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Poem Details | by PJ Gongora |
Categories: conflict, confusion, evil, hilarious, society, trust, truth,

Why People Lie

Some people lie for no reason at all
While many lie with a great reasoning
Most lie to safeguard and be saved from fall
Others let themselves be blamed for speaking. 

Few lie for a good acceptable cause
And many just construct a cause to lie
Its not always the flip side of truth's pause
Sometimes a lie stands on its own clean tie. 

For lying is a complex social act
More than a habit but a human trait
To be a well functional artefact
Protecting expectations truth can't wait.

Lies cover up another truth to suit
Or made to create a new set of truth.

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: car, humor, satire, trust,

Me and My Mechanic

Me and my mechanic,
we be tight
Whenever my ride goes down,
he get it running right
My mechanic is a real auto pro,
when I send my car to him,
nowhere else do I need go
And on top of that,
he works with your checkbook,
he's very affordable
If you don't have a mechanic like mine,
when your car stops running, you're gonna be
reaching deep in your pockets every time
Paying for this, paying for that
Paying til you're down to your last dime,
and you're broke and have to walk
I suggest you walk right on over
to this good mechanic of mine,
he'll get your car back running fine ...
and leave some money in your pocket too
Saving you some leather on the bottom of your shoe

Poem Details | by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: funny, marriage, men, psychological, relationship, trust, women,

How to give a guy a premarital suitability exam

Before the "I do" she must choose
A man that does well in dance shoes
His psyche gives a clue
When employing step two
Ply him to the limit with booze

Poem Details | by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: devotion, giggle, love, lust, sexy, song, trust,

unnamed song's sexy chorus

Snuggling and cuddling,
Caressing and fondling,
And all those other tender things
That happen in the night.
Teasing and tickling,
Sighing and giggling,
And so much profound feeling
When we hold each other tight.

Poem Details | by Julian Bohan |
Categories: betrayal, bible, character, conflict, easter, faith, farewell, giggle, history, paradise, people, power, psychological, religious, sorry, storm, travel, tribute, trust, women,



Taking sides in discussions holily
About whether Uran used his willy
Means you're trapped in their game -
Either side is the same:
**** distracts, cash departs, crowd stays silly.


The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand interprets important Slovenian affairs for the non-Slovene speaking world.

Poem Details | by CHRISDAD KOJO ARTHUR |
Categories: betrayal, hilarious, humanity, hyperbole, relationship, repetition, trust,


Life,if you could be nice to me for a second,
Trust me, I will make you proud
I will grow to become a legend
For even without words, my presence will be so loud

Trust me, I will make you proud
You and I will be respected by all and sundry
For even without words, my presence will be so loud
You, success and I will become one family

You and I will be respected by all and sundry
I shall defend you when men brand you unfair
You, success and I will become one family
Love, joy and happiness  will we share

I shall defend you when men brand you unfair
under one roof we lay
Love, joy and happiness  will we share
So life, please be nice and pave the way.

Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: humorous, love,

Trust Me Baby This Is Love

One thought of her and your heart skips a beat
Which prompts the little boy inside to squirm
That sends a tingling feeling to your feet
You feel as clumsy as a pachyderm

The stomach starts to tumble like a weed
You're breath is labored like you ran a mile
The loneliness begins to feel the need
If that ain't love, then why that silly smile

And yet you tell yourself,"I'm not in love"
"I do not want this happening to me"
You never thought you'd find the one dreamed of
In all those dreams that end so happily

How quickly one forgets love causes pain
Love feels so good it short circuits the brain

       July 16 2017
    by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by Tony Devers |
Categories: humorous, love, trust,

My Love Is

My love is constant as the clouds
That flit across the sky.
In sleep I call her name aloud

Though when awake I am too proud
To let her hear me cry.
My love is constant as the clouds

Her fertile valleys I have ploughed
And over them I fly.
In sleep I call her name aloud

Does her affection wear a shroud?
If so she won’t say why.
My love is constant as the clouds

