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Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, dedication, freedom, home, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, metaphor, mystery, nature, nostalgia, people, political, sad, satire, social, sorrow, spiritual, success, time, travel, uplifting, urban, visionary, war, write,

The Internet: Rtrn

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: crazy, fantasy, funny, hilarious, humorous, imagery, urban,

Waiter and Waiting

How long will I wait Mr. Waiter?
You only brought me water,
yet I requested for ox-tail soup,
and a bowl of carrots and a tulip.
Mr. Waiter, you are not serving a rat;
I'm by all facial definitions a brown cat.
Sometimes I'm a disciplined vegetarian,
like my rabbit friend, whose Hungarian.
I'm so hungry that I can eat a whole horse;
ask my master who never leaves his house.
For a long time, you've looked at me like a ghost;
you've never seen a talking cat as your guest?
I can see your eyes so surprised with wonder;
wait until you hear the order of one Mr. Panda!

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: adventure, funny, imagination, life, people, places, urban,

Caught In the Rain

It came with a flash upon my back
Caught off guard, suspenders hanging
Madly rushing to find a place so safe

From around the bend with a honk
“Hey watch your steps” was a shout
Horn blowing while in passing 
One disgruntled taxi driver glaring
Newspaper umbrella in ruins

Noisy rumbling above from a subway
Heading down the track, clank, clank, clank
Brown dog barking, woof, woof, looking back

Shelter at last, finally found a spot
The rain came down with a heavy shout 
Caught shirtless and without shoes
Now sipping coffee listening the blues 
Feeling brand new tasting some stew

Poem Details | by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
Categories: funny, on writing and words, people, satire, urban,

Souper Sex Change

This Lil' poem
had to change it's name
With a title so lame 
nearly got sent
to Soup's Hall of Shame!

Never fear
dude's on the poetic rise
silky set a' verses
new curves in them thighs

you bet
boys'll be 
rubber neckin'
new flow's strapped
like an automatic weapon

Yep she's got new features
but didn't cost six grand
with a new set a' headlights
give the new girl a hand!

Poem Details | by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
Categories: confusion, funny, happiness, holiday, hope, inspirational, introspection, life, music, nature, passion, peace, people, philosophy, time, travel, uplifting, urban, visionary

4:20, Four- Twenty, the Earth Day Birthday

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

Poem Details | by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: funny, history, uplifting, urban, visionary, war, wedding, wife

The Earl of Sandwich

Please, sir, some meat and bread
I've not had a morsel for a week
It would stop this terrible hunger
My prospects now are terribly bleak

It's said the Earl is tender hearted
And oh so bloody awful rich
If I could have a taste of his
I'd call the thing a Sandwich

I hate to just come a beggin'
But I'm so hungry I am seeing red
Won't you ask the Earl again
Please, sir, some meat and bread.......

For Joe's Sandwich

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, childhood, dedication, education, family, funny, imagination, inspirational, life, passion, peace, people, uplifting, urban, visionary,

All In the Family

<                          once Edith laid her hot iron flat
                            husband Archie called her his dingbat
                            then son-in-law ~ meathead
                            put iron on dam bed
                            boy fire did make Jefferson scat

Written By 
Katherine Stella 10/30/11
Entry For Techno - Limericks Contest 
To Be Co-Judge  G.L. All

Just Gotta Love That Archie LOL

Note Please Never Leave Your Iron On
Can Really Ruin Your Day Yikes

Poem Details | by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
Categories: black african american, funny, people, social, uplifting, urban,

Juicy Kaboosey

her derriere in the air high eyes wearing out
Than-Bauk written for Rick Parise's contest

Poem Details | by Richard Breese |
Categories: autumn, children, funny, giggle, halloween, humor, urban,


tiny goblins running round

some in mothers dressing gown

witch cackle delight

was there such a night

in this hallowed little town.

Poem Details | by Ceasia White |
Categories: black african american, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, introspection, song-urban,

The Black Mistress

Black Mistress
That's what I'm suppose to be
Oh, no not me
I'm not coming second to another woman
No woman is coming before me
Black Mistress
That's what I'm suppose to be
Come get your clothes if you can't spend the holidays with me
You live with her not me
Black Mistress
You want to buy my love when you want please
Oh, no not me
I have my own and I'm not selling my goods to no one but I'm still not cheap

Poem Details | by Jerry Dinzes |
Categories: devotion, funny, hope, urban,

A Limerick To Those Who Can Not Acknowledge the Evolution of Poetry:

You are witnessing a change in tone,
A new piece of the Rosetta Stone...
It may blow your mind
To find your behind
Has fallen quite far from the throne.

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: humorous, identity, imagery, life, teenage, urban, vanity,

Urban Culture

My name is in the ID,
but I assume many personalities
of celebrities and socialites,
some who seem to be lost in utopia.
Speaking of utopia,
I believe in everything Hollywood
says about aliens being green,
with big heads, lasers and all...
I'll enjoy burger fries and milkshakes everyday,
and pray that God will somehow
cleanse my body system. 
Sex, partying and raving are the philosophies
I live by; You Only Live Once (YOLO).
Sometimes I'm tempted to sell my bed on eBay,
because sleep is not my friend;
I joke and drink all night with my friends.
Oh, back to my name!
Since I have multiple personalities,
you can call me a "Weapon of Mass Consumption".

