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Poem Details | by Brenda Mcgrath |
Categories: dog, funny, humorous,

The Skunk Encounter

One night in New Hampshire we let the dog out into the dark night,
And suddenly he took off running with all his might!
A skunk was waiting and the dog didn’t have a prayer,
Now he smelled so foul, it was beyond compare!

The cocker spaniel came flying back inside,
Unfortunately we had left the door opened wide!
He rubbed on the furniture and all over the floor,
While my husband tried to catch him and colorfully swore.

Our new house was now a smelly wreck,
While at midnight we bathed the dog in tomatoes on the deck.
The house and pet reeked for weeks on end…
The skunk had won the battle with man’s best friend.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: humor, wisdom,

Stinky Skunk

Stinky Skunk

                                          Black, white furry skunk
                                        Encounter sprayed accident
                                          Sprayed again your fault

By Eve Roper 3/1/2015

Poem Details | by Effie Blake |
Categories: animals, funny, nature,

Behind the Skunk Display

polecat on front paws
a cross readdy to fire
run before discharge

Poem Details | by Sabrina Robillard |
Categories: animals, funny, nature,

Stinky Skunk

Go away! 
Go away!
Shoo, shoo, shoo!
I don’t like skunks
You smell

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: animal, drink, funny,

Sammy the Skunk

The creature at the bar loved to get drunk
But townsfolk kept well away cos it stunk
At this bar with his friend
Drank whiskey till night's end
You’ve probably guessed its Sammy the skunk.

Joe the mayor asked the townsfolk to think
For an answer to that horrible stink
They came up with a plan
A huge extractor fan
Now skunks and townsfolk can both share a drink.

Written on 9th September 2018-09-09

For animal limerick contest sponsored by Charles Messina.

Poem Details | by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: animal, humorous, senses,

To Be a Skunk

How would you like to be a skunk?
And told day and night that you stunk?
   I wouldn't object
   Or change the subject
That awful smell is just something I thunk

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: animal, fun, funny, hilarious, humor, humorous, nature,

Skunk Funk

NOTE: This limerick posted 10/31/2020 in Alexis Y.’s PEE YEW Collaboration Take a look at the collaboration on her page! It's hilarious!
I once was peed on by a stinky skunk Stinky not quite the word – he stunk! I tried each known cure Retained his allure I am still surrounded by funk

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey |
Categories: animals, funny, nature, people,


Your fragrance is too loud!
One drop too much, my sweet- Strikes!
Lingers like road kill...

Poem Details | by Daisy Ward |
Categories: humor,

Baby Skunk

The baby skunk was so sad
Because his scent made people mad
So, he sat in a pond
A good fairy waved her wand
Suddenly he stopped smelling bad

Poem Details | by Randy Johnson |
Categories: funny


Women once loved me because I was a hunk.
But that ended after I was sprayed by a skunk.
I've taken eleven showers and I still smell.
Needless to say my love life isn't going well.
This stench is as bad as that car on Seinfeld.
All of the ladies run who I've held.
I would like to go back to the good old days.
But when people take a sniff, they run away.
I have some advice for you and I'm not funning.
If you see a skunk, you'd better start running.


Poem Details | by Brandlynn Young |
Categories: animals, children, funny,

A Suicidal Skunk

I ran over a suicidal skunk,
And mercy me! Did that thing stunk!

Ran across the lane in front of me.
And goodness me!  PEW-WEE!

I saw his fur all white and black
I tried to miss him, but SMACK!

I heard a thump and heard a crunch, 
And the smell would make you loose your lunch.

My eyes all watered up and burned.
If I’d known the skunk’s path, I would have turned.

When I got home and got our of my car,
It wasn’t the greatest smell by far.

After I ran over a suicidal skunk,
Goodness me did my car stunk.

Poem Details | by Jeff W. Watson |
Categories: animal, drink, hilarious, humor, humorous, silly,

Drunk As a Skunk

Drink to the rain falling down
Drink to the tears of a clown
Drink to get drunk
Drunk as a skunk
Drinks on the skunk, he's buyin' a round!

Has anyone seen a skunk drunk from a drink?
It's not a pretty sight you would think
They can hold their liqueur
And they can drink much quicker
They can't drive, but they do drink and stink!