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Poem Details | by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: funny

Sparrow Mozart

He came when she beckoned
Nothing to lose he reckoned
But love is quite messy
When the lover is so fussy
She wanted so to sing
Of winter and of spring
And all he needed to do
Was a gentle kiss or two
Even the crow stuffed his ear
To hear her jeer
An end to his loving mood
Her beak had to be glued


For Francine’s, ‘enough’ contest

Poem Details | by Charles Messina |
Categories: fate, humor,

Captain Jack Sparrow

I was watching
The television 
When I Noticed
A clip
Of Captain
Jack Sparrow 
All alone
On his ship
He was guzzling
His rum
And continued
To drink
When his Black
Pearl ship 
Had started
To sink
He slurred
And he swaggered 
From all
That he drank
Then he said 
"I'm Captain Jack Sparrow 
I'll now
Walk the plank"
Hands tied
And blind folded 
As he sank
To the bottom

He was rescued
By a mermaid 
When she swam
And she got him
She left him
On the shore 
Where his journey
Had begun
When he drank
To his fate 
With his bottle 
Of rum

Poem Details | by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: humorous, integrity, religious,

Sparrow perched on my head

Sparrow perched on my head;
whispered to me in the ear;
“Come let’s go to Virgin Island
I’ll carry you on my back.
and you  will enjoy my turn
when I’m there right on your back.”
“Stop it,” I rebuked the mad bird
“How shall I conceive my babies?
by binary fusion?
by grafting?
is there Holy Spirit?
Devil, go away. 
Never tempt someone’s mistress again.”