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Poem Details | by Diet Water |
Categories: animal, funny, humor, humorous, drug,

Troubled Tuna

i happen to be the owner of some troubled tuna 
always drinking and doing drugs
sometimes they get desperate and try to smoke bugs
there the troubled tuna they can't break the habit
i'm more proud of my pet rabbit 
he wins medals and cash
but my trouble tuna 
always selling there bodies
so they can buy a stash 
i don't know what to do
they seem to far gone
that's why i did what a good owner does
and threw them back in the pond
i haven't seen the tuna ever since that day
so i'm glad that those troubled tuna finally went away.

Poem Details | by Tom Bell |
Categories: adventure, confusion, food, funny, me, me,

Can of Tuna

Can of tuna,
All I got...
Nothing else to eat...
Seems I forgot a detail
Which lead to my defeat
For no can opener had I
And this was no pop off top
I started beating it with a hammer,
Till a neighbor called a cop...

He dragged me off to jail,
And wouldn't let me take my tuna,
He said' "You'll BE in the can!"
And he couldn't get me there
no sooner....

So here I sit,
And when Friday meals
come around...
I avoid any tuna...
I'd rather eat soiled ground

So let this be a lesson,
Always keep a bag of chips,
And if you get desperate..
You'll be so glad how easily it rips!