Poem Details | by Junate Ersal |
Categories: art, funny, loss, urban,

Parking Ticket

Friends told a secret
Put the ticket on the shield
No more new tickets
I did not wait long
To realize the secret advice
When I got ticket
I did what they said
I left my car with ticket
Glad to know the trick
Dark when I came back
I saw the ticket gave birth
I do l!#*ve my friends

Poem Details | by Amy Young |
Categories: confusion, education, family, funny, happiness, life, parody, people, school, social, teen, urban

Conflict of Self-Interest

By: Amy

I need  to study, cannot go out...
I’m so behind, I simply must work...

I have a paper, and test real soon...
I can’t take a hangover on a Sunday...

I’ve so much concern, my GPA’s sunk...
I’ll be too tired, the night gets so late...

Really, grades worry me, school’s been tough...

Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: food, funny, urban,

Get Rich Quick

Blackeyes and turnip greens on New Year's day.
   That's what we should eat, or so they say.
With pork chops or ham hocks glazed with honey.
   Eating all this is supposed to bring you money.
This is tradition in the South where I live,
   to eat such a meal, but this secret I give.
If you're eating this meal to gain riches untold.
   Then my friend I'll confess, while waiting you'll grow old!

For Russell Sivey's Good Luck Meal contest

Poem Details | by Tom Bell |
Categories: angst, education, funny, urban,

Roller Skating On the Freeway

It can be a little bit tough,
While skating in the buff,
In the fast lane of the freeway,
You know I need not say,

Especially to me,
When you need your skate key,
So I'd suggest you try first,
To use the service road,
or call a hearse,

A helmet may be wise,
Unless they hit you in your eyes

And please note the word freeways,
Is for the benefit of our left-coasters
Cause that word in N.Y. would daze

There ain't nothin' free in N.Y.,
Just ask any right coast dork.

Poem Details | by Jason Schropp |
Categories: business, change, hero, hip hop, humor, society, urban,

Hey Immigrant

punctured, onward continue to quit decision's to make second guessing a moment ,
wit a wound wide opened by sliding the cold shoulder's lap first but enlightened by composure, intellect wasted misuse's of time the truth withheld to prove ill state vs. denial of a mans prime singled too proud deviating the lost to worship no man who lives under trial.

Poem Details | by Donald Reith |
Categories: angst, funny, growing up, parody, people, satire, teen, urban,

Nike Sneakers

Stop Look Listen!

This Emergency is Dire

I've Perched myself on a Telephone Wire

Crowds have gathered below 

I'm starting to Perspire

I do not want Money or to Be known as Sire

All I Ask to soothe my Psyche

Is a simple pair of sneakers with a swoosh 

And the letters spelled N-I-K-E

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: business, drink, fun, humor, summer, urban,

Cool Drink

Do you want to feel like a king?
Soar like an eagle? Sail like a Viking?
Buy coke, and you will be all the three in one!
As summer lasts, you will have fun!

Poem Details | by Martin Kloess |
Categories: funny, humor, judgement, urban, words,

Now You Are the Judge In the Bench Tainter Case

Not saying this man was a saint
When benches let’s just say he’d taint
Imagine instead
What went through his head
When signs clearly said to wet paint

Poem Details | by Verlecia Fields |
Categories: community, dance, freedom, humorous, music, rap, song, sound, summer, urban,

Grand Theft Audio

lets shout it out 
lets move it to the streets 
bang that car spanked-out speakers
to the rumble of the mass beat  
now bass line that big crying baby 
till it sounds
low and sweet (voice deep)

shake off all there inhibition
and bring them to the dance floor 

now let the bass sound
take you
where you want to be   

let the bass line hit you 
so you can stomp your feet   
(instrumental strong bass)

can you feel that rumble 
and you feel the beat 
bass line it up 
so you don't  
step on her feet

Poem Details | by Tyshawn Knight |
Categories: beautiful, black african american, cute love, dance, funny, song, urban,

Levi Jeans

God do I need a man?
I know I need a pair of pants
Levi Jeans
Like the one advertised
on Alicia Keys.
Pants that fit me right
Close to my skin
But not too tight.
Let me move about 
Day and night
Blue black
and out of sight.
But do I need a man?
Do I need a man?
Not if I have a pair of pants
Levi Jeans
Like the one advertised
on Alicia Keys...

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: funny, urban

Meaner Than a Junk Yard Dog

You’re sure to get the meaning 
of, “Meaner than a junkyard dog”.
It makes you want to run, not jog;
to avoid a severe creaming.

If you dis your girl by screaming,
ranting, raving like a road hog.
You’re sure to get the meaning 
of, “Meaner than a junk yard dog”.

If toward lying you are leaning,
think twice, tell the true story.
You don’t want it to get gory.
Time is over for verbal preening.
You’re sure to get the meaning.  

© Jun 03 2010 For Jared’s contest “The Rondel”

Poem Details | by Knowledge Hill |
Categories: adventure, confusion, funny, life, people, places, social, sorry, urban,

A Drunk Day

nice clothes
nice shoes
couple of girls
but i got a main boo

nice car
on 22's
lift kit on it
it's another 4in boost

hop out
see my homies
it ain't my forte
but all them smoking

big whip
car full
been drinkin since 1
n yet we still partying

fitted cap
yankee logo
girls say im fly
now they reaching for my "you know"

wake up
a hurricane went through the house
thanks mr Hugo

team liqour
super sick
i know i was texting
but dont remember this chick

she mad
im laughing
she says im an ******* anyways
i say i'm sorry but it was just another drunk day

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, dedication, education, fantasy, children, funny, history, imagination, inspirational, life, mystery, nature, peace, philosophy, science, sea, seasons, uplifting, urban, visionarymoon,

You Don'T Phase Me

dogs come cats go
just like moon waxing
Don't let it phase you

Tribute To Moon Waxing LOL

Also Don't Forget To
Turn Those Clocks Back