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Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: freedom, funny, sexy, teacher, technology, teen, teenage, together, vanity,

Having Sex - Footle

buck wild
rodeo style

Poem Details | by Hidden Sister |
Categories: child, humorous, slam, son,

Teenage Blues

My whinny,crabby, hungry teen
Your stinky,spoiled and quite mean
You want, you need, you have to have
The latest,newest, modern fad

Your greasy, grimy, hands smear
My wall, light switches, and the mirror
Empty snack bags,with sweet and sour
Create tall,extensive buildings that tower

Your messy,your dirty,in need of a shower
Please make it quick,not loiter an hour
Your smelly,nasty, disgusting shoes
Are slowly  poisoning every room

Even with big mouth,rolling eyes and sighs
I would not trade you, I surmise

Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
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Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: anger, childhood, class, confusion, crazy, dedication, children, kids, funny, growing up, growth, high school, how i feel, innocence, inspiration, life, middle school, people, rights, school, social, stress, student, teacher, teen, teenage, time, today, truth, words, writing, youth,

Bladder Problems In Class

Numbers on 
White board…names written hori-

Students ask
To go pee…right when class starts – 
THAT’S just wrong…

Bathroom line
Of students who have bladder
Problems – WOW!

People are
Not using lunchtime to do 
Their business 

No one knows
When to do their duties – SER-

Poem Details | by Lindsay Ward |
Categories: best friend, character, friend, friendship, funny, middle school, teenage,

Cheesecake Lover

Who is she?
She is a seventh grader
Plays softball
Wears glasses
She lives and loves cheesecake
Chaddar cheese
Mac n' cheese
Who is she?

Poem Details | by Tasha Taylor |
Categories: cute love, feelings, giggle, smile, student, teenage,

Your Smile

I see you walking down the hall.
Your gorgeous blonde hair, 
Thoughtful blue eyes, and 
Perfect smile make me flustered.

I try to disappear into myself
When I will pass you. 
A God like you doesn't notice
People who are like me.

Somehow, you catch my eye
And you wink at me as we pass.
When you can't see me anymore,
A smile lights up my face. 

The impossible actually happened!
I am left grinning like a giggly idiot,
Getting concerned glances by others.
Yet, I don't care because you smiled at me:

You with your sunshine hair,
Deep, blue ocean eyes, and 
your contagious smile.
My smile glows because of your smile.

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Smith |
Categories: funny, growing up, humor, irony, teenage, wisdom,

Teenage Years

In a long ago day no term such as teenager 
was inferred
Upon reaching pubescence adulthood was 
No separate entity were teenage years 
thought to be
Anymore than 20 or 30 even 93
The business of giving separate age a place 
on life's map
Has turned out to be nothing but a load 
of crap
"I'm a teenager" they will wail and whine
Implying "your life is less valuable than 
"I'm your replacement" is what they're 
trying to say
But they should at their feet what's crawling 
on the floor  
Their own replacements will be ready a couple
years or more

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: humorous, school, teenage, work,

All In a Day's Work

Sometimes my work is the pits - Teenagers popping their zits With consummate art They burp and they fart … I still love my job to bits! 17th November 2015

Poem Details | by Michael Ward |
Categories: confusion, fun, grandchild, grandfather, humor, humorous, teenage,

A True Storey

A true storey

My grandson paid me a visit
The other day
And I asked him do you still play
And he said that he wanted a trumpet
I thought  that I would give him a surprise
If I showed a little enterprise

So off to the shops I did go
And I bought a trumpet that
Even I could not blow
I gave my grandson the trumpet
And he said what's this grandad

It's what you wanted I said
I never said I wanted a trumpet
I said I wanted a drum kit 
I can't play the trumpet and the drums
What do you think I am going to do 
Join a band of one man bands

And if I could I would need another pair
Of hands

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: anger, humorous, mother daughter, teenage,

Spoilt Brat Footles

in mess

Flicks hair -

Bad mood
Is rude

She whines
At times

She pouts
And shouts

Mummy … 

Stamps feet

Can clout –
Watch out!


Spoilt brat –
Hate that!

5th June 2015

Poem Details | by Rhona Mcferran |
Categories: family, feelings, funny, humor, humorous, teen, teenage,

Eyes Will Roll

Eyes roll
like marbles
around the room
teens protest out of touch

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: children, humor, teacher, teenage, writing,

Homework Howlers

Here's some homework howlers,
By hilarious pupil terrors,
"An octopus has eight testicles."
Did I read that with my spectacles?
"Mozart sailed to Vietnam." For how long?
Why is there a clavichord in the Mekong?
"Rome is now in Africa." Do tell,
Didn't you learn map-reading too well?
"Mummy and Daddy's fave place is bed."
Do your parents really want this read?
Are these mud-coloured glasses, or what?
How did I survive teaching this lot?
It's hard to take them too serious,
Homework howlers, hilarious!

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: england, growing up, humor, senses, teenage, travel, youth,

Teen Spirit, a Tanka

smells like teen spirit
the impulse and ammonia
lynx and mary jane
heated hormone heavy air
fogs the windows of the bus

by gail

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: humorous, identity, imagery, life, teenage, urban, vanity,

Urban Culture

My name is in the ID,
but I assume many personalities
of celebrities and socialites,
some who seem to be lost in utopia.
Speaking of utopia,
I believe in everything Hollywood
says about aliens being green,
with big heads, lasers and all...
I'll enjoy burger fries and milkshakes everyday,
and pray that God will somehow
cleanse my body system. 
Sex, partying and raving are the philosophies
I live by; You Only Live Once (YOLO).
Sometimes I'm tempted to sell my bed on eBay,
because sleep is not my friend;
I joke and drink all night with my friends.
Oh, back to my name!
Since I have multiple personalities,
you can call me a "Weapon of Mass Consumption".

