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Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

Sister Jan

Got a sweet pretend sister by the name of Jan She lives across the ocean on the Isle of Man We're united by the funnies We don't make much money Although some of our naughty stuff gets banned © Jack Ellison 2015

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: brother, conflict, humorous, sister,

My Bedroom

Daddy look at this place Mommy said it’s a disgrace cos nothing’s in the right place the floor’s an obstacle race and my best book on space isn’t in the book case BUT my kid sister Grace is lurking on the staircase she’s got a grin on her face - That smile I’d like to erase! Daddy I can only assume she’s been in my bedroom As she can now reach the door Daddy I’ve warned her before One day there’s gonna be war! Daddy just hear my plea Please please give me a key Then I can lock my sister out And then mommy won’t shout… At me! Look At This Place! Poetry Contest Sponsored by Matt Caliri 04/12/21

Poem Details | by Gail Debole |
Categories: future, humor, sister, vanity,

Shared Ego - Year 2030

Written by Gail DeBole on September 12, 2013

There once were siamese-like twins
Who didn't share organs or limbs.
An ego was shared
Thoughts moving through air
Between sisters Donna and Kim.

With an ego bigger than most
The twins did nothing but boast
of trophies and wins
And spectacular whims.
The sisters were known coast-to-coast.

Poem Details | by Colm Sweeney |
Categories: humorous, religion,

Sister Mary Ward

Sister Mary Ward
Prayed to the Lord,
"Let me leave this ghetto,
And set up Loreto."

Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: humorous, girl, girl,

Limerick: Once a Little Girl and Her Sister

Limerick : Once a Little Girl and her Sister

Once a little girl and her sister
Went out for a walk in a bluster
Little girl lost her way
Big sister blew away
With a Mister who wore a whisker. 

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

Poem Details | by John Posey |
Categories: dad, family, father daughter, humorous, sister,

Daddy's Mantel Clock

Daddy had a mantel clock on that shelf above the fire. I remember how it sometimes seemed to call my Sis a liar. Sis would be out on a date and the wheels of time would turn My dad, it seemed would always be awake when she returned. Now Daddy was quite strict on Sis – at nine she must be in. And she was in real trouble if it was as late as ten. “Darlin’, what’s the time?” he’d yell as she slipped in.. “Daddy, it’s about nine,” she’d shout, as that old clock struck ten. Written By John Posey 12/25/12

Poem Details | by John Williams |
Categories: children, funny,

Clean Sister, Dirty Brother

Leany Reany was so cleany,
She bathed five times a day,
She washed herself with ropey soapy
After every little play.
Dirty Burty was so shirty
When he had to take a shower,
He washed himself with muddy buddy,
Never smelling like a flower.

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Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: beauty, childhood, courage, dedication, children, kids, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, funny, happiness, happy, history, hope, inspirational, life, love, memory, passion, people, relationship, school, sister, success, teen, time, uplifting,

Ridiculous Me

Watch this scene with both eyes and try not to blink C: --> 

I stood there... silently
Like a predator near prey 
I sneak behind YOU

You weren't even aware of it!! Ha-ha! 

I made YOU jump hIgH
Like a startled hare
I chuckle and smile

You know that mischievous smile of mine? 

Your reaction was
PRICELESS - you were so upset
But YOU forgave me

Well...I'm flattered. . . 

We laugh'd together (just like the good times)
In a chorus - our volume
Picked up extreme sound

Believe me - I could hear our laughter from a mile away!

But I'm glad I did
My best to make you giggle

Ridiculous me... 
Wouldn't you agree?

Poem Details | by Ugwu Cornelius Chidera |
Categories: humorous

I'Ve a Beautiful Sister, Rejoice

I've a beautiful 
sister, Rejoice
whose head never 
makes any wise 
Hear the last that 
she made
was to be, a house 
What shall i call this 
stupid Rejoice?

Poem Details | by John Fenn |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love, romance, sister

Just One Wish

If I could have a single wish
And have that wish come true
I’d wish that we could always be
Together, me and you

I’d wish eternal happiness
A lifetime filled with bliss
To hold you in my arms each night
And feel your tender kiss

Just having you beside me
Is all I that I desire
You are the one I dream of
You set my heart on fire

I’d wish for you because, you know,
I simply can’t resist ya
But.If you don’t stop your moaning’
I’ll be wishing for your sister

Poem Details | by Monique John |
Categories: appreciation, child, children, fun, joy, little sister, youth,

All the Funny Kids

All The Funny Kids
                                           By: Monique John 

Full of joy
Unbelievably excited
Never-ending happiness
Nature’s lovers

Kind hearts
Ideal company
Dare devils
Snuggle Monsters

Poem Details | by Jason Talbott |
Categories: family, funny, sister

Which One Is the Insister

She insisted on careless key twisting.
Now she's mad and locked out and it's misting.
And her sister's locked in...
Who's "in-sister" again,
If the "out-sister" did the insisting?

