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Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: food, funny, jewish,

A Tale of Kosher Shrimp

Hymie Frankel sat in a restaurant
   in the courtyard of a mall
Hymie was aware for sure
  that the fare wasn’t kosher at all

The Rabbi of Hymie’s synagogue
  just happened to walk past
When he noticed where Hymie was
  he let out an awful gasp

Hymie, friend, what’s eating you
  You know you mustn’t dine here
‘Now don’t you fret, Rabbi Cohen
  There’s nothing whatsoever to fear’

‘You’ve seen me order, have you not?’
  ‘Yes, I have, but what’s that got—’
‘And you’ve seen me eat the shrimp they brought?’
  ‘Yes, I have. That’s why I’m so hot—’ 

‘Then, good! You’ll surely agree with the court’s decision  
   ~  I’m dining under strict Rabbinic supervision!’