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Poem Details | by Anthony Beck |
Categories: freedom, humorous, i am,


'Tis a tree sloth that I be,
Dwelling in a tree sloth's tree.
When a worker bee,
Asks what's up with me.
I say: "Sloth shall set you free."

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: humor, summer,

I am a Sloth A Slob A Slug

I am a sloth, a slob, a slug
During the summer when school is out.
I move in slow motion from chair to couch to bed.

I am in the throes of binge eating –
sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar and salt.
pie, cake, cinnamon rolls, pie, cake and chips.

I am sluggish.
I have gained eight pounds in the eight pounds I have been home
I can barely waddle from the living room couch to bed.

I am wearing an oversized purple and red mumu now.
You could fit a small calf in here with me but I may grow into it.
I am a sloth, a slob, as slug
During the summer when school is out.