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Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: appreciation, giving, humorous, poetry, thanks,

A Gift of a Lifetime - To End On Saturday March 20th 2077

I’ve received an incredible gift It has given my heart such a lift But the date that I see Is what now concerns me – It’s the date I no longer exist!!! Today I was gifted a 'lifetime' premium membership but it is somewhat disconcerting to see it ends on 3/20/2077. I hope TPS aren't psychic!!!! My mother's great great aunt lived to 111 and 121 days and was in the Guinness book of records - I hope I am around a long long time to make full use of this incredible gift. 14th October 2016

Poem Details | by Jan Allison |
Categories: friendship, humorous, me, poetry, thanks, tribute,

The Queen of Poop On Poetry Soup

I post my poems on poetry soup About farting and guys with brewer’s droop I’ve been given a crown And I won’t let Flo down Be assured I’ll keep on posting my poop! Posted in conjunction with my blog about my amazing gifts from F J Thomas 25th January 2017

Poem Details | by Rob Carmack |
Categories: animal, best friend, dog, humorous, love, pets, thanks,

Sonnet Chiweenie Boo

Your dad, a Dachshund once stuck in Chihuahua.
The best of both in you, with that expectant
Confusing carpets for the lawn enigma.
I know….the raining….getting wet….you can’t.

As coldness chills the room, a sheet for you.
The perfect tucking of in, but you moved!
I ponder, just how crazy is my Boo?
The sheet’s thread count too low to be approved?

Your dance in circles, spinning on the floor.
Rewards and treasures known upon the racks.
Induced by meals and that one pantry door.   
In such a fury, choking on the snacks.

I know what God’s book says, I’ve searched it whole.
But still, I hope you have a little soul.


Poem Details | by Kevin Dale |
Categories: humorous,

Thanks Postie

You bring the mail unfailingly In sun and wind and rain With cheery smile and bright “Hello" And "Turned out nice again" May I suggest a strategy To brighten all our lives Bring a million pounds from Ernie Instead of twenty-fives!!

Poem Details | by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: appreciation, career, celebrity, humor, memory, thanks,


Comedian Carol Burnett had a variety show I'll never forget. She gave us much laughter and cheer, sometimes just by pulling her ear.
... CayCay March 28, 2019

Poem Details | by Marycile Beer |
Categories: friendship, funny, imagination,

Thanks Katherine Stella

Katherine Stella likes to play

Off she goes to CRIPPLE CREEK to ESCAPE
And enjoy some COUNTRY BLISS
While she tries to get over THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS



I tagged Lynn Marie

Thanks Katherine Stella
Now I can say
Lynn Marie you've been tagged today.

Thanks Katherine for the loan of your poem titles.

Poem Details | by Robert Candler |
Categories: angst, beauty, crazy, dream, humor, nonsense, rainbow, tribute,

Thanks, Judy

Bluebirds can't fly over the rainbow,
And I'll tell you something more;
The only avian species that can
Is the Andean Condor.

A chased rainbow is never caught.
Somehow, a rainbow's never "here".
The closer you get to the pot o'gold,
The rainbow moves or even disappears.

If I could fly over the rainbow,
My heart would sing;
But I can't fly over the rainbow,
'Cause I've got no damn wings.

Yes, we're all seeking rainbows.
In that, there's nothing wrong;
But every day I can say, 
"I'm glad Judy Garland sang the song."

Poem Details | by Deborah Finneran |
Categories: beautiful, change, character, chocolate, food, fun, growing up, happy, heaven, humorous, i love you, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, joy, life, light, love, metaphor, philosophy, self, simple, strength, success, thank you, thanks, thanksgiving, time, today, truth, uplifting, visionary, wisdom, words,

Cookies-Food For Thought

Cookies -
Why can’t I have the chocolate one
I want more
She took my cookie
Hers is bigger than mine
I want to trade
That’s not fair

Cookies +
Thank you for the cookie
I love you
Thanks for all you do for me
I am satisfied
This is good
I am loved
Written By  Deborah Finneran :)  2013

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Smith |
Categories: eulogy, food, hilarious, people, thanks,

No Thanks


I had a short life but didn't think my fate
Would be ending up on a Thanksgiving  plate 

But I won't be giving thanks on this day for I'm not able 
It's  because I'm laid out on a Thanksgiving table 

I'm not stupid as people have said
I had small pleasures like a scratch on my head
Though I never thought I'd end up dead  

With my insides greatly over-filled
I've been dressed even though I've been killed

Poem Details | by Lycia Harding |
Categories: dedication, friendship, fun, humor, silly, thanks, tribute,

Lm's Empirical Plan - Tribute Limerick

A poetical, Lyrical Man
planned to, by some empirical plan,

make the Lucky Lim List
LyLy caused to exist

like Kim Nunez, 'Dre Dietrich and Jan

This limerick was written 
for my Soup buddy Lyric Man. 
Thank you for your agreeable 
comments and consistent support.
You are appreciated! xoxo

Poem Details | by Diane Pennestri |
Categories: death, funny, memory, simile, thanks, tribute,

A Hope Memory Tribute Bob Hope

In our lives you were forever,
to make us cry, no never.
So many things that you did,
you made us all feel like a kid.
Every word you ever spoke,
somehow turned into a joke.
A special gift you had somehow,
I guess God must need it now.
He sent you to Angels above,
remember it's you we'll always love.
If it was loose, you would  tighten the rope,
after all you were Bob Hope.
We're all so grateful for all you gave,
the crazy ways you would behave.
So may I say from many,
   "Thanks for the Memory!"

Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: funny, thank youbirthday, birthday,

Thanks, Billythekidster!

* Got the funniest singing early birthday card from BILLYtheKidster today and want 
to express my appreciation!

Yes, it's true that my hair is turning gray

Do I look in the mirror? No, turn away

The candles on my cake will be ablaze

As my memories just seem to turn to haze

But I'll take the birthday greeting as you intend

'Cause it's great to have such a thoughtful, witty friend!

Your birthday card just left me roarin'

And my spirits now are soarin'

As my bones creak to the melody of age

Poem Details | by B.E. Singer |
Categories: destiny, endurance, fish, fishing, funny, god, humorous, inspiration, self, thanks, uplifting, word play,

Fisherman's Credo

"Let go
 Let God...
 Let reel,
 let rod!"

--From the upcoming book, 
 "Chicken Soup for Your Mind" 
  by b.e. singer

Poem Details | by Simon Hamill |
Categories: fun, funny, golf, humorous, relationship, thanks, wife,

Miss You Wife

I've just found the love of my life,
I'm taking up golf
And getting rid of the wife.
My troubles have just started
I don't know what to do,
I can't work the dishwasher,
Or the microwave too.
I've got piles of dirty washing
All over the place,
My kitchen and bathroom
Are a total disgrace.
But I look on the bright side,
(I say this with a frown)
My house might be in a mess,
But my handicap is coming down.


Poem Details | by Karen Croft |
Categories: funny,

Giving Thanks

to all the young men who stare me down-
i give you my thanks
your curvey smiles as i walk by-
i give you my thanks
i'm losing weight and loving it-
i give myself a pat on the back and say thanks!

Poem Details | by Sharon Smith |
Categories: funny, life, work, me, me,

Thanks Banks

Thanks Banks,
For being there,
When I’ve got an hour to spare,
To stay on hold without a care,
Thanks Banks!

Thanks Banks,
I’d like to know,
Why you’d let my new card go,
To a place I moved from years ago,
Thanks Banks!

Thanks Banks,
You cut me off,
Your service skills just make me scoff,
Forgive me if my cap won’t doff,
Thanks Banks!

Poem Details | by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: appreciation, humor, thanks, tribute,

Vijay Pandit, Zindabad

~ like bird poop, drops unexpectedly on my poem page with kind words ~

Tease A Friend Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Bobby May
Date written: 01/09/2021

Note:"Zindabad" is a Urdu word meaning "Long Live", right Vijay?:-) I hope so, lol.

Poem Details | by George Aul |
Categories: humor,

Thanks, No Dinner For Me

While sitting on my porch with a cool drink,
my feet are propped up with some time to think,
so while my brain is turning
my stomach starts a'churning...
neighbor's lust is heard at their kitchen sink!

Poem Details | by James Horn |
Categories: humorous,

Evan a Rookie Thanks Him

E  Even
A  A
R  Republican
T  Thanks
H  Him

Forgot what you call it.

Jim Horn

Poem Details | by Justin Abdool |
Categories: funny, hurt, missing, senses, sensual, space, thanks,

The Man With a Bad Toothache

There lived a man named Mcavity
Who had a bad aching cavity

He fell from outer space
In a pool on his face

And it was gone thanks to gravity!

Poem Details | by Theresa Carr |
Categories: appreciation, boyfriend, humor, life, thanks,


If I had a flat chest I'd buy some fake boobs,
If I had a pale face,  I'd put on some rouge.
If my hair was limp and flat, I'd get a perm or buy a hat.
If my clothes were all wrinkled, ragged and tore,
I'd start a new fad or buy me some moe.
If I need to be pretty, and that I do,
I'd find me a man who cares like you.
You dress me so beautiful, and help me look great ,
And what thanks do I give, except being late?

Poem Details | by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: humorous, hurt, military, pain, thanks, war,


I am bleeding less, now that my index finger's in the wound, sir!



Poem Details | by Terry Flood |
Categories: angst, anxiety, humor, thank you, thanks,

Yours Thankfully - For Thankful Contest

Yours Thankfully

I rushed, I rushed, to catch my bus
Ignored the building urge in me
And tried to fight the urgency
Could not give in... but now I must

I pledge no more complacency
Whilst praying for that open door
Cross legged, it seemed a mile or more
So, thank you for the vacancy

Oh Lord, I sit so gratefully
I’d feared humiliation
From this my mocking nation
For I did not get here gracefully

26 November 2018 - for Thankful Contest
Sponsored by Tania Kitchin

Poem Details | by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: holiday, humor, thanks, thanksgiving, thanksgiving day,

On Thanksgiving Day

Praises to God on
Fourth Thursday in November;
Grateful and thankful.
Family quality time
Gluttony is a sin? Huh?
Please, save me a turkey leg!

A Thanksgiving Tanka Poetry Contest
Date written: 10/24/2021

Poem Details | by Chris Bowen |
Categories: funny,


i would just like to say thank you to poetrysoup for allowing me to write poems 
here.ive been able to complete my first book today and am sending it in,with a 
poem mentioning poetrysoup and other internet poetry sites,so,look for it.its 
called,poetry lines and is written under my pin name,to-wit,so,please look for it 
whne it comes out,ill let you know,thanks again.