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Poem Details | by Sharon De Fazio |
Categories: cute love, funny love, i miss you, joy, love, simile, teen,

I Miss You

I miss you, 
like the sky misses the stars.
like the streets when there are no cars.
like a government that has no laws,
like music, when it is on pause.

I miss you,
like the desert misses the rain
like an addict without cocaine, 
like a kiss that misses lips
like actors without their scripts.

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: beauty, humorous, simile,

- Pleasure Gives Performance -

One of the secrets in life 

                        Maximum heart rate, maximum pleasure

                                Ready for a week's enjoyment

- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
  Copyright © All Rights Reserved


Poem Details | by Michael Ward |
Categories: fun, funny, hilarious, history, humor, nonsense, simile,

Silly Thoughts

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: allegory, funny, simile,

Night Owl

Night owl

Wake up all the night,
Asleep whole day bright,
Am I a night owl ?

Ward of seriously sick,
Moving my neck at three-sixty is a trick,
Am I a night owl ?

Disease in fluffy plumage,
Prey to hooked talons' curettage,
I am a night owl !

Aboard in the black hours,
Be dark sky or glitter of stars,
I am a night owl .

Inheriting the mystery and magic of night,
Taking a noiseless flight,
Blessed are the night owls !

Written on 5/8/14
Contest - Night Owl
Sponsor- Kelly Deschler

Poem Details | by Bulinya Martins |
Categories: art, girl, giggle,

Girls Are Like Pianos In Deed and Simile

Girls are like pianos in deed and simile
When well tuned they giggle and smile
When annoyed they prop and empathize
When spoiled they demand and emphasize
He who can make a girl laugh can make her upright
Then they grow glassy and fabulously bright
They become wily strong and pretty useful
Being good they go to heaven very beautiful
The saddest thing a girl can is to dump down herself
And then be a soaked wet coat hanging on the shelf

Poem Details | by Bl Devnath |
Categories: dream, funny, simile,

I Had a Dream

in my childhood i had a dream 
                              now time to my tongue's best cream 
                             i am selected as S.G. of United Nations
                              among many i am one of the patients
                           yesterday's my face book shows that theme

Poem Details | by Kim Mcadam |
Categories: beach, children, humor, simile,

Ocean Waves

ocean waves rush in
like rambunctious preschoolers
at morning recess
eager to entertain you
in goofy games of pretend

Poem Details | by Saahil Parwez |
Categories: hindi, humorous, metaphor, missing you, pain, philosophy, simile,


Teri Yaaden Mirch Ki Tarah Teekhi Hain
Jab Bhi Aati Aankhen Nam Kar Jaati Hain

Roz Main Tumko Cheeni Kha Ke Sochta Hun.

Poem Details | by Andy Craig |
Categories: crazy, friendship, fun, happiness, humor, silly, simile,


Jokes and laughter,

 some ones patter.its

 all part of the banter.

 Crack a smile its been

 a while, have a laugh

 be all out daft. A sore

 side and tears, drawn

 from memories of ever

 lasting silly cheer.

 Laughter is the cure, its

 sure to turn that frown

 upside down.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: anniversary, appreciation, art, beauty, body, funny, simile,

New Year's Resolution Inspired By John Cameron Swayze

We suggest a v-gina's for sex
And hope the owner expects
To take a licking
And keep on ticking
Over and over like a Timex

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: funny, humor, simile, words,

Words Matter

A relic or the missing link?
You're like “Plato” they say—Do they think
I'm that colossal 
Or a sentient fossil—
A “Play Dough” primordial stink?

Poem Details | by Sekitto Kisakye |
Categories: funny,


As blind as a bat,
as brave as a lion,
and stupid as a goat.

As busy as a bee,
as fat as a pig,
and happy as a king.

As strong as  a lion,
as heavy as a load,
and rude as fool.

As black as coal,
as cold as ice,
and white as snow.

As hot as fire,
as green as  grass,
and sweetly as juice.

All in all,
makes one thing,
common in life.

Poem Details | by David Aaron |
Categories: appreciation, feelings, humor, humorous, imagery, imagination, simile,

Fifty Four

I remember you
Say casts feel like huge cream puffs
devouring your leg

Poem Details | by Rhoda Tripp |
Categories: cute love, funny love, love, simile,

Warm and Squishy

An online romance,
like a roasted marshmallow,
feels warm and squishy.

