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Poem Details | by Mike Martin |
Categories: hilarious, humor, humorous, spanish,

San Antonio

adios gringo buenos dias muchacho hastsa la vista si signorita gracia para sombrero signore lo perdí a rio grandé cruzar sierra madré voy a san miguel san hosé, san juan pedir san antonio decir por favor Enjoy the music here.

Poem Details | by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: beauty, funny love, magic, music, passion, song, symbolism,

Spanish Gypsy

Guitars seduce me
With stacatto semi-tones
Spanish Gypsy scales

Poem Details | by Jan Oskar Hansen |
Categories: courage, humor,

The Spanish King and I

The King and I
I have seen the king of Spain abdicating 
in full uniform, but his cap was too small 
this made him look jolly except for his
cane and the small steps of an old man. 
Until recently he looked handsome and 
had many mistresses and he was fond of 
hunting elephants; he has given up both 
pursuits and is faithful to the queen. 
Old age sometimes arrive suddenly, there
you are walking about feeling in tune with
the world, for next waking up in a hospital
being lifted by strong arms from a trolley to
a bed and have your shrunken ***** cleaned 
by a brisk nurse. The king and I are identical.

Poem Details | by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: humorous, rain, spanish,

Rain In Spain

Rolling down the contours of Iberian Peninsula the picturesque highlands of lofty Andalusia fringe the landscape of the great plain of Spain, cradling the ancient cities of Madrid and Segovia. In the frenzy arena horny bull charges as if tipsy, gyrating matador’s muleta whipping it doesn’t see, for his agile feet move in rhythm of baile flamenco like the flurry of the trotting steps of the gypsy. Travel from one city to the other by train, you need not visit Pygmalion once again, you’ll make out the aim of mnemonic device… “rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain”.
July 18, 2019