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Poem Details | by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: humor, humorous, snow, winter,


I walked by a snowman named Fred

  Who stood on his twigs and his head

    He hid both his stalks

      With poorly-matched socks

        And showed off his snowballs instead.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Christmas Limericks (New Or Old)" Poetry Contest, Carolyn Devonshire, Judge & Sponsor.

~ 6th Place ~  in the "Your Best Single Limerick Five Lines Only" Poetry Contest, Robert Haigh, Sponsor.

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Upside-Down World - Limerick" Poetry Contest, Eve Roper, Sponsor.

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: dog, fun, humor,

- Haiku X 72 - Dog, Poop and Snow -

Behavior perfect
Deep cold snow how can she poop
My small dog Kissy

If my dog could talk
I try to understand her
She drown in the snow

A-L Andresen :)

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: funny, snow, snow,

Go Away, Go Away, Go Away

(Sing to tune of Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow)

Oh, the weather outside is crappy, 
and they say I should be happy,
But to all this snow I say, 
"Go away, go away, go away."

Some weirdos think snow is "gnarly," 
But roads are slick and snarly,
And MORE snow's on the way, 
"Go away, go away, go away."

When I woke up at 6 a.m., 
fast to my window I ran.
But the earth was a blinding white. 
My car wouldn't start.  What a fright!

When finally I got started, 
and to the roads I darted,
I was sliding as I prayed,
 "Go away, go away, go away."

Poem Details | by Warren Doll |
Categories: fantasy, funny, snow, winter,


Snowman stands in all his splendor
Perfectly made of three snow globes 
Proud of his coal eyes and carrot nose
Large colored marbles for mouth and smile
Hardy twigs at his side for arms
Glancing down he’s quite content
He was made anatomically correct
Classically covered by a large fig leaf

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: humorous, snow,

It's Snow Joke - Bawdy Limerick

In winter when snow softly falls Sid snowman clutches his snow balls He says I feel chilly There’s frost on my willy I hope it melts when nature calls!

Poem Details | by Matthan Atherton |
Categories: adventure, funny, naturesnow, snow,

Winter Fun

Outside so cold
Let Winters story unfold

The lake now ice
A fire out back, so nice

As the blizzard sets in
A snowball fight will separate the boys from the men

A snowman emerges from hard work
A little boy knocks it over, what a jerk

A snow day for school
All the kids think it's cool

Shovel the snow from the porch
The intense cold can scorch

Go back inside
From the cold, run and hide

Poem Details | by David Welch |
Categories: children, day, fun, humor, seasons, winter, youth,

Kids' Snow Day

Just last night we got two feet of snow,
enough to make all of the school’s close,
kids get excited, ready to blow,
made them put on all their heavy clothes,
what happened next everybody knows,
the boys ran outside, started a row,
air crisscrossed with snowballs they throw,
if you get hit you feel slushy woe
until soaked socks chill up the toes,
how winter should be, I deem it so!
My teenage daughter flips through her phone,
into the white she’s too ‘cool’ to go,
the couch, it seems, is permanent home,
my son with snowball creeps up real low,
I hear her shrieks, and just say,”Oh no.”
This day really does belong to the snow.

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: fruit, funny, humorous, kiss, lust, sleep, woman,

Snow White

Snow White took an unladylike bite
of a big red apple polished bright
	she snoozed quite a while
	he kissed her with guile
and they shared an afternoon delight

Poem Details | by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: funny, nostalgia,

Snow Flake

summer snowflake...the ice cream man drifts by

Poem Details | by Robin L. Gass |
Categories: dedication, funny, sea, seasonssnow, snow,

The Weary Winter Snow

The snow white blanket glistening
so brightly all around
has grown so very tired
as the winter's winding down.

Oh how we long for Springtimes' sun
to smile about the place
to melt the weary winter snow
and wash its' dirty face.

But when the old and forlorn snow
has melted we shall find
we'll curse all of the Springtime mud
that it will leave behind.

This was inspired by Moggie, the woman I was aid
and companion to, when she was commenting on
the dirty snow and said someone should write a
poem about it.  I wrote this for her and I wanted to
share this with you.   RG

Poem Details | by Julian Bohan |
Categories: angel, angst, art, bible, boyfriend, eve, god, humor, language, nature, nice, retirement, science, senses, silly, snow,

From the National Poet of Slovenia In a Language People Understand - E Pluribum Anus


In modus fasciculumque Brady pus.
Rogationes, confractum egemus.
Minara excommunica
Ripa nostra, sus amica,
Sic superbum precum, pape beatus.


The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand moves in mysterious ways. Just ignore him.

Poem Details | by Marvin D. Schrebe |
Categories: kids, funny, nature, nostalgia, prayer, children, snow, children, snow,

Falling Snow

Outside the snow is falling
The children are sleighing
Sometimes they start snowballing
Outside the snow is falling
“Dinner is served”, their Mom is calling
The children don’t hear what she’s saying
Outside the snow is falling
The children are sleighing!

