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Poem Details | by Black Eyed Susan |
Categories: funny, humorous, journey, poems,

Poems For My Alien Abductors: a Ride Into Space

I thought I could wow them with poems from earth
Poems of joy and humor, poems extolling it’s worth
So I laid out poems from Michael, Gail, and me
From Andrea, David, Gwen, and Ilene
From PD, Harry, Mandy, and Chris
From Jack, Craig, Cyndi, and Liz…
For I was sure once they read our beautiful works
They would embrace us and love our humanly quirks!
So last night I taped them all over my skin
Knowing they’d find them if they took me again…

When I woke up, they were gone and I had a reply:
“We enjoyed reading those poems last night, 
And thanks for the names of the earthlings too -
We have many more experiments to do!”

For Michael's boomerang...send your poem for a ride contest

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: fantasy, humorous, space,

Is There Life On Mars

Two Martians went on a blind date They agreed to meet at half eight Dressed as harlequins They looked like two twins Them meeting was just down to fate They sat down and ordered some beer Drank it up and were soon full of cheer They went to a star Which wasn’t too far And agreed Mars had no atmosphere They decided to visit our earth Most earthlings gave them a wide berth A photo was taken The image is makin’ A fortune - just think of its worth! Both settled in the US of A Martians friends came on a holiday Wearing such clever disguise They look like regular guys Area 51 is where they stay Subject Mars – Joe Maverick 07~05~15

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: analogy, deep, humanity, humor, imagination, introspection, wisdom,

Space Cadet

You'll find it is a good idea,
now and then,
to look at the bigger picture:
see with a broader view
the workings of your fellow men.
A word of advice, if I may,
please, don't stay too long,
be sure to always come back soon!
One learns next to nothing
about mankind
by looking at the earth
while standing on the moon.

NOTE: Another oldie.

Poem Details | by Andrew Rymill |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, funny, imagination, inspirational, introspection, science fiction, space, time,

Bending Spoons

...A poem
is a spoon
that you can bend
with your mind.

It depends on psi
if you 
are mutant 
X or Y 
a paranormal opportunity 
or a wild talent
of psionic penmanship .

Stare at the pattern 
on the handle
as you imagine 
the handle
either roses or unicorns
are emblazon here.

So much the better
as your mind
bends the words
and the metal obeys...

Spoon begins to tremble
there is no knife
to run away with.

Then comes
the period
like an empty plate.
to contain
a bent spoon
with squeezed letters...

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: funny, space, stars, wind,

To Eire Is Who, Man

All the fighting Irish see stars
Over pints of Guinness in bars
But Jan has a plan
To transport each man
Its called, "Cork, Uranus to Mars"

Poem Details | by Harshath Vidheya |
Categories: earth, humor, planet, space, sun, universe, write,


Sun Writes Letters
To all the Planets, but None can Read
The Ashes.

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, angst, confusion, dark, dedication, depression, devotion, education, faith, farewell, funny, humorous, imagination, introspection, lonely, loss, lost, memory, pain, parody, passion, people, places, retirement, sad, science fiction, sorrow, sorry, space, star, teacher, time, travel, tribute, visionary,

Solitude: To Yoda, An Ode

Green bark a prism creates,
Feel the pull of earth, you must.

Rotates, a slime of endless hates,
Can hold me not, this world’s crust.

Friendship’s ties, isolation Deflates,
Succumbs, my spaceship, to bitter rust.

Mist, my soul forever permeates,
Lift-off, booms the rocket’s thrust.

My spirit when light returns, elates,
Swamps swell, swallowed hope’s swirling dust.

Trapped, I am, until student from fate
Arrives to learn; Cloud City or bust.

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, courage, freedom, funny, hate, history, home, hope, humorous, journey, life, lonely, lost, patriotic, peace, people, places, political, space, travel, visionary,


One more alien... an extra terrestrial. Bloody foreigners.

Poem Details | by Chrissie Morris Brady |
Categories: adventure, confusion, humor, lost, space, travel,

Space Or Spaced Out

In Space or Spaced Out

Bones grow feeble without gravity
This is a serious matter, not to be taken lightly
Blood fails to reach the brain
We must bear this in mind
Space cannot be navigated by the light headed
The semi conscious, on a journey with such a faint map
Think on this seriously, it is not a joke
Spaceships lost in the heavens is a hellish consequence
Sentient beings drifting half conscious is senseless
Concentrate your thoughts so that we do not scatter
Debris in the galaxies, cleverly made
And stupidly lost.

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: funny, mystery, nature, philosophy, science, space,

Cosmology Vs Cosmetology

Dark matter makes scientists sweat
Their telescopes can't find it...yet
What's lost could be found
If they’d just turn around
And gaze at a sexy brunette

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: child, funny, humorous, prayer, religious, science, science fiction, space,

Aliens At Your Bedroom Window

Don’t worry now child
There's no god, so worship space
You are not alone.

Poem Details | by Reta Pruitt |
Categories: funny, humor, space, universe,

The Galactic Way

Galactic is our universe
Enhanced by wonder lust
Of stars that want to show their tails
Before they turn to dust.

Much like my sister and her mister
Out to light the town
In their galactic Lamborghini
Loaded all around.

And if they race like stars that hast
To blind with their bright lights
They might end up, a black hole stuck
And that would serve them right.

