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Poem Details | by Key V. |
Categories: autumn, december, february, funny, summer, weather, winter,


I hate the cold weather, whether to say the least,
the cold weather hates me, i slipped and fell last week,
plus the warm weather's better, i'd rather sweat than freeze,
put the ice in my drinks not in my socks and sleeves, 
the reason i feel this way, stems from two things, 
maybe i'm a fall guy, with wants to see some leaves, 
or i just miss the summer days with vitamin ray beams, 
either reason or way my thoughts remain oblique,
because i hate the cold weather and cold weather hates me.

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: humorous, weather,

Summer - and It's Raining Again

Welcome to our ‘British’ summer It’s raining again – oh what a bummer Clear blue skies have turned to grey Think it’s time for a foreign holiday! 17th April 2015

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, flower, funny, garden, hurt, summer,

Sting Bee

i knew a bee that could sing

it worked for a queen and king

but they preferred honey

and paid it no money

now it sings backup for sting.

Poem Details | by Mike Martin |
Categories: horse, humor, humorous, summer, sun, sunset,

The Gift

Deep in the wilde of the Cypress mound on the lower Graburn run
The air is cool and clear by far for the eye of the setting sun

A ride along the turning valleys sight above the plain
The break of eve the sun is sank the day all ends aglow

Made for all by the hands of many of earth and tree and branch
Unwaving hospitality Historic Reesor Ranch

Poem Details | by Darlene Gifford |
Categories: children, humor, summer,

Mr Crocodile's Back In Town

On a sweltering summer day,
Mr. Crocodile's come to stay.
Slithering into shops and stores,
every cold thing he devours.

Children's mouths drop and drool.
They see what's keeping him so cool!
Cats and dogs linger at his feet,
licking up drippings, of sweet, stolen treats.

Cops and fire trucks roar down the block,
with their sirens blaring, chasing Mr. Crock.
Toddler's cry while their mother's scream,
to see him eating all the town's ice cream.

Poem Details | by Joseph Sergi |
Categories: funny, giggle,

Summer Cooking

Summer Cooking
Its summer time you know what that means,
We move the grill out for all to see.
Stainless Steel shining in the sun,
Five burners! Yea that’s the one!
Then the family comes over and the heat is on
You’re thinking to yourself “this is not fun”
Sweat is pouring down and rolling in your eyes,
And the smoke rises up to the sky.
Burgers and hot dogs fly off the grill,
You think to yourself when will they be fill?
Summer cooking in the hot sun,
I can’t wait until winter comes.


Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: humor, imagination, jobs, life, night, school, summer,

School Story

Alphabet learned
Before school
Counting too
Doing homework
Jump rope
Kicked and
Night dreams
On to
Queen crowned
Rest some
Summer is here
Visit jobs
Working now
X-raying bones
Ya-hoo I made it
Zoom through life.


Date Written:5/20/022

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: humor, summer, winter,

Our Winter Turned Into Summer

I wish I knew how cold summer would be, maybe I’d wear long leggings in the pool- I’d swim with my mittens casually, and most likely look like a chilly fool. Cuz’ winter turned into summer in June, kids went sledding in the lavender field- The snow melted and I looked like a prune, ice stuck on the oranges as I peeled. It happened so fast we never saw Spring, the poor squirrels never buried their nuts- Never heard the baby birds chirp and sing, never heard the quacking of the lil’ ducks. Our Winter turned into Summer…so strange- The seasons mother nature rearranged! A Funny Sonnet How Your Winter Turned Into Summer August 26, 2017

Poem Details | by Kari Koivu |
Categories: funny, imagination, life, summer, summer,

To Thong In Public...

To wear a thong in public...
Not much chance of that...
Unless your the type...
That gets invited back...
For unlike the summer months...
What's there to show...
I myself...put it on the shelf...
As like most you know...
To thong in public...
That's a life time ago...
A little more to hide...
Even in summer time...
To wear a thong in public...
Not much chance of that...

Poem Details | by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: allusion, food, humorous, sensual, silly, summer,

Savory Seduction

rub my butt with spices
baste my breasts with olive oil
slather my wings and things with sauce
butter my thighs, slow broil

	ah, the savory delights of a summer BBQ!

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: animal, food, fun, humor, sky, summer, uplifting,


Quote By Poet "A zoo trip can put a zip in your
walk and zeal for being outside with the animals."

A hot summer's day at the zoo,
beautiful white clouds with a bright sky of blue.
Look the elephants are being chased by the clean up crew,
watch out he just might moo.
Here we have lions of two,
just like me and you.
The cute little bear is eating bamboo,
they want bamboo and I want some hot beef stew.
The day and time is almost through,
let's go home and have some cheese fondue.

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: baptism, beauty, city, eve, first love, funny, gender, god, history, independence day, mystery, mythology, night, obituary, raven, sea, silly, summer, sweet, teacher, world, yellow,

Roll On

Lauren Hill slow songs thrill,

they pop like a fast moving pill,

I am flopped on top of a junk food bill,

and running with a skunk who tells me to take in my fill-

like leading um' on into my dream,
I create a festering lean,

I rank every thought in order of how I like it,

and prep for a long time that's gonna break all the cycles.

