surrounding me not realizing I'm American and tough,
run away like sapling sissy's to their waiting ufo's and quickly blastoff.


Poem Details | by Tom Bell |
Categories: adventure, funny, mystery, parody, science fiction,

The Saucers Have Arrived!!!

they're here!
the saucers I've waited for...
It's hard to believe...
we've waited so long!

with a sense of wonder,
and a sense of joy...
at their arrival....
oh boy!...oh boy!...

yes, this seems to be
a red-letter day..
I'm left with only...
one more thing to say...

when, just when, 
will we wait,
till kittens turn to pups,?
do you think I might expect...
to get the matching cups!...

Poem Details | by Mike Youds |
Categories: funny, science fiction,

Star Whores

Obi Wan Kenobi
Said “dooby do be dobie”
He wasn’t one but nearly two
And didn’t know just what to do
In his brownie, Kenobi robe(y)

Poem Details | by Howard Bull |
Categories: funny, science,

The Shortcomings of Genius

Athletes of intellect ponder difficult questions
Cortex’s quiver to cerebral suggestions
A genius theorises with a deepening frown
Well, how come my toast always lands face down?

Quantum conundrums confoundingly dreary  
Cynical scientists dismiss a new theory
A mastermind clutches his head in distress 
Well, if a crab has no shell, is it naked or homeless?

Wisdom, the child of mental ability
Science, the offspring of cranial agility
Empirical evidence so hard to collate 
Well, why does sour cream have an expiry date?

Poem Details | by Maureen Mcgreavy |
Categories: death, humor, science,

Days of Ore

When my parts are no longer my sum
    When I come undone
    I will be iron as blood no more

    Rust in peace


Poem Details | by W.A. Cholt |
Categories: humorous, science,


Order gives way 
To disorder 
I look at my reflection 
In the mirror 
And believe every word. 

            W.A CHOLT. Copyright Fergal O Reilly. 2018.

Poem Details | by Clive Culverhouse |
Categories: humorous, life, science fiction, self,


when I leave the house
sheep have been arranged in fields
and the allocations of cars 
have been made for today’s passing
with scripts sent out nightly
to those I might encounter
those set management guys
have been busy again
even the sky looks real
I’m sure someone must yell
when I fall asleep at night
and set up begins again

funny though
I feel like an extra
in my own show

Poem Details | by Paul Geiger |
Categories: humorous, math, science,

Easy Math

2, like all primes, fascinates
2^3, it seems, comes to eight
3, the next prime right in line, 
3^2 [2 primes] = nine,  
^2: Exponentiated,
x3: multiplicated.
Still it's 9?vindicated

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, cheer up, computer, desire, destiny, devotion, emotions, encouraging, fantasy, feelings, funny, future, humorous, i love you, love, love hurts, math, meaningful, metaphor, miss you, mystery, passion, relationship, romance, romantic, sad love, school, science, science fiction, silly, social, sweet, teacher, together, true love, truth, uplifting, visionary, word play,


One is love, 
Zero is everything else.

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, angst, confusion, dark, dedication, depression, devotion, education, faith, farewell, funny, humorous, imagination, introspection, lonely, loss, lost, memory, pain, parody, passion, people, places, retirement, sad, science fiction, sorrow, sorry, space, star, teacher, time, travel, tribute, visionary,

Solitude: To Yoda, An Ode

Green bark a prism creates,
Feel the pull of earth, you must.

Rotates, a slime of endless hates,
Can hold me not, this world’s crust.

Friendship’s ties, isolation Deflates,
Succumbs, my spaceship, to bitter rust.

Mist, my soul forever permeates,
Lift-off, booms the rocket’s thrust.

My spirit when light returns, elates,
Swamps swell, swallowed hope’s swirling dust.

Trapped, I am, until student from fate
Arrives to learn; Cloud City or bust.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: addiction, april, best friend, computer, confusion, courage, culture, cute love, earth, emotions, encouraging, environment, fantasy, farm, feelings, funny love, garden, happiness, happy, i love you, i miss you, inspirational, internet, irony, july, june, kiss, loneliness, love, magic, me, metaphor, nature, parody, repetition, satire, science, social, technology, tree, women, world, youth,


follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree.

Poem Details | by Jason Talbott |
Categories: funny, science fictionstar, star,

Star Wars Limericks

I write Star Wars limericks with aplomb.
'Cuz Star Wars is simply the bomb!
But they don't appear
On this nice website here,
They're at Starwarslimericks dot blogspot dot com!

No special effects there, I'm sorry.
A few pictures but nothing too gory.
I start at the beginning
And I keep on spinning
Retelling the whole Star Wars story!

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: allegory, business, funny, health, imagination, mystery, parody, science,

Voldemort, By Contrast, Was Vanquished Easily

Changed climate is not a surprise
With drilling for gas on the rise
Where can life forms hide
From carbon dioxide
And methane let loose in the skies?

Neo-druids auger gas wells
And add fluids with sulfurous smells! 
Are poisons they've tapped
With their magic wands trapped
Evermore by sorcerous spells? 

Votes and news seem not relevant
The unrelenting elephant
In all our best rooms
Is fossil fuel's fumes
And toxins we can't circumvent