August 30, 2016
(For contest)

Poem Details | by J-Mag Guthrie |
Categories: america, humor, humorous, immigration, space, word play,


The alien saucer fell hard.
It landed right there in my yard.
    I'd give them jobs mowing
    or cooking and sewing
but none of them has a Green Card.

Poem Details | by Sharon Smith |
Categories: beautiful, children, funny, space, planet,

On a Planet In Far Outer Space

On a planet in far outer space,
You'll find a familiar face,
The folk there you see,
Well they all look like me,
It must be a beautiful place.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: cat, children, fun, funny, imagery, muse, race, space,

Can'T Catch Me

Can't Catch Me

field Mouse
did rouse

house cat
fell flat

took chase
fast race

small space
broke vase

smirk tease
took cheese


 Sponsored by: JAN ALLISON

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: addiction, allusion, angel, anger, art, celebration, confusion, crazy, depression, desire, earth, emotions, fantasy, fear, feelings, freedom, god, grief, health, humanity, humorous, image, imagination, life, loneliness, love, magic, music, nonsense, peace, planet, political, poverty, power, pride, psychological, sound, space, spiritual, stars, stress, suicide, sympathy, teen, usa, wisdom, world,

An Aquarian Exposition

Take the pill
on the hill
and don't be shrill
when you see the rainbow
when you are low.
Just go with the flow
and eat the purple snow.
Chase the rabbits 
through the green field
but use my shield 
to end all of your habits.

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, freedom, history, holiday, home, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, journey, life, love, metaphor, natural disasters, nature, nostalgia, passion, philosophy, recovery from..., space, stress, travel,

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part V

The English weather:
Rainclouds follow us from home
There is no escape.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: funny, me,

The Space Invader

“Don’t-stand-so-close-to-me,” he said to her. I’m feeling claustrophobic. Every time I turn around, you’re right there at my shoulder. Were you a poem, I’d make you its end rhyme! “How rude you are!” his girlfriend then replied. “The way you talk to me is a disgrace. We’re finished!” As she strode away she cried, “And this is me now giving you your space.” For Black Eyed Susan's Space Contest

Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, people, space

Mars and Venus

On Mars it's a man you will see.
On Venus a lady will be.
     But what's so amazing,
     Will make all your heads ring.
They both get together with glee!

Poem Details | by Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson |
Categories: allegory, fantasy, children, friendship, funny, happiness, imagination, life, mystery, nature, passion, places, sea, seasons, space, visionary

Thunderstruck Sunshine

The clouds shook
A thick, black, very wet blanket out
In the Southeastern quadrant 
Of the New Mexico firmament,
Complete with lightning
And growling, crackling,
Massive basso-profundo sound effects,
Inviting the sun to rest,
Take a load off, 

Abrasively radiant,
Helios glared a brilliant, heated, passionate,
Steamy smile
Into the arid monsoon skies

And refused Storm’s invitation
To lie down and go to bed

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: art, beauty, character, dream, education, funny, girl, growing up, happiness, jealousy, memory, my children, song, space, star, student, wind,

The Stage Plan

Roaming in the ropes,

lubing like the tokes,

aging like the folks-

we will to get hard before blasting into the remote!

New ground that you tweet about,

...about a stout boy, 
level headed,
awaits his crown,

disastrously loud-

prays of nights that go by days when there are no clouds,
or an enlightened language moving along by a count.

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: child, humorous, imagination, space,

There Goes Ethan

One day on the trampoline, my nephew, aiming for the tree,
overshot his leap and jumped as far as the eye can see.
If you squint hard enough
you'll see it in the buff;
a minuscule dot orbiting the galaxy!

NOTE: My nephew Ethan is one of those kids where it's not enough to say he's skinny (if he inhaled enough helium I wonder the possibilities of him floating away).

Poem Details | by John Williams |
Categories: children, funny, space,

Alien Danger

Granger was in danger,
An alien landed in his yard,
So he slimed him with his slime-gun,
The alien running hard.

The alien jumped into his rocket ship
And pulled the portals down,
He blasted into space 
With a great big alien frown.

Granger told his parents,
They just laughed and shook their heads,
That is until they saw the scorch marks,
Just near the old chook sheds.

Poem Details | by Tei Mickey |
Categories: art, funny, imagination, inspirational, life, nature, peace, people, school, space, time

Homework... What Homework?!?

The clock strikes nine. Ink fills the night sky, until the silvery orb in the heavens is the only source of light. 
The clock strikes twelve. Tiny pinpricks of light dot the raven-dark heavens. They shine brightly; as if each was 
trying to outdo the last. I sit. And stare. And wonder. The clock strikes three. I shift and pick up my 
homework. The assignment is a three page essay, due today. Should I do it? Nah... I toss it aside and resume 
my staring of the sky.

Poem Details | by Ann Rich |
Categories: funny, happiness, imagination, inspirational, introspection, life, mystery, nature, space, time, uplifting, visionaryme, me,

Twin Key

June 24th 2010

Twin Key

Hey, help me out here would you please?
Can you show me where all my whys go?
While you are at it search my I told you so.
More so, that alter ego I want you to seize.

Listen here and listen up, it has twin keys.
I tell you something else, do not tell it no.
It gets bigger and bigger a dynasty I know.
Blow a kiss for me send it my best breeze.

Roll out my red carpet,
Spit-shine your shoes,
Sit it down just park it!
Say I depart my blues!

Look out here there is two just like me,
God blessed you! I have my Twin Key.

®Registered: Ann Rich 2010