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Poem Details | by I Am Anaya |
Categories: humor,

Santa Superhero

Santa’s a superhero thanks to Sienna
                          She’s made a Marvel with her old school penna
                          So let’s not stop with Putin
                          When it’s Trump we’ll be bootin
                          Next elections, he and his orange henna

                          Santa in red tights and a fur lined cape
                          His new Marvel powers no villain can escape
                          Trump, don't mess with the jolly man
                          He'll kick your orangutang can
                          And leave you but an empty shell of an ape

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humorous,

A Superhero In a Dress

You guys must be panting and taking deep breaths Waiting for the man in his Super Hero dress Dress is misleading A straight life I am leading There's no telling what they'll say in the press