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: faith, life, sister, visionary,

Job's Funny Sister


                       Job's sister
                   didn't need a whale
                         life ate her

Poem Details | by Judy Valko |
Categories: baby, kids, funny, humor, silly, sister,



I had to change the diaper
On my little sis today,
Everyone else was busy
And the smell wouldn’t go away.

Her diaper sure was soggy.
Inside it was a mess!
I gagged then almost vomited.
I felt in such distress.

But when it all was over,
My sister smiled and me.
I picked her up to kiss her
And bounce her on my knee.

I hugged her in my arms.
Her cheeks were soft as silk.
She looked at me and smiled.
Then burped up all her milk!

Poem Details | by Nikki Reynolds |
Categories: brother, friend, funny, growing up, kid, sister,

Bad Kids

Little Joyce Ann and her friend Glenn
decided to play a trick one day
They took a rope and each grabbed an end,
then laid it across the alleyway

They hid in the bushes on each side
and waited for just the right time
One on the left and one on the right 
waiting patiently for him to come by

Then came Little Johnny on his bike,
riding without a care
Right on time they snatched the rope tight
and flipped Little Johnny up in the air

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: dedication, family, funny, imagination, sister, visionary

Quit Flapping and Flipping Those Lips {footle}

her lips
just flips

Tribute To 
My Sister Who Just Cannot 
Stop Flipping That Lip  LOL

Poem Details | by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: brother, chocolate, funny, giggle, halloween, humorous, sister,

Naughty Brother Bobby

Every year when it is sweet Halloween time,
my selfish big brother commits the same crime -
he quick gobbles his candy and then steals mine!
I can't tell cause my parents will say I whine
so this Halloween my mean brother, Bobby,
will feel regret and correct his theft hobby. 
Tonight, this sis is a sinister zombie 
who will see Bro turn squatty, potty sorry!
I foil wrapped sweets he favs as delicious –
he will soon steal Exlax-styled Hershey kisses.
By the time naughty Bobby grows suspicious
his guts will have already turned most vicious!

... CayCay
October 25, 2019

Poem Details | by Darian Brown |
Categories: family, friendship, funny, me,

Me Sister Bren

Dear Sister, this is for you, again you win
Artist of the year, and sexiest friend
Such an adorable person, so I rate you a ten
Tony is an imposter; I’m your real kin 
See the doctor loathe me because I had muscles of men
But anyway, tell the mama I’ll never see again 
“Thank you Katherine for conceiving… me sister Bren”

Poem Details | by Samantha-Jane Smith |
Categories: funny, sister,

With My Sister Alicia

Sitting next to a dear friend,
Watching me on here,
Funny type such strange things,
Just to get her started. :)

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: funny, hilarious, how i feel, humorous, introspection, peace, sister,

A Very Savvy Nurses Aide

Two nurses and a doctor try to coax me into a wheelchair.
I sit firmly, hard, arms crossed, not doing it no matter what.
A nurse's aide comes in. She says "Therapy dog is down at X-ray today."
I jump into that wheelchair like the bed was on fire, and away we go.
No dog in sight, but a very savvy nurse's aide.

Poem Details | by Anna Makoujy |
Categories: family, funny,

Letter To My Sister

Dear Sister,

I am writing
to let you know
how glad I am
you are gone.
How much I appreciate
your presence not
being near mine.
How much more
I like you
when I don't have to 
tolerate you
on a daily 

So I have 
but one
simple request.
as far away
as you possibly can.
Because then
I like you 
much better. 

I send you 
my best
and hope
you will grant
my request.

Always your sister,
never your friend

Poem Details | by Laura Hannan |
Categories: education, faith, funny, satire, school, sister,

Last Monday

The Catholics came to Junior school last Monday
And took my sister out of Maths
The rules had changed
They'd read The Book
Averages could no longer be taught in class

"One, plus one, plus one, the teacher said, equals three
And divided by three is one.
But Jesus, plus God, plus the Holy Ghost equals,
And divided by three is

Infinite Power!"

My hamster passed away last Monday
His soul left to be judged
I hope that when the good are numbered
That God knows how to count.

Poem Details | by John Fenn |
Categories: animals, childhood, faith, family, children, funny, hope, pets, sister


Somebody’s stolen my hamster
It was there when I went up to bed
My sister is sitting there laughing
And saying my hamster is dead

She thinks that it’s ever so funny
That Hammy keeled over and died 
Then she showed me where Hammy was buried
And I fell to my knees and I cried

The tears only lasted a minute
When a thought entered into my head
If my hamster has gone up to heaven
Can I have a new puppy instead ?

© John W Fenn  16-02-2009

Poem Details | by Pat Adams |
Categories: confusion, humorous, silly, sister,

Getting Off Work

Finally now, I'm getting off work
Not another bruise or blister
I can hardly, wait to rip off
The pink panties of my sister!

Ok, just hold on a minute here
That sounded very bad, I now see
Don't be thinking it's something weird
It's just that they're too tight on me!

Poem Details | by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: humorous,

My Sister the Virgin Mary

My sister Mary was contrary
She met a nice fellow named Harry
He tried, without a doubt
But she would not put out
Virgin Mary will never marry.

written July 20, 2021