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Poem Details | by Christopher Allen |
Categories: humor, humorous,

Beach Ball In a Suitcase

So my son is knocking up
The alphabet at the worktable

He's onto the letter 'j'
(Should it have a hat or not?)

"Downward stroke, with a curl,
Then stab his face."

He's onto the letter 't'
(The Romans pronounced it 'tay')

"Downward stroke, then slap
Him across the mug."

The ancients kept reversing and
Rotating them

I do the same with my son
And as he's tucked into bed

I regret the bloodthirsty 
Language I used

Be careful what you utter
To a child

"Dad, I'm going to blow your glasses off."

Poem Details | by Paul Russell |
Categories: family, funny, brother, brother,


Hide and seek should be a simple game
With no-one hurt and no-one to blame

But you haven't seen it played by my brother and me
It truly is an event to see

I hid in a suitcase once when we played
My brother found me but in the suitcase I stayed

Down the stairs I was thrown
When the suitcase was opened I could only groan

I had two lumps on my forehead
"I walked into a door" is what I said