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Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: humor, imagery, inspiration, poetry, september, writing,

Cross-Eyed Woman -Limerick-

Cross eyed woman had a nasty fall after running into a brick wall she was hit over the head with a big loaf of bread while trying to play basketball. Copyright Cynthia Jones Sept.23/2004

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: autumn, cat, humorous, moon, night, september,

Ferris Wheel

ferris wheel
rising with the moon and stars
suddenly stops
but hey diddle diddle
almost jump over the moon

Poem Details | by Eileen Clark |
Categories: autumn, humorous, october, poetry, time,

September and October

The September days can get very hot
Turn on the air conditioner, then it's not
By late afternoon you are cold again
Turn off the air and let evening set it

The very next day you wake up to a chill
Is that really frost on your windowsill
Get out the sweaters and turn up the heat
The days to come this activity we'll repeat

We are just now entering the first of November
Much talk of a heat wave, so try to remember
Weather change happens so don't lose your cool
Predicting the weather makes a smart man a fool

Author Eileen Clark

Poem Details | by Robbie Mcclellan |
Categories: crazy, giggle, hilarious, humorous, life, september, silly,

Knocked Out By a Coffee Pot

I decided to clean the kitchen counter today but almost got knocked out after hitting myself in the head with the coffee maker. It was stuck to the counter from some spilled coffee and after pulling gently a few times I finally gave it one big yank and it let loose. Now I’m seeing stars and have 'Mr. Coffee' spelled backwards on my forehead ???? #EEFFOCRM

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: autumn, community, farm, friendship, humor, october, september,

Barn Raiser

some people think us rowdy

we greet them with a howdy

and once in our barn

they get a tall yarn

and some apple pan dowdy.

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: autumn, conflict, funny, giggle, humor, insect, september,

Autumn Bicker

a farmer under a tree

remarks when stung by a bee

seems each september

rain or fair weather

we seldom seem to agree.