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Poem Details | by Joseph May |
Categories: funny,

A Hard Pill To Swallow

There was a thrill seeker named Biff
 Who got married on a cliff
 Honeymooned  in Niagra
 Overdosed on Viagra
 Now the poor fella's  a stiff


Poem Details | by Jessie Sellers |
Categories: art, caregiving, funny, happiness, hope, music, song-

Swallow Your Pride

you life,
is so far ahead
but your strife
is now dead

you want,
now to step aside
but it haunts
to swallow your pride

let it be free
let it all see
that the truth is into the sea

you just reprise
that it may be unwise
this is somthing you dont want to be

so swallow your pride
just swallow your pride
and dont let it hurt inside

let your pain go 
let it go slow 
and then you just wont know

now give it a try.......Swallow your pride!!!