She picked me from the madding crowd,
It’s her rules that apply.
In sleep I call her name aloud

With such sincerity avowed
Am I to be denied?
My love is constant as the clouds
In sleep I call her name aloud

Poem Details | by Jesse Day |
Categories: confusion, funny, hope, muse, satire, trust, truth,

A Sweet Little Lie

I struggle to tell her this truth,
I consult with her pleasing smile.
Woe is a world where flaws exist,
As stains breed until flavors amend.
She hears me mince through fearful smarm,
Pandora hopes she leaves this peek alone.
A whim which daunts a doting kiss,
My muse weeps with this ugly breath.
If her heart breaks then mine will too,
She deserves a sweet little lie.
Contest Entry: A Special Secret
Sponsor: Lewis Raines

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Duran |
Categories: appreciation, conflict, fun, funny, love, trust,

Unicorn of love

With eyes like stars you are forever mine
I love you today and forever more
I promise to love you for all of time,
I'll never break the heart that I adore

What fancy way to cover excrement
And dress it up in fancy bows of love
Is your mind so hypnotized by heaven sent
you cant see past the elements of

A pseudo adornment? DOES NOT EXIST!
Promises of forever or never?
Fake news! C’mon, at least just spare me this!
No one can promise these things forever.

Love is a delicate thing to express;
not taken lightly, not used in excess.

Poem Details | by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: art, assonance, celebrity, desire, grief, guitar, hair, how i feel, humorous, hyperbole, image, judgement, leaving, poets, proposal, true love, trust,

This time


kicked to the curb and stunned,

waanning, waanning and crumbling crumbs,

dispelled as dumbed,

come backs like lakes of water aren't even fun,

toned and intonated,

17 things to endanger-
39 to reconnoiter,

there was nothing to do,

nowhere to go,

some people showed,

they were enhanced,

I was so gold-

aggrandized yet grow'd,

I couldn't even agree with the folks,

got stunned and littered as the roads,

melted plaster and recreated the last masters focused.

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: england, humor, marriage, political, society, trust, wisdom,

Corbyn's Labour

From something old
Comes something new
A different shade 
More red than blue
From Old Labour
Good favour
A following

by Gail

Poem Details | by Samuel O. E. D'phoenix |
Categories: best friend, crush, desire, feelings, first love, funny love, trust,


Even if it took a thousand years,
Reaching you would still be near.
Indeed you must be a pearl,
Knowing this calms my fear;
And my gentle heart stares.

Oh! How odd are these words
Misleading as a wrong note on the cord
Ordering this joy to be bored
Rest assured this love is undying 
Even though it comes from one in white clothing
Given to you for safe keeping
Endanger not, this treasured offering.

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: animal, cat, funny, happy, tribute, trust, uplifting,


(TRIPLE HAIKU in fact...)

Awww...cats are so cute!
Rubbing against my 2 legs

I head to my room
They watch me like a shepherd
My sheep follow me!

My little buddy
Follows me into bathroom 
Hope she turns her head

Poem Details | by James Ph. Kotsybar |
Categories: funny, science, trust,

Theory Of Everything

Researchers assume they can trust their GUT –
that is their Grand Unified Theory.
This simple answer is close, they think, but
the resolution’s still a bit bleary.

They’ve linked electromagnetic with weak,
on their way to full unification
but, for final culmination, must seek
the gravity of the situation.

They trust they’ll find the graviton one day,
through their particle acceleration.
Without this carrier to show the way,
they’re lacking complete illumination.

And thus they hesitate to claim they know,
since, still in the dark, they may stub their TOE. 

