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Poem Details | by Lochan Chugh |
Categories: death, emotions, fear, humor, life, loneliness, sun,

Let's Die

It was a height of 250 metres,
But I wasn’t afraid;
I looked down
And there wasn’t even my shade.

The sun was already jumping
But with a low speed,
“ I can perform better,
 I am not going to give the lead.”

Took a deep breath
And I was in air,
Time stopped,
And silence reached there.

The sun began moving upward,
Or I began moving downward,
I was flying,
But like a dead bird.

When from the ground,
I wasn’t really high;
Mind said,“ change in plan,
Let the sun first die”.

Poem Details | by Mike Martin |
Categories: horse, humor, humorous, summer, sun, sunset,

The Gift

Deep in the wilde of the Cypress mound on the lower Graburn run
The air is cool and clear by far for the eye of the setting sun

A ride along the turning valleys sight above the plain
The break of eve the sun is sank the day all ends aglow

Made for all by the hands of many of earth and tree and branch
Unwaving hospitality Historic Reesor Ranch

Poem Details | by Harshath Vidheya |
Categories: earth, humor, planet, space, sun, universe, write,


Sun Writes Letters
To all the Planets, but None can Read
The Ashes.

Poem Details | by Cj Krieger |
Categories: funny, philosophy, sound, bird, bird, sound, sun,

Zen Buddhist Bird

A Buddhist bird flies 
Under the eyes 
Of winter’s sun 
As I watch his flight 
Across a lonely wintry sky 
Gazing up 
At his long, long flight south 

He diverts himself 
From the chilly northern wind 
A wind 
That the sun cannot warm 

He diverts himself 
With a single thought 
As only a Zen Buddhist bird might do 
And asks 

What is the sound 
Of one wing flapping? 
"the sound of one hand clapping"...(by J. D. Salinger) Thank you Leo

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: flower, humor, morning, rain, spring, sun, wind,

Spring's Other Side

Spring is the time to venture out and play
the pretty flowers are wearing the bees
maybe it is bright and sunny all day
early morning may come with a cool breeze.

Did you remember to put on bug spray
or you will be lunch and eaten alive
make sure that you do not become their prey
watch out for the low large hanging beehive.

Springtime can bring sun and much needed rain
we sneeze and blow our nose as flowers grow
today their beautiful colors will reign
as the soft wind will magically blow.

I cannot wait for this warm special time
and hear the ringing sound from the wind chime.


Date Written:2/2/2023

4 Place

Poem Details | by Chris Hagy |
Categories: anger, change, funny, how i feel, march, sun, voice,

Slap In the Face

Just a cold, hard slap in the face
Is Daylight Savings Time to morning place

Winter’s drive is dark and cold
Headlights searching for deer in the road

But March brings the sun like golden ripe fruit
To brighten my chores and morning commute

For just a while I pretend it will last
Try to keep winter’s veil in the past

But then the inevitable Monday comes
Because someone decided this silly thing should be done

I’ve changed the clock the night before
So once again only darkness awaits out my door

For another month
I keep the dark pace
Whoever thought of this needs a slap in the face!

Poem Details | by Cona Adams |
Categories: animal, humor, sun,


        like a

Poem Details | by Nitesh Aggarwal |
Categories: funny,

Sun Tan.

There once was a lady on the roof;
Basking on the sun, getting tanned, all aloof.
A towel covered her up.
She felt comfy like a pup .
Lying on the sunlit roof, oh what a goof!

Poem Details | by Mary Rotman |
Categories: humorous, memorial, snow, summer, sun,

Summer Snowman

note: St. Jude is the patron saint of hopeless causes

Didja ever feel like a summer snowman?
Out of luck, living on borrowed time,
constructed from leftovers sentimentally 
stored, given birth because Mom decided 
to clean out the freezer.
And so, into existence, doomed from the start;
a pointless life lived for the amusement 
of others, spent wearing black after Memorial Day 
and wool in July, mouthing prayers to St Jude even
as the good saint's boss overrules and the
sun moves into position overhead.

Poem Details | by Jacob Barros |
Categories: flower, giggle, meaningful, summer, sun,

Land of Summertime

Land of Summertime

Maroon Mums lay among white vast cushions.
So proud are Heathers far above Queen Buttons.
See hazy Coxcombs brush the Willy Willows while
Dandelions are resting upon white Angel Pillows.

Carmine Kangaroom paws hop, hop, and hop.
Lumonium, Gladiolus and Larkspur lazily stop.
Lisanthus, talebear and go tell the other Orchids!
Look, look, Snapdragons, scouting for Kings!

Adjoin virtuosity, there are inklings of scent!
Rose Spray whirls in the dancing breeze.
Astonished is Alabaster eyes and stance as
Xanthous Daffodils giggle and sneeze.

Aster nurtures the Baby's Breath without relent
As Spring and Summer embrace the scent.

Poem Details | by Mario Cc |
Categories: funny, nature,

Sun Is Trying To Kill Me

Sun is trying to kill me,
but it's too far,
however, it's raising our temperature bar.

Sun is trying to kill me,
but it's too weak,
Earth's atmosphere is to thick.

