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Poem Details | by Jacob Barros |
Categories: flower, giggle, meaningful, summer, sun,

Land of Summertime

Land of Summertime

Maroon Mums lay among white vast cushions.
So proud are Heathers far above Queen Buttons.
See hazy Coxcombs brush the Willy Willows while
Dandelions are resting upon white Angel Pillows.

Carmine Kangaroom paws hop, hop, and hop.
Lumonium, Gladiolus and Larkspur lazily stop.
Lisanthus, talebear and go tell the other Orchids!
Look, look, Snapdragons, scouting for Kings!

Adjoin virtuosity, there are inklings of scent!
Rose Spray whirls in the dancing breeze.
Astonished is Alabaster eyes and stance as
Xanthous Daffodils giggle and sneeze.

Aster nurtures the Baby's Breath without relent
As Spring and Summer embrace the scent.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: animal, fantasy, fun, humorous,

summertime cafe

uptown jersey cow
sitting up at dairy bar
sips skinny latte

Posted on September 14, 2018