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Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: character, crazy, depression, humor,

The Suicidal Moth

Once there was a moth that flew up to Doctor John
He said I'm depressed, I'm a suicidal one"
 Doc John said, "I'm no shrink," 
"Why stop here do you think?"
He said, "Well, I had to, because the light was on!"

Poem Details | by Sabion Osore |
Categories: crazy, funny, love, love hurts, sad love, satire, scary,

Suicidal Love

Suicidal Love It chokes and mauls me, It suffocates me as its venom spread to shake my heart, It kneads and lives me vulnerable to hurt, When you hunt it, I remained obdurate to love, Its obsession sucks my strength, When the peril of real epitome of African beauty sprout her, Chokes and desires of having you drown me into sour guts, It is a suicide how this eerie feeling fills, For it freezes not the frosted and fermented heart to freedom It is suicidal how love is.

Poem Details | by Brandlynn Young |
Categories: animals, children, funny,

A Suicidal Skunk

I ran over a suicidal skunk,
And mercy me! Did that thing stunk!

Ran across the lane in front of me.
And goodness me!  PEW-WEE!

I saw his fur all white and black
I tried to miss him, but SMACK!

I heard a thump and heard a crunch, 
And the smell would make you loose your lunch.

My eyes all watered up and burned.
If I’d known the skunk’s path, I would have turned.

When I got home and got our of my car,
It wasn’t the greatest smell by far.

After I ran over a suicidal skunk,
Goodness me did my car stunk.