But that giant yellow thing is cunning,
it made us, circling, running, spinning,
it wants to kill everyone,
to be just as it was on the beginning.

I saw it, standing up on the sky
with that vengeful look on its face,
it calls it self a star, such a disgrace

Poem Details | by Tony Lane |
Categories: funny, sun,

Nothing But Blue Skies

I saw a man today who was walking with a cane, His knee would give him trouble whenever it was going to rain. On his knee’s prognostication you could place a bet, If you saw him limping by you know that you’d get wet. But if you saw him walking by with a spring in his step, There were only two reasons that could account for his pep. It could be that the sun is high and will continue shinning bright, Or it could be that he got lucky when he went to bed last night. So if you wanted to know if it was the sun or an amorous interlude, You’d have to meet up with his wife and check her attitude.

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: how i feel, humor, rain, sun, wind,

Gray Skies

gray skies
threatening winter rains
again would
brush the clouds from the sun
but can't move the wind

Poem Details | by Rita A. Simmonds |
Categories: art, cry, funny, purple, sun, wine,

Deep Purple Days

Deep purple days
the sun will rise
and squeeze like grapes
my bloodshot eyes
that cry red wine
to line my face.
A brighter day
draws Chardonnay. 

January 28, 2019
for Purple2 Cash Prize Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Anula Aboobacker |
Categories: funny, nature, nostalgia,

Lazy Sun

Dawn breaks, With a filmy twist; As Mr Sun, cries to the chirping birdies, "Five more minutes...please!"

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: education, food, humorous, military, sun, time, war,

Tank Fest Tanka

Tim went to the Bovington Tank Festival...

baking in hot sun
spud boy wargasms like blitzkrieg
contemplating tanks

injustice of war ice cream
chocolate shrapnel sprinkled

Poem Details | by Celestine Ikwuamaesi |
Categories: community, humor,

Fun In the Sun

A lizard lies in the sand,
In a blazing tropic sun.
Three kids chuckle under a shade,  
Starring at the calm being.
	One says, "Look, it must be dead."
	Another, "Has tummy ache."
	Another, "Just sunbathing." 
The lizard nods, wags his tail.

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: dream, humorous, life, moon, sleep, sun, today,


Life is a great dream         
What a first rate dream      


Sleep now not a scream   
Slip into a dream              


My coffee and cream                                                                             
Today have a dream      


Sun is filled with gleam    
Life comes with a dream          


Moon shines with a beam                                                                   
Shining on my dream


Date Written 9/4/2020

Note: 5 Syllables-Rhyme

Poem Details | by Kash Poet |
Categories: fantasy, funny, sun,

Me Eat My Words

Let's have some fun
hide the sun once
and turn the time.

Call moon for light
day and night same
no bright sun there.

Who will do it?
Little bit tough
me eat my words.

© kashinath karmakar(6th Auigust 2011)

Placement: 3rd;(August 2011)

By:kashinath karmakar


Sponsor:Dr Ram Mehta

Poem Details | by Jenish Somadas |
Categories: funny, sea, sun,

The Lost Might

The Sun was far, hot and big
Before I trapped him in my camera;
Like the mighty sea lost its might
When carried away in a bucket.

Honorable Mention in STRAND SELECT 9 ,any form ,any theme Poetry Contest sponsored by Brian Strand

Poem Details | by Christie Mills |
Categories: animals, funny, life, nature, visionary, dog, dog, sun,

At Morning Play

The sun shines gently upon me. 
The birds are busy at play.
The children are sleeping. 
The cats are out creeping.
And the dog has been barking all day.

The birds cackle and chirp;
As they play a round of hide and seek.
The dog watches with excitement, 
as the cat strolls by so frail and meek.

A good morning kiss from the sun to the world.
Its a brand new day.
wake up boys and girls.

Poem Details | by Robert Ronnow |
Categories: bird, change, fun, green, humor, spring, sun,

Lawn Party

A robin hops, looks, pecks.
Looks, hops, pecks.
Pecks, looks, hops.

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: animal, funny, summer, sun,

Hyena's Showdown

tic tock a high noon                                                                                              sun is glaring with laughter                                                                                             tails dart to darkness

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: humorous, morning, mountains, sun,

Smart-Aleck Mountain Echo

I anticipated a campin' trip in the mountains a few days ago.
Ah, the splendor of the risin' sun while slurpin' a mug o' joe!

I greeted one morn with a hearty "HOWDY!", I was so engrossed!
Alas, my euphoria was shattered when the echo replied, "GIT LOST!"

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Smith |
Categories: allegory, allusion, fantasy, humorous, irony, metaphor,

There Are Ordinary Things Under the Sun


Let us speak of ordinary things
Such as Thracian wars and ascendancy of kings
Consulting Greek writers of the Second Sophistic
Might provide insight that must be intrinsic
Then we can move to the more mundane
Asia Minor's thousand gods might help to explain
Why there continues a lack of wisdom and intelligence 
Which is sine qua non  for a paucity of eptness

These virtues are lacking in one who purdures to astound 
How a gasbag of hot air can remain earthbound  

He retains characteristics of cosmic black holes
Knowledge falls in but where it goes no one knows