Poem Details | by Edward Schmitz |
Categories: crazy, funny, giggle, humorous, parody, pollution, simile,

Something Smells

Something Smells Shall I compare you to a stinky fart? Your stench is more profound and daunting Clean wind could blow such clouds apart Yet your trauma remains thus haunting Perhaps a skunk's defense could seem perfume Amongst it's kind like a warrior's pride A bloated corpse could seem ideal to consume Scavengers enjoy those long after they've died But your putrid odor has no possible praise Nor would anyone happily greet you You seem forever cursed to live out your days Sickening everyone that would meet you So long as I use my nose to breathe and my eyes to see I hope you live your life far away from me

Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: dark, food, humor, irony, parody, satire, simile,

Packaged, Dried Instant Earthworm Ramen Noodles

Like Ramen noodles, packaged, dried worms are instant. Just add hot water, stir, and eat.

Poem Details | by Tom Pen |
Categories: april, food, friend, funny, simile,

Y'All Scream

I’ve never really needed ice cream,

just the mention and other’s eyes beam!

Ate a spoonful with such ease,

then my eyes bugged from brain freeze! 

I’d rather sit back and watch y’all scream!


Poem Details | by Christopher Goss |
Categories: cat, funny, humor, simile,

My Cat Is a Hipster

My cat likes to sit in the window
He watches the passerby with a cool gaze
And though he cannot speak English
His meows are full of disdain

My cat likes to flick his tail back and forth
While he licks his hind parts 
Maybe there's a secret eternal
Or maybe he simply farted

My cat likes to listen to electro swing
And I see him swaying to Caravan Palace
He sure loves to dance on Saturday
But every day to him is Caturday

My cat likes to look at me solemnly 
Like he's seeing something dead in the trash can
He probably hates my existence
Even if I feed him every day

Poem Details | by Diane Pennestri |
Categories: death, funny, memory, simile, thanks, tribute,

A Hope Memory Tribute Bob Hope

In our lives you were forever,
to make us cry, no never.
So many things that you did,
you made us all feel like a kid.
Every word you ever spoke,
somehow turned into a joke.
A special gift you had somehow,
I guess God must need it now.
He sent you to Angels above,
remember it's you we'll always love.
If it was loose, you would  tighten the rope,
after all you were Bob Hope.
We're all so grateful for all you gave,
the crazy ways you would behave.
So may I say from many,
   "Thanks for the Memory!"

Poem Details | by Whit Deschner |
Categories: animal, humorous, life, simile, suicide,

The Lemming

The lemming’s way
Is like Hemingway's

Poem Details | by Daisy Ward |
Categories: cheer up, christmas, funny, simile,

Santas Big Mistake

Twas the night
Before Christmas and 
As Santa tries to
Go down a chimney
The fireplace was lit
And his pants caught fire
So, he hurries and 
Crawls back-up the chimney
Looking like a 
Ball of fire as he
Jumps into the snow
Trying to put the fire out
After he puts it out
Santa gets up
And stands there
Looking like he’s been 
In a horrible fight
With burnt clothes
And scorch hair
Shouting Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night

DECEMBER 8, 2019

Poem Details | by Rose Henderson |
Categories: funny, imagination, simile,


Today the gremlins return to me
Sneaking up to bite so nastily
Breathe deeper yet still
Trying to fill
Consume that space within 
Before those bastards can get back in
Too late they have invaded
Left me wilted jaded
Still I run as if i coukd vanquish their existence 
! Dam the resistence!
Trying to not drown in this sea of strife.
To live and survive this  up life

Poem Details | by David Drowley |
Categories: color, humor, me, nature, simile, words,

Sharp As a Marble

With a mind sharp as a marble
Words roll off my tongue as garble.
My clean shaved head is like a globe
Serpentine tattooed, lobe to lobe
With yellow, brown and strings of blue
Of understated pastel hues
Waxed smoother than a scratched eight-ball
Like a brain coral, all in all.
What is outside is not within
Sharp as a marble crown to chin.

Sponsor: Hilo Poet
Contest Name: Simile Poetry Contest
“Sharp as a Marble”

Poem Details | by Esha Sharan |
Categories: emotions, giggle, humor, jealousy, simile,


Sight of fake smiles drew
'You look like barbie' , I said
Dumb, she smiles proving.

Poem Details | by Braden Bordello |
Categories: funny, humor, humorous, metaphor, simile,

A Stage

What, I cannot say,
A feeling something's wonkey.
Like mucking muddy sand at the bottom of the ocean,
Beneath acrobatic, trapeze artist monkeys.
What can be said,
About the snorkeling tigers?
Or the underwater chainsaw juggler,
Breathing fire?
There's a soggy clown around somewhere,
Spitting spades and hearts, and clovers.
It's a three-ringed circus sideshow - 
It too, will soon be over.