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: funny, snow, snow,

Slick Limerick

Andrea lives in a city
In which every season is pretty!
But on a bad snow day,
She drives on the freeway
And curses because it’s so %#itty. (small edit for the kiddies)

**on our Utah license plates it says 
"The Greatest Snow on Earth" (yeah, right)

For PD's Contest
(After I posted this, I realized, gosh, the title
really does work because few things are as 
slick as a Utah road in winter.)

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: humorous,

Snow Job

Washington is to get a foot of snow!

   That is nothin' new as far as I know.

      I will shed no clamant tears.

         They gave us snow jobs for years!

            Methinks that a pertinent quid pro quo!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: child, childhood, family, children, funny, people, seasons, snow,


Snow falls
Fun calls

Old folks 
Wear cloaks 

Snow slide
Sleighs ride

Cold day
Kids play

Snow fight
Cool sight 

Round balls
Crash walls

Good hit
Kid’s split

Cold nose
Froze toes

Ó February 5, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by Janet Eaton |
Categories: humor, spring, winter,

Snow Flakes and Easter Lilies

Snow flakes and Easter lilies scatter the ground
Winter time and Spring time seem to be having a round
Like a game of tug of war each side wants control
Today it was winter who wanted to rock n roll
Tomorrow maybe Spring time will give it a heave ho
Guess we won’t know till tomorrow though

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: children, funny, holiday, mother, nature, seasons

Triple Haiku-Snow and Wonderment


It took three whole days
for Jack to build a snowman;
he's as tall and strong


They are thrilled and scream..
playing in the deep, fresh snow;
they cannot their mom 


Heart, take a quick look: 
isn't winter's glittering snow 
so mysterious?

Poem Details | by Ralph Taylor |
Categories: funny, mystery

Snow Job

Got a stupid question, driving me beserk! 

The reason I am asking is, because I'm such a jerk

        When we get lots of snow,

        I'm curious to know,

how does the plow driver, make it in to work?

Poem Details | by Mary Rotman |
Categories: humorous, memorial, snow, summer, sun,

Summer Snowman

note: St. Jude is the patron saint of hopeless causes

Didja ever feel like a summer snowman?
Out of luck, living on borrowed time,
constructed from leftovers sentimentally 
stored, given birth because Mom decided 
to clean out the freezer.
And so, into existence, doomed from the start;
a pointless life lived for the amusement 
of others, spent wearing black after Memorial Day 
and wool in July, mouthing prayers to St Jude even
as the good saint's boss overrules and the
sun moves into position overhead.

Poem Details | by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: funny, winter,

Play In the Snow

There was a young fellow called Joe
Who loved to play out in the snow
But he skidded on ice
Somersaulted twice
And broke all three bones in his elbow.

February 16th 2018.

Entered in walking in the snow contest
Sponsored by Kevin Shaw.

Poem Details | by Nigel Fawcett |
Categories: funny, life, seasons

Word Morph - Rain To Snow

I awoke this morning to the sound of heavy RAIN
Downstairs a lake had formed, oh what a PAIN
Off I went to fetch my mop and PAIL

Nonetheless, my spirit does not FAIL
I made a temporary gutter out of FOIL
(This weather will not take me as a FOOL)

Now I sit and dry my soaking FOOT
That’s black because I trod in flakes of SOOT
Which must have fallen from my stove’s air SLOT

At last the rain it has begun to SLOW
But, alas, it’s only been replaced by SNOW

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: christmas, humorous,

It's Snow Joke

Poor Rudolph’s desperate to “go”
Resulting in bright yellow snow
He produces some brown
Making Santa Claus frown
And shouting Rudolph, No! No! No!

A Funny Christmas or December Holiday Limerick Poetry Contest

Sponsored by Tania Kitchin


Poem Details | by Janet Eaton |
Categories: how i feel, humor, snow,

I'D Rather Sit Here and Write

The world has been covered in a blanket of white
The snow so deep there is no car in sight
The shovel should be out to start this fight
Yet I think I would rather sit here and write.

Poem Details | by Brenda Mcgrath |
Categories: april, humorous, snow,

April Fool's Snow

This April 1st is all snowy and dark,
With heavy wet snow that is no walk in the park.
We were hoping Spring was here to stay,
Instead the April Fool’s joke is on us today.
With this late Spring snow, it will increase our mud…
And falls on us like a big hard thud!

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: humorous, snow,

Never Eat Yellow Snow - Inspired By Contest

Last Christmas I saw yellow snow (Poor Rudolph could not stem his flow) He now wears a nappy  And Rudolph's so happy As snowflakes are pure white you know! Inspired by walking in the snow contest 2 /19 /19