Striding with my shrine,

as I shock a spine,

revitalize and prime-

as I preen and primp and chimp-

as I act like a pimp,

I black out and gimp,

skimp out on my dying moment because death is no shrimp!

Poem Details | by Tyshawn Knight |
Categories: anger, crazy, humor, summer,

Mowing the Lawn

I’m mowing the lawn free and clear
Don’t have no pants on
Because it’s hot out here.
Neighbors always said I was insane
Always called me out of my name
“Well to hell with them!” is what I say.
I’m mowing the lawn free and clear today.
People always lookin’ down on me.
Well what I think of them…
Now they see…
My moon
And my sun
Watch me as I mow my lawn.

Poem Details | by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: fantasy, funny, seasons, summer,

- Delicious Summer -

When summer comes ..... I want to swim naked in the lake
                  and I want you to be with me ....... come and join ...
                                           it is delicious ...........

A-L  Andresen :)

              -   I was given a challenge: * A poem in only 25 words
              -   Use the words:              * Summer - Naked - Delicious 
                                       *  like it / not like it :)

Poem Details | by Jakob Vaught |
Categories: funny, summer,

Saturday Morning

I woke up in a Saturday Morning
sleeping in too late.
It is a little boring
this is the mood I really hate.

I missed all of my favorite cartoons
its now 11 o'clock.
Maybe I should play with my harpoon
but I know I'll just be told to stop.

While I'm writing this poem
my brother comes up to me and says hey.
Then I go to my friends home
and that is what makes my Saturday.

Jakob Vaught

Poem Details | by Donna Jones |
Categories: humorous, summer,

Human Bacon

I go out seeking the sun's rays


I lay there torturing myself


I return inside


©Donna Jones

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: humorous, mystery, nature, summer, wind,

Haiku 41

sporadic chimes -
an invisible man
knocks at my door

Poem Details | by Charlie Knowlton |
Categories: beach, funny, sea, summer,

Ride Home From the Beach

                a sea of salt sand
                populates swimsuit waistband
                the oceans wet itch

Poem Details | by Edward Mccormick |
Categories: animal, boyfriend, funny, girlfriend, spring, summer,

A Kiss of Sunshine

a kiss of sunshine pouty crimson horizon ****-a-doodle-doo

Poem Details | by Sandy Ivy D |
Categories: funny,

Summer Fun


I take my clothe off' now that is fun.
My nipples get hard under the new summer sun.
Winter approaches'
And still my nipples are hard.


Poem Details | by Mary Rotman |
Categories: humorous, memorial, snow, summer, sun,

Summer Snowman

note: St. Jude is the patron saint of hopeless causes

Didja ever feel like a summer snowman?
Out of luck, living on borrowed time,
constructed from leftovers sentimentally 
stored, given birth because Mom decided 
to clean out the freezer.
And so, into existence, doomed from the start;
a pointless life lived for the amusement 
of others, spent wearing black after Memorial Day 
and wool in July, mouthing prayers to St Jude even
as the good saint's boss overrules and the
sun moves into position overhead.

Poem Details | by Drjim Martin |
Categories: funny,

Summer Couplet

A Summer Couplet

The swimmin’ hole was very inviting,
Hope the fish are all nonbiting!

Poem Details | by Jacob Barros |
Categories: flower, giggle, meaningful, summer, sun,

Land of Summertime

Land of Summertime

Maroon Mums lay among white vast cushions.
So proud are Heathers far above Queen Buttons.
See hazy Coxcombs brush the Willy Willows while
Dandelions are resting upon white Angel Pillows.

Carmine Kangaroom paws hop, hop, and hop.
Lumonium, Gladiolus and Larkspur lazily stop.
Lisanthus, talebear and go tell the other Orchids!
Look, look, Snapdragons, scouting for Kings!

Adjoin virtuosity, there are inklings of scent!
Rose Spray whirls in the dancing breeze.
Astonished is Alabaster eyes and stance as
Xanthous Daffodils giggle and sneeze.

Aster nurtures the Baby's Breath without relent
As Spring and Summer embrace the scent.

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: funny, love, lust, storm,

Summer Storm

summer storm
on the sofa
her bra 

Published:  Frogpond, Jounal of Haiku Society of America

Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: flower, funny, goodbye, imagination, leaving, nature, summer,

Moving On

Goodbye sweet friend it's time to go,
Don't act as if you did not know.
Now is the chance for me to show,
You have become my greatest foe
I'm leaving you at dawn.
Remember when we used to be
Like peas in a pod, you and me?
Now all I want is to be free
It's time I'm moving on.

The sun awoke to bless my sky,
Wind has given me wings to fly,
I'm feeling so free, I cannot lie
Turning I whisper one last goodbye,
As I'm leaving you at dawn.
Today has become my greatest test...
Find a field where my seed shall rest
Till when next year I'm a Dandelion pest.
That's why I'm moving on.

09.08. 2014
Written for Anthony Slausen’s Contest Moving On