Poem Details | by Lisha Porwal |
Categories: hilarious, humorous, poetry, school, student, teenage, youth,

Illogical Wish

Time up! Time up!
Examiner's tune
Shut up! Shut up!
Teacher's tune
Hey! Can't we ban it?

We children get a year to hear
And only 3 hours to star
Can't we keep it on a little par?

Oh! I didn't mean a long year,
But at least a day
And then it will, one on one.

Teacher talks the whole day
It may be any topic
Can't we make it on a par?

Oh! I don't mean:
Be a talkative or a lecturer
But a discusser
And then it can be on any topic.

Time up! Time up!
Examiner's tune
Shut up! Shut up!
Teacher's tune
Hey! Can't we ban it?

~Generating witty and impossible thoughts will never lead us to our goals while generating positive vibes for learning everything will.

Poem Details | by Elton Camp |
Categories: funny, kiss, teenage,

A Teenage Kiss

A Teenage Kiss   
A Teenage Kiss 

By Elton Camp 

Jason on young Susan had his eye 

To give her a big kiss the boy did try 

She wore braces as did he 

Didn’t expect how that could be 

So their interlocked wires they had to pry

Poem Details | by Randy Johnson |
Categories: funny, humor,

My Teenage Son Isn'T Potty Trained

I'm going to tell you something and I'll be quite plain.
I have a fifteen year old son who couldn't be potty trained.
I tried to potty train him but I wasn't able to succeed.
He still wears diapers because they're what he needs.
The kids make fun of him when he takes showers at school.
They laugh when they see his diapers, my son truly is a fool.
He's not even smart enough to change his diapers, his gym teacher and I have to do it.
Using protection on the night when he was conceived would've been wise but I blew it.
The situation is so embarrassing, what am I going to do?
I really hope and pray that other people aren't in my shoes.

Poem Details | by Bill Lindsay |
Categories: funny, technology, teenage,

Shakespeare and Iphones

I checked out 20 words we owe to William Shakespeare and included them in this ditty about teenagers. The Bard is emboldened herein :

Bedazzled by new-fangled, mutitudinous belongings,
Fashionable youth in half-blooded pageantry
Swagger uncomfortably amidst the inaudible manager
Of their disheartening addictions.

Scuffling shy of eyeball contact
They Cold-bloodedly eschew humanity 
And view any effort toward eventful social intercourse
As an assassination attempt by an arch-villain
and as the Ladybird, play dead when threatened.

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: body, how i feel, humorous,

Teenage Nose Job

Nose job

nasal piercing; yeuk! more suitable for cattle what a silly moo! Written after I saw a teenager with a large metal ring through her septum. I can understand ear piercing but the thought of a stud or ring in my nose ... yeuk, but each to their own 3/7/18

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: family, funny, hair, parents, silly, teenage,

Family Life

To prove that she just did not care
She tossed all her clothes in the air
Her father would scream
Whilst mum ate ice cream
And the postman sighed, "What a pair!"

Gummi Bare

Freddy had a rubber dolly
Designed to be, "Freddy's Folly"
Out of the blue
She proved untrue
And bounced off the bed with Wally

Teenage Trauma

Wanda & May Bee were very best friends
Like all teenagers they followed the trends
In all kinds of weather
They would cry together
Their world was ending; they both had split ends!

Poem Details | by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: humor, youth, mum,

The Bouncing Teenage Bed

Sex was why I left the homely coop,
lack of it to tell the truth.

And when I got into my flat, with every
girl I hung my hat.

Thank you mam and wham bam bam,
at last my life, was full of jam.

To wake up with a damsel’s cheer, 
convinced my friends I was not *****.

So I could walk, and play the ball, and in 
my arms, more gals would fall.

With bouncing boobs and butts like jelly,
I had no time to watch the telly.

Sighs and butts and boobs and squeals,
Now I know how heaven feels.

But in my lust I ne’er forgot; the coop
and mum and dad I got.

Poem Details | by John Gondolf |
Categories: humorous, sexy, teenage,

A Complex Subject - a Bit Bawdy

A humorous thing about sex when young ‘twas a subject complex we tried to get laid but left so dismayed when merriment early ejects.
August 29, 2019

Poem Details | by Kewal Prasant |
Categories: beautiful, dream, funny love, girlfriend, love,

Teenage Love

First day at college,
Encounter with a girl,
Gazes are exchanged,
Heart pounds,
Clock ceases to move,
Nothing happened further,
Goes back home and ruminates with a hidden smile,
Love is so pure and beautiful,
Everything turns fresh,
Even dark passenger makes way for geniality,
Aloofness takes the back seat,
Sweet dreams are aplenty,
Everything was near perfect until,
Mother exclaims, Wake up! It is 6 o'clock.

Poem Details | by Jim Bowron |
Categories: funny, teenage,

Looking Back

It might have been dumb, but it was fun
And for those who snicker and sneer
Their fun is done

Poem Details | by Sushma A. Singh |
Categories: humorous, teenage,

Funny One Liner

When  the going 
             gets tough,
    even   the tough
   can't help  groaning!

Date Oct 10 2016
Contest Funny one liner