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: funny, life, trust, truth,

The actors

the actors 
are much better now

the stage is set
the lighting is lit
the costumes are stitched

they are 

all around you

listen closely
squint your eyes 
to see them

or just 

Poem Details | by Mark Martin |
Categories: confidence, humor, innocence, trust,

Beware of this man

I don't make cold calls nor do I mail spam
Yet others accuse me of running a scam
A chance for a fortune - to get rich real quick
A solid gold ingot that's just a lead brick
Pass this on further just like a chain letter
A miracle cure all to make you feel better
The 'gyptians might build up their great pyramids
But I can scheme Ponzi - let's earn a few quid
Just give me your details to get to your bank
I'll empty your savings - no need to say thanks

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, crazy, funny, humorous, light,

My Brain Trust

Playing Trivia Pursuit verifies I learn little
About things that don't concern people, animals, or us,
Biology, and zoology, I never fiddle.
And subjects like paleontology I do not fuss,
Median, means and mode in math to me means middle,
Historical data I could never try to rush,
Spanish to me is an impossible mysterious riddle,
When I think of all this knowledge, I marvel and I cuss
That I can successfully cook an omelet in a griddle, 
Since I was stuck with my idiotic sad little brain trust.

Poem Details | by Ann Foster |
Categories: dog, friend, friendship, humorous, jesus, peace, trust,


Translated: small package

Four legs, four paws, big jaws, 
fancy ears and a long tail. 
My dog is from the pound. 
What did I expect?

He is six foot at the shoulder, 
Reads books, on Saturday nights. 
But, sadly he won’t eat generic brand fudge cycles.
Only the best bunny ice-cream will do.  

He was tiny really, just a bitty thing. 
Slowly, slowly… Overnight! Life became all too real. 
We laugh and talk, and it does not matter, now…
I work two jobs to bring home the bacon, and eggs and
chow and a cow, and, but still. 
The surprise of my life, was a furry friend, 
that gives more than I can. 

God loves dogs, 
big, and tiny, whiny small, 

Poem Details | by Phoenix Szentesi |
Categories: cute love, funny love, love,


One beautiful night you were standing there
On the other side of the dark pathway
I started to go over do I dare? 
I try to think of words to maybe say 

The moonlight makes your black hair look frozen 
Wait no! What type of shocking line is that?
With the lack of light your eyes look sunken
I should just go and slink off as a cat!

He turned his head finding my nervous gaze 
Gave me a smile I could barely see  
Making my silly heartbeat start to raise
I returned his smile to show my glee

He said would it be wrong my little white dove
If I said trust me baby this is love


Poem Details | by Maureen McGreavy |
Categories: humor, political,

In God We Trust

Let God take the wheel.
Or so I've heard it said;
If he's the designated driver
Trump passed his Drivers' Ed.

Poem Details | by Memphis Stacks |
Categories: adventure, allusion, art, betrayal, confidence, conflict, cool, corruption, crazy, culture, deep, extended metaphor, fantasy, fear, feelings, goodbye, humanity, humor, humorous, identity, life, literature, meaningful, metaphor, people, perspective, philosophy, poems, poetess, poetry, poets, psychological, relationship, symbolism, trust, voyage, wisdom, words, write, writing,

The Toledo Panic Button

A Con-man's way out
Only in cases of emergency
Like the fire axe behind the glass
Only this is more deadly
Way more sketchy
Die with the lie
A mark gets wise
Gets hip to the jive
Catches on
Smells the cheese getting stinky
Eyes shift as reality comes to light
Make a decision!
 is about to get hinky!
Confidence is gone and it's time to fly
Make like some titties and bounce
Only one way out!
The Toledo Panic Button!

Poem Details | by Bill Lindsay |
Categories: funny, sleep, trust,

What did I say

her to
listen to
every word
you say & give
you her undivided 
attention; just be sure
that you talk your sleep ..

Poem Details | by Bill Lindsay |
Categories: funny, trust, wisdom,

You Don't Say

a secret.
It’s just the 
people I share
it with that cannot  

Poem Details | by Dave Collins |
Categories: emotions, funny love, humor, inspiration, poets, trust,

The Poet's Cell


Read the following short passage. Then choose your answer from the 
list below. Choose only one.

"She's an eyeful, a smiling mouthful and putty in my hands,

a) ___sorry, I used to have those glands"
b) ___she loves like a Heavy Metal band"
c) ___the fairest Maiden in all the land"
d) ___I drown in your